Apple Watch S3 FULL Detailed Review

The apple-watch S3, is the Apple’s first smartwatch that can be used entirely without your iPhone. It comes with a built-in LTE cellular connectivity, which allow to use it anywhere you wish.


apple-watch S3

covering everything you need to know from the design display for form ants only feature is battery life stellar connectivity and, so much more..

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Even though, it’s called the apple-watch S3, it’s not Apples third generation smartwatch but it’s actually apples fourth generation watch.

So, the first one was just called Apple watch, and was announced in 2014, and then released in 2015, then in 2016 Apple released two models the series one, and the series two, and in 2017 we have the series 3.

The series 3 comes in two models, there’s a GPS only model, and a GPS plus cellular model, which is the one that we’re going to review in this ARTICLE.



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apple-watch S3

In my opinion, every new product from every company should come with three major changes from the previous model, that’s like the marketing tactics of some companies, but not all of them.


1- The design changes: Obviously everyone wants fresh design with each new generation.

2- Performance: Enhancing the technical specs and performance is something that the users care about, because, they already know the first version and maybe the have some issues with it, like it slow down or the battery drains quickly. So, promising different specs always help the company to convince their costumers to buy the new one.

3- New Features: Obviously, the new model will attract people more if it has new features. Because, you’ll pay extra money so would want to have different experience with your new watch.



So, starting out for number one we have five main design changes with the Apple watch series 3, even though the series 3 looks almost identical to the series 2, and series 1, and the original Apple from back, in 2015 there are actually 5 minor design changes in this model.

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1- RED CROWN: The first one would be the red crown, now we only get this with GPS plus cellular models of the SERIES 3, not the GPS only models.

And the whole purpose of this, is to distinguish the models from the other ones and there’s no functionality reason behind this red crown. now some people like it some don’t, I personally don’t.

I think it limits the use of certain watch bands, like the green ones or even the blue ones if you mainly use black or white bands, then this would actually look pretty nice but otherwise it would obviously depends on the band.

2- DESIGN BUILD MATERIAL:You can only get the stainless steel model or the Apple watch edition with the cellular models, which are a bit more expensive than last year. So, if you just want to get the GPS only model that one only comes in aluminum.

3- DESIGN THICKNESS: Even though the case of the watch has remained the same sensor bar on the bottom, is actually thicker now. So, Apple says that it’s about 2 sheets of paper thicker, but honestly they were using some pretty thick sheets of paper to measure this”!.

Anyway, you won’t notice this on your wrist, but from a design perspective, the Apple watch should be getting thinner, not thicker especially since it’s already a fairly thick wearable.


4- THE BASE:This new watch base called the Explorer watch face, and this is by the way exclusive to the LTE Apple watch series 3. So, you don’t have this on other Apple watch models, and when it comes to the font of course you can customize this further to your liking, and you can change the colors and add complications and so on…

5- EXTRA COMPATIBLE BANDS: Even though, this one applies to pretty much all Apple watch models, we do get a few new bands. So, we get a new band called sport loop, which I actually really love.  And you get this when you buy a new series 3 Apple watch.

You have the option together with another band, which made from the same nylon as the woven nylon band. it’s actually one of the most comfortable Apple watch bands that I’ve ever used. it’s right on pair with the letter ones, and it’s also in credit light and it’s also water-resistant.

Then you’ll also get some brand-new colors for the existent watchbands, but the sport loop itself is definitely a welcome change.


So what about the performance apple-watch S3?

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