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AmazeFit SmartWatch Under $100 That Fits Everyone

AmazeFit SmartWatch from Xiaomi the watch, or rather the tracker watch that looks modern and stylish. The body is perfectly round, and Only the strap holders protrude on the top at the bottom of it.


These are the standard 22 millimeters strap fittings, and you can use any strap you want, either original ms fit straps, third-party straps, or any other watch strap that is 22 millimeters wide around the screen. Get it here with free international shipping

There is a metal round frame on the amazefit smartwatch that is beautifully polished and looks quite fancy. The front is filled with a scream, and it is round but has a small cut off piece at the bottom for antennas apparently, and there are a few antennas in this watch.

The screen size is 1.30 4 inches in diameter, and the resolution is 320 by 320. The screen is quite large, and it has a backlight. The technology used for it is transflective; means, that you can still use backlight at night or dark indoors, but on a bright day or even under the direct sunlight the backlight goes off.

Rather than trying to fight the Sun, and the transflective screen is perfectly visible under proper viewing angles as if the data was printed on the screen. This looks better under direct sunlight than any other SmartWatch. Get it HERE…


The transflective screen is a great idea. It might seem dull right out of the box, but then you will appreciate it. It is well visible at night, and perfectly visible at daytime. thumbs up” it is a full-color screen as well, which is better than the black, and white pebble for example, and faster to look better than the color eating as well.

The screen is very usable and is also always-on it is well visible without back-light, so it doesn’t drain the battery in any significant way. It is covered with a protective glass, and that from what I can tell, it is not easily scratched.

The battery life of this watch is then directly dependent on the screen technology used, this watch lasts much longer than any other Smart-Watch on a single charge. The proprietary operating system used, seems to aid this as well. Get it here with free international shipping

This small 280 milliamp-hour battery, will red notifications, and GPS turned off lasts for up to 12 days, this is great result with active notifications it lives up to 5 days, under maximum load with turned on GPS and Wi-Fi constant, heartbeat measurements, and Bluetooth music, it will last up to 35 hours this means charging a watch once a week, or even more rare than that this is much more comfortable than daily charging.

The amazefit smartwatch is built on a similar to other architecture:

  • The dual-core 1.2 ghz CPU.
  • And 512 Mgb. of RAM.
  • And 4 Gibts of flash memory.

But it is not the entire where it is proprietary, this doesn’t cripple the main Smart-Watch functions, and with firmware updates that new features will be added or even app support. Eventually, this is more a fitness tracker, than a smartwatch. so the fitness functionality of the device is emphasized. Get it here with free international shipping

It has a rather precise laser heartbeat sensor, its own GPS receiver to record tracks, and movement when you run, or ride a bike, for example, a full-fledge comm pass is also available. The watch has iP67 water-resistant, so you can shower with it, or workout under heavy rain, but I would rather not swim a long dive with it.

Also here are the oldies, but Goldie domitor, gyro accelerometer, etc.. wireless a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, Wi-Fi, and on-board GPS GLONASS receiver, Bluetooth is obviously required to connect to your phone, but can also be used to directly connect the amazefit smartwatch to a stereo Bluetooth headset to listen to music.

This can be done without the phone, and the music is then stored on the 4 gigs of the internal memory of the watch. This is enough for even the longest runs and bike routes. The built-in Wi-Fi can update the firmware, and upload the stats to the mi account without the need for the smartphone connection, as well as place some internet radio, which is cool. And you can also record your run track or bike ride without using the phone.

The built-in GPS is then used to record speed route elevation and all other GPS dependent stats. You can leave the phone at home and basically have everything you need in the watch. The screen brightness can be adjusted in three steps or less, and automatic the brightness is far from high but is really plenty enough; since you really need it only in the complete darkness, when there is any other light source, you won’t need the backlight at all. Get it here with free international shipping

The watch can display whether this is another great feature. it has it is much more intuitive to look at your weather on a watch, rather than a smartphone, somehow more natural I have no idea why.?


Notifications from amazefit smartwatch:

This is one of the most important things on a Smart-Watch. In the supplied app you can choose the apps that will push the notifications to your watch, and the list is really unlimited, any installed app can do it.

The Android API is used, so no additional support on the watch site is required. anything in the notification tray can be displayed on the amazefit smartwatch properly with app icon, and everything used mail notifications both Gmail and ordinary SMS calls, with the ability to answer them or mute Facebook, and the messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, really anything even the long messages arrive intact, and are scroll-able within if you open the message or the notification on the phone.

Though it will disappear from the watch, the notifications immediately appear on the screen plus the watch vibrates, which is handy, and the calls notify with the long continuous vibration. The watch face can be changed either from the left, or right on the watch itself, there is a night mode where you can turn all of the notifications, and vibrations off, but sleeping stats and other sensors will still function. Get this Watch HERE…

Design, and style of the Xiaomi amazefit:

The amazefit smartwatch is rather big but looks adequate even on a smaller hand. It doesn’t look like a technic gadget, but rather looks like a slightly sporty fashion accessory, which it really does hitting the spot exactly. The watch weight 53 grams which is much more than seven grams of the knee bent too, but really not more than any ordinary watch.

The bands are made from an extremely pleasant silicone, and looks nice there are a few colors already announced, and surely there will be a whole bunch of other bands introduced both, original and third-party, also the mentioned 22 millimeter standards strap fitting, will fit any 22 millimeter strap exactly like the Huawei watch 2 classic edition.

The watch design is universal enough to totally change the style, and feel of the watch by changing just the strap. Original straps also have a convenient quick release, and change system, so changing a vent is very easy from what I can tell, assuming you will be able to see this watch on many wrists, it doesn’t have any obvious flaws, and the proprietary platform doesn’t harm it too much, and it does all the useful Smart-Watch stuff.

Again thanks for been here, this almost 85% of the features, but I think I’ve covered all the most important stuff. I hope that was helpful for you. and if it is, please feel free to share this article with your friends on your favorite social media platform. Get it here with free international shipping OR SHOP NOW AT AMAZON.COM 



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