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The Apple watch series 3 actually comes with a brand new Apple S3 processor, which is about 70% faster than S2 which came with the Apple watch series 2. And that one was already 50% faster than S1, which was inside the Apple watch series the original Apple watch. And the performance improvements are indeed quite noticeable, so apps do launch faster when compared to the series, 2 or 1.

I would definitely say that the biggest difference, is when it comes to third-party apps. So, any app that wasn’t made by Apple, is quite a bit quicker on the series 3. Now Siri is also quicker when it comes to responding, and same applies to Homekit.

So, when you want to turn on or off your smart home accessories, the series 3 is quite a bit quicker than series 2 in doing this. And then when you swipe through different watch faces, this one feels so much more fluid now. And there was quite a bit of lag on a series 2, and then on the original Apple watch this one was even worse.


The first apple-watch S3 feature:

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Moving on to the special features we got quite a few new features with a series 3, there are five new features to be precise. So, the first one is actually Siri.

So, Siri can now talk back previously with a Series 2 and series 1, and with the the first Apple watch when I asked her a question, Siri only displayed the results on the display.

But on the Apple watch series 3 it can actually talk back to you, this may seem like a pretty big improvement but it’s not that much since you still have to raise your wrist and then you have to say hey” Siri in order for Siri to activate.


The apple-watch S3 second feature:

The second new feature is the barometer: it is a sensor inside the Apple watch that basically allows the Apple to measure the atmospheric pressure, and with this you can measure the altitude. So, for example: if you’re climbing on a mountain and you don’t have your iPhone with you, your Apple watch can still measure the elevation, and the altitude that you’re at.

However, some of you may not know, but every single iPhone starting from the iPhone 6 all have the barometer included, so if you do have your iPhone with you this feature is pretty much useless.

Third new feature:

The third new feature is 16GB of on-board storage, which has now been increased from 8 gigabytes. However, you only get this with the GPS plus LTE model of the series 3 Apple watch, and the GPS only model still comes with 8GB of on-board storage.


The number four of the features:

We also get Bluetooth 4.2 up from 4.0, which is what the previous Apple watch had. and then we also get the Apple watch w2 chip. So, Wireless to chip from the w1 that we have inside a previous model, which means that connecting to your ear-pods is going to be faster, and syncing apps and updating the Apple watch through your iPhone is also going to be faster, and also it will consume less battery.


And then finally number 5:

The biggest new feature that came out with the Apple watch series 3, is LTE or cellular support. It relays on its built-in e-SIM to send and receive calls, but you need to activate it first and the activation is quite easy.

When you set up your Apple watch for the first time, you’ll get a window. From that window you can activate LTE on your Apple watch. The setup process is really quick and this will cost you about 5-$10 per month in the US.

NOTE: and if your iPhones carrier supports the series 3 LTE model, by the way you’ll find a list of all the countries and carriers that support it, and if you don’t see your country or carrier on that list, that’s fine because more would be added soon.


Few things that you definitely should consider: The first of them LTE will drain your battery like crazy, so if you don’t have your iPhone with you, if you stream Apple music or you have a long phone call, your Apple watch battery will die really quickly.

The battery lasts for about one hour of continuous talk time when you don’t have your iPhone with you, and up to four hours if you’re doing workout with the Apple watch. Again, if you don’t have your iPhone with you, and you’re using GPS and LTE at the same time.

Aside from that, roaming is not supported on the Apple watch series 3 with LTE, it can only use this with LTE in your own country. So, it has limited cellular radios inside and you can only use it inside the country of purchase. If you go to a different country and a holiday you’ll obviously have to take your iPhone with you.


I don’t see it as a must have for all people, but if you’re a runner and you go running every single day, then yes this is a great deal because you can leave your iPhone behind at home. But again that’s only useful if you’re the kind of runner that makes calls while you’re running, because if you listen to music I’m not sure you’ll need it too much.

But, you can already download and store up to around 6GB of songs on any Apple-watch model, so, you don’t need the Apple S3 with LTE to listen to Apple music. The only difference is that with this one you can actually stream songs directly from Apple music instead of listening to the downloaded tracks only.


Now, let’s say that you’re not a runner, but you’re a hiker you go on a camping trip and you want to take only your Apple watch with you and not the iPhone and maybe you want to take some photos, in that case you would need to take your iPhones. Because, you know this one doesn’t have a camera, and if you still just take your Apple watch on a day long camping trip without your iPhone the battery won’t last you for the full day. Especially, if you plan on doing workouts using the GPS or using LTE, the Apple watch will be dead in a few hours.

Additionally, you have to pay $10 a month for that. And by the way, you may already know this, but in case you need an internet connection on your Apple watch for whatever reason, you can already do this with any Apple watch model, and the other variants can automatically connect to known Wi-Fi networks.



It does come with a fluid and rich user interface, it also comes with a ton of health features such as heart rate monitor that can measure your heartbeat, and heart-rate issue prevention, so, if you have any issues with a heart, or your heart rate if you have wracked irregularities the Apple watch will actually notify you of that.

A lots of fitness apps and workout options, you have lots of customization which you know the watch faces and you have a lot of bands to choose from even third-party bands, and lots of models to choose from different casing materials, different colors, and then you have a lots of apps. This is by far the biggest app store selection for any wearable of the Apple-watch.


Battery life is also amazing, so you can easily get through a full day of use with this thing even two days sometimes if you’re not using LTE or GPS. Then it also comes with 50 meter water resistance, which is just crazy. It’s waterproof so you can use it in the pool and I didn’t test it in the ocean.

It also comes with swimming workouts, so you can track your swimming and transfer your progress. And on the top of all of this, it also comes with a really sharp OLED display, which can actually brighten up to a thousand mix of brightness which is crazy.


The negative side of apple-watch S3:

So, we have the same design as in the 2014 announcement, so no changes ever since 2014. Actually, we do get some changes in the thickness side, because, every single Apple watch model was thicker than the previous one. So, instead of the thickness improving it actually getting worse because they’re getting thicker and thicker. Get it here At…

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