apple iphone watch price

apple iphone watch price might be the question that matters a lot of smartwatches lovers.

the Apple watch series four,is actually apple’s fifth smartwatch model. and it’s coming out in September, and about a month’s time in mid-september and I’m really really looking forward to it.


so I’ve been using and following the Apple watch, since it came out in 2015, so three years. and I’ve been waiting for Apple to launch one since 2012-2013, when all the initial patents appeared. i wear my Apple watch pretty much every single day, only take it off at night. I swim with this thing in a pool and see water right now I’m using a serious – I’ve had all every single Apple watch model but the S3, is the one that I ended up using an amazing basis.

apple iphone watch price


overall, now the series 3 was actually a small improvement over the series 2. The series 2 was over to Series zero, but series 4 is going to be a massive improvement so the biggest one sees the original Apple watch.

So, here’s everything to know about the Apple watch 2018, Apple watch series 4. if you have an Apple watch here is 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 no one would be able to tell the difference between them, because well they look pretty much identical.



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so literally the only design difference between them, is that every new model is quite a bit thicker than the previous one. so S3 is considerably thicker than the original Apple watch, and then, the other design change is the fact that he actually gets a red crown with the Apple watch Series 3.

I personally think this is a really bad design choice, because it limits the use of bands but they aren’t that they all look identical. I mean the only unique model would be the gold Apple watch, which was only made with the original series 0 and then it was removed, and replaced with a significantly more affordable model, the ceramic one and this is the one that we have right now.”

and then on the S3, Apple introduced a Space Gray ceramic model as well, but other than that, we didn’t get any design changes since 2014. that’s when Apple actually introduced the original Apple watch, and then it was released a few months later in 2015.


apple iphone watch price


And before the official launch of the Apple S4 some usres started their expactations, and hopes on how they would love the series 4 to look like.

what if Apple made a circle watch?? the fun fact is that Apple actually has a few patents on this so they might be doing that, I would personally pick a circular SmartWatch versus a rectangular one all day, because you know that’s will give you a very classical feeling, where you have a device that looks normal, but in fact that’s an incredibly smart gadget, whereas if you have a square watch.


well pretty much everyone would be able to tell that. if you would pick a regular watch for a smart watch design, or a rectangular one like the Apple watches right now.
unfortunately we aren’t going to get a complete redesign with a circular looking Apple watch, that would be cool but it’s not happening this year. however, there is going to be a design changed on the less, so makes you cool reported that Apple would be actually increasing the display size to 1.57 inches, and 1.78 from 1.5 and 1.65 inch on the current models.

now the actual body is actually set to remain the same, which actually means that the bezels would be getting quite a bit thinner, and I’m not sure how many of you noticed, but the Apple watch actually asked some seriously thick bezels. this is a bit hard to tell on the actual Apple watch, since the faculty comes with an OLED display, and most watch faces have a black interface.



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so they blend in perfectly with the bezels, but when you have a time lapse watch race for example the bezels immediately stand out, and this is the zone of tech Apple watch series 4 concept, and this is for you to get a better idea of how the Apple watch series 4 would look like with those much thinner bezels, so you would be able to not only see more contents on the screen, but every single watch face even the ones that have mostly blackened them, it would be quite a bit larger and the report coming from KJ’s securities.

again minshuku states that the 2018 Apple watch, would actually be getting around a 15% increase in battery life apparently this would be made possible by a full redesign of the modern board, or logic board how Apple likes to call it. so essentially the logic board hasn’t been redesigned, since the Apple watch series 0.


back in 2014 just a bit strange, I mean yes” we did get a few small changes, such as you new chipsets each year, water resistant up to 50M. and GPS we have our service too, as well as seller support with the Apple watch to history, but most of the logic board design has actually remained the same, but on a series 4, it seems that Apple plans on redesigning the logic board from scratch, instead of improving on the old design.
the reason why, we would have that the room for the 50% larger battery, and yes three and minus three. I mean not a Samsung Galaxy s4, but a series 3 already had some pretty good battery.

apple iphone watch price expectations:

there are some users who asked about the launch price of the apple watch series 4, and the aswer here is: we can’t offer an exact answer, but we still have some queite reasonable expectations about it.

So depending on the market, and the competitors, we say that the price range would be around $900 – 1200 as the start price.







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