iPhone Xr vs Xs Xs Max Which Should You Buy?

The Apple announced for the first than ever three products at the same event. the new iPhone 10 max, 10R, and iWatch s4. in this article the point is to make it very simple for you to decide, which iphone to buy.

there are so many, and there are a lot of information out there, so I want to narrow it down to what’s different, and what actually matters, when considering you know between all these devices.

so the iPhone 10R is a cheaper version, but it might not necessarily be worth going down saving $250, but sacrificing a lot of features. that’s why I want to bring it to light talk about all those differences, even some that Apple didn’t even mention at their event. so if you’re trying to decide between the 10R – 10S or 10S max, hopefully this deep article could help you decide between all of these.



the first point I want to make, is sighs something not a lot of people consider before getting a new phone, the iPhone 10s max is absolutely huge. it’s a massive display you’re gonna get a lot more content visible there, but it is massive it’s basically a plus series phone, but all display and that’s not necessarily a bad thing just do consider that it won’t be as comfortable as say the iPhone 10s or the iPhone 10R edition.

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so the reach here, you don’t have to reach as far in order to get into the control center into that area. I would say it’s definitely something to consider before going for one of these. the six point one does sit pretty well in between them but still it is quite wide, and you do have to stretch it bits just to get into the corners there. but otherwise it’s not an uncomfortable device.

a lot of early reviewers are saying it’s quite light for what it is, and something I wanted to mention about design, the iPhone 10S, and 10s max both have asymmetrical speaker on the bottom. I don’t know if it’s something that’s gonna bother you, for me it does. of course I’m still getting I don’t really care that much about it but the iPhone 10R is symmetrical, so their ports will be completely the same on both sides, the 10s won’t be so very interesting design change. we don’t know why they did that, but there is an antenna band into place there, so it could be something to do with the modem setup or something like that.


starting with displays, the thing that we’re gonna be interacting with the most on these devices so obviously with the 10s and the 10s max you do have a couple different choices smaller, or larger and with the iPhone 10R goes smack-dab in the middle at 6.1 sizes sighs. you know that’s your preference but the technology behind the display is massively different. here we’ve got as Apple calls it a liquid retina this is a super retina.

now Apple has made some improvements to that, so the contrast ratio is better. the dynamic ranges improves the display is really really great,” it supports HDR, while the 10R doesn’t.

and the pixel densities a lot sharper, so it’s got a 458 pixel density. this one has a 326 which is a 720p display stretched across 6.1 inches it’s not gonna be anywhere near as sharp as the 10s models so that for me is a big no. I would rather pay the extra $250 and get a much better display this is the number one thing you’re gonna be interacting with on a daily just do remember that, but for some people it really doesn’t matter it’s all about your priorities. so one thing that sucks though about the iPhone 10R is the amount of bezels on the side, and the clone right on the edges is actual representation of that amount of bezel it’s a lot.


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so they’re chunkier than the 10s, or 10s max models. just it’s not gonna look as sleek I guess, and usually OLED does have better viewing angles. possibly less reflections brightness while they’re the same, but it’s still going to be the best LCD ever made. it’s just not as good as an organic LED display, I don’t get this Apple has completely removed 3D touch from the iPhone XR, so no longer you can get that pressure-sensitive display.


they’ve replaced it with something called: the ”haptic touch” where if you hold something it responds with the haptic movements using the taptic engine. it’s gonna feel similar, but it won’t be the same functionality.

so if you use 3D touch on a daily, if you love it you won’t be getting it on a XR, at least not in the same capacity. they’re materials so the iPhone XR has an aluminum border, aluminum 7000-series to be exact. it’s very durable but not as durable as stainless steel, I mean this is a solid metal it’s gonna deform less during drops in my experience; it’s a lot harder to actually gouge and stuff like that, but it’s not that big of a difference.

they still feel very premium glass and metal everywhere, basically durability wise. I believe these both have the world’s strongest glass as Apple said, and this one knows not as resistant in the water as an ip67 rating whereas this one has an IP 68 rating that’s two meters underwater for 30 minutes this can only be one me so this is gonna be a lot more resistant in pools if you’re gonna be around water salt water Apple said they tested it in salt water they almost encouraged you to be able to take it into the pool and I use it in there with no worries they said they tested it in wine and beer and everything so if you’re worried about that if you possibly want to use your iPhone under water 10s models are gonna be the one you want.


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If the size of the iPhone XS Max display concerns you, then you might be surprised by the following dimensions:

iPhone XS – 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm (5.65 x 2.79 x 0.30 in) and 177g (6.24 oz)
iPhone XS Max – 157.5 x 77.4 x 7.7 mm (6.20 x 3.05 x 0.30 in) and 208g (7.34 oz)

Yes, the iPhone XS Max is a big phone, but it isn’t that much heavier than the iPhone XS. Moreover, it is almost identical in size and weight to the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus: 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5 mm (6.28 x 3.07 x 0.32 in) and 202g (7.13 oz). So if you were even slightly tempted by an iPhone Plus in the past, the iPhone XS Max should be seriously considered.



the XS and XS max you have three selections: gold, silver and Space Gray. on the 10R you have way more colors to choose from, you got the white, the blue, the black, yellow coral, and a real product red version, which actually looks really really nice.

so if you wanted that stylish look, you have the option to choose between colors, the 10R is the only one that really provides you with that. but the gold Apple says is probably their best looking color yet.



the cool thing about the iPhone 10R, is that it actually has the same camera as the iPhone 10S models, the wide-angle lens but not the other one. so it’s a single version of the dual lens camera, that means you get very similar functionality, but not quite the same you’re missing optical zoom the two times zoom, digital zoom only goes up to five times, instead of 10 times. on the 10S you get two less portrait lighting effects, versus the iPhone 10s it has a little bit more functionality, their cool thing is though it’s the same apertures, same exact camera lens just without the second one below it.

so you’re really not going to be missing out on much, but for low light for zooming in on stuff for video. in general this one will be a little bit better and the portrait lighting uses a real depth, instead of calculating it using digital algorithms as Apple said. so the overall the camera will be better on the iPhone 10s, but not greatly over the iPhone 210 are and I’ll have to test it of course in this channel and something Apple didn’t mention is that the iPhone 10 R has a lower class modem versus the 10s the 10s will be capable of Gigabit LTE downloads this one stays at 600 so it doesn’t have the newest modem technology.

okay so as for physical differences that’s just about it between these models at 10 our antennas between the 10s and 10’s max. I just wanted to point out it mostly comes down to size preference do you want a smaller device or larger one. the difference between them is very very minimal, it’s just a little bit more battery life you get an extra hour of battery life usage, and a larger display if you want to pay an extra $100 for that.

if you want the larger size, but other than that like in previous years between the plus and the non plus models, there used to be a lot of differences camera mainly a screen, now that is no longer. the difference it’s just a larger display, and one hour longer battery life.




honestly when Apple announced the pricing, I was like wow that’s a bit steep for the 10s it remains at $1,000, and the 10s max at a thousand one hundred, or thousand ninety nine, and the iPhone 10R starts at 749. I think that’s 50 to $100 over price of what it should be for what it offers. but at the same time, this thing shares so many similarities with the 10s. it shares the same processor, the same internals mostly as most of the camera, and functionality in general has face ID the overall displays very similar looking.

and Apple care is actually rumored to get even more expensive, because now it could cover theft or something like that. so this thing could potentially skirt with $2,000 prices fully loaded with tax and all that stuff, that’s ridiculous for a smart phone. the studies show that people are okay with spending $1000 for smart phones, so Apple is really pushing that envelope so the bottom line is that between the 10s, and 10s max.

again there’s very little difference aside from $100, and a screen size between the 10R and 10s there is a good amount of difference. but for $250, it seems like it’s a logical choice to upgrade to the 10s. that $250 gets you a better display better cameras, it gives you 3D touch.


the display has thinner bezels going around, it looks a little bit sleeker, you have that beautiful gold color option, whereas you know you can’t get those colors if you do go to the 10S from the 10R. and if you wanted a 512 gigabyte storage option, which I don’t know how many people would, because it costs a 450 dollar premium over standard, but you can get that on the 10S models.

Note that this one only has three storage capacities up to 256 gigabytes so if you are leaning towards the iPhone 10R, the main advantages it has: is that size just it’s right in the middle between the 10s Max and the 10s, so it’s a great happy medium you’re definitely getting more display, than you would on a plus series, and you do have all of those color options.

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also a weird thing, but I do like that the bottom is symmetrical, it’s just a very complete all-around great evolution from the iPhone 8 design, so it’s gonna be a winner.

it doesn’t have the best specs everywhere, but I love the fact that Apple gave it most of all of the good things that the iPhone 10s has. such as the processor, one of its cameras at least, I’m sure has very great speakers on its own, they didn’t really elaborate if it has the new ones from the 10s or not, and a who doesn’t like saving two hundred and fifty dollars for $250.

you can do a lot with that money, but for me that 250 is better spent placing it into a 10s max with all those great features so that’s my opinion. I personally would not get this thing but if $250 makes that big of a difference for you and this checks all the boxes of what you wanted from an iPhone, certainly go for it. it’s honestly very capable it’s a very good size, you get more screen and it costs less than the iPhone 8 plus did when it was released, so not bad at all. honestly between these I’m definitely going for the 10s max, but whatever meets your needs is what you should go for it.

hopefully this article helped make it a little bit more clear, because i think they are more similar, than they are different. and most people might get confused on which iphone to buy. But there are those key little things that really make the difference between them, mostly the display and the cameras.


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