iPhone 11 And 11Pro Just Released! | Here Is All What You Need To Know.

Apple has announced the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, the Apple watch Series 5, and a new iPad. So let’s go ahead and cover everything that happened at this event.

Starting off with new iPads, Apple has went and replaced their entry-level iPad with a new 10.2 inch iPad. So the screen gets bigger still has a home button, and touch ID altogether. Apple is heavily investing in their iPad line, and they wanted to reiterate that with iPad OS.

iPad OS really has been a transformative experience for all the new iPads alike. I really couldn’t imagine using an iPad without it, so this new iPad of course replaces the 9.7 inches entry-level model. Now 10.2 inches it features an apple A10 fusion chip, so you get even more power for the same amount of money.


Also notable is the addition of the smart connector, so you’re now able to use accessories like. The smart Keyboard case it’s not a huge upgrade, I mean it’s a 10.2 inches entry-level iPad there’s really not much more you can get. But for a $329 entry price points, it’s a fantastic value even cheaper for students. Available on September 30th, so other than that no new iPad pros those will likely be reserved for the spring event of 2020.

About The Apple Watch: And when it comes to the Apple watch Series 5, like the leaked suggested more of a series 4.5 as it’s not getting new silicon, keeping the series 4 processor but there are a few notable changes here. So hardware is slightly different with the addition of an LTPO display, which can vary the refresh rate from 1 to 60 Hertz, and because of that, a new always-on display is now possible.

so this display will slightly dim and thus saving battery life, but because of that variable refresh rate display Apple is able to keep the battery life exactly the same as the series 4, and it’s actually quite clever the way they’ve adjusted several of the apps to work with this new low lights always-on mode. There’s an additional few new sensors inside the hardware, so it’s not exactly the same as a series 4. So, you’re getting at least a little bit more for your money here.

And I do like the way they’ve adjusted it with the software, and it looks really cool. A lot of the apps also will work in low-power mode with the always-on display, so they’ll be able to dim. There’s now a compass built into the Apple watch take advantage of it in the Maps application. So whichever way you turn, your Apple watch will let you know. New complications with that Apple watch in mind, the altimeter and great stuff.

Also now with a cellular model, you can actually call 911 or emergency calling in general from anywhere in the world, despite having service or not. A very cool safety feature.

now using 100% recycled aluminum and new finishes, so new stainless steel colors, new titanium colors one in a Space Gray, and just a brushed silver, and of course a brilliant ceramic color. Apple is going ham on the finishes this year, so you’re able to get it and just about any finish that you want. The ceramic stainless steel, aluminum special editions, or new Nike editions which is very cool.

Now, if you have a series four I’m not seeing a huge reason to upgrade here, I mean it’s using the same processor. It’s getting a few new exclusive features, but really nothing groundbreaking, no sleep tracking either that we’ve heard of. I personally wouldn’t upgrade if I didn’t have to for doing a review.

Availability on September 20th $399 for the GPS model $499 for cellular and the series 3 will continue being sold for $199 like the Leak suggested. That means series 4 is going away being replaced by this series 4.5 as they call it.

About The iPhones: Apple reiterated saying their iPhone 10R was the most popular iPhone in the world or phone in the world, and a 99% customer satisfaction rating. Now Apple is at this place where they don’t really need to innovate anymore. They’re doing fairly well, but regardless they have innovated by innovation only by adding more cameras to the iPhone.

Honestly a little underwhelmed by this year’s release, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much better the finishes on their new iPhones look in the actual promos. So the iPhone 11 is what the 10r successor will be called, this is their naming scheme evolved I guess, and it comes in a few new colors here. it was very interesting to see the design materialized in the flesh and there were a couple differences from the leaks.

The lenses are a little bit more defined, and they protrude more than we thought they would, the borders a little bit thicker, but overall, I think it works well. Their marketing like I said is on point here, and they make something that doesn’t necessarily look very aesthetically pleasing more.

Now what’s interesting is that the actual glass is milled from a single sheet of glass that’s amazing. I mean very cool to see the process how they did it and it’s more seamless that way. Of course it comes with an additional camera, Apple added the ultra-wide camera instead of the rumor just optical zoom camera. So you’re getting the same benefits of the 11 Pro with the 0.5 zoom allowing you to step back, and it remains of course at 12 megapixels. The shots were impressive like the Galaxy series, this will enable you to join the rest of the world with an ultra-wide lens on an iPhone though.

And Apple has added some more processing in the image signal processor, meaning you get even better photos, better dynamic range just all around the perfect photo without much input from you. And because of that second lens, you’re able to take better portrait mode photos, portrait mode for pets has been added, and just looks great, and more value for your money.

There’s also a new night-mode, so Apple has included a new night mode thanks to the new Apple A13 processor that works in overtime to give you the best possible shot in low-light environments. They did a little demo of the video and it looks great.

They’ve redesigned the camera app to make it a lot more friendlier, and I’m not sure if you can control the video quality settings that would be nice. There’s a new feature called quick take where you can easily start snapping a video just by holding on the shutter button. This is the highest quality video ever in a smartphone, so Apple says so they’re betting big on the cameras this year.

With the iPhone 11, and 11 Pro, the primary feature is primary changes here. So of course the marketing is going to be surrounding that. Front-facing camera gets an upgrade with a 12MP sensor as well, and they’ve added an additional slow-motion setting for the video, and also 4k 30 and 60 is available in the selfie camera now. So all those upgrades are exactly as predicted by leaks.

And in regards to the Apple A13 processor, they teased it by showing some benchmarks with the Apple A12. The A12 is already far above the competition, the Apple A13 takes it just that much higher. So the CPU performance is boosted, but it’s overshadowed by the GPU performance, which is a much bigger boost over the Apple A12. And it’s great to see that the silicon is still evolving to this day, and Apple is leading the race in that one. The battery life also does get better by one hour on this new iPhone 11.

So Apple managed to pack gain a better camera, slightly better battery life, a better processor, new finishes in the iPhone 11, and still sell it for less than the 10r 699 dollars, that actually was very surprising to me. This is going to be extremely popular going into the year of 2020.

It’s very apparent why Apple is dividing the two iPhone lines, the iPhone 11 and then the iPhone 11 Pro they want this thing to be the most popular iPhone, they’re pricing it accordingly and the iPhone 11pro goes off into a more expensive territory next year with 12Pro Series or whatever they call it, because, they truly want to be able to innovate without being held back by the price points.

And it’s very apparent why the 11pro is what it is. And we arrive at the iPhone 11 Pro we’ve been talking about this all year, now that it’s out there were hardly any new surprises and Apple didn’t spend as much time on it as I thought they would. There are four new colors including a midnight green that Max Weinberg predicted long ago, and there is a space of gray a silver variant, slash white, and a new kind of rose gold color that looks fantastic.

and it uses of course a new display that was rumored at 1200 peek nits brightness spatial audio, so that does get better as Max Weinberg predicted. They’re calling the display the super Retina XDR display, and it’s using similar calibration technologies that Apple has pioneered with their pro XDR display for the new Mac Pro.

Moving on to the Apple A13: this time around Apple went into detail with it on 11Pro, it’s still using a very similar architecture so a 6 core processor design the transistor count was a little underwhelming at 8.5 billion, and that’s compared to 10.3 on Huawei’s new Kirin 990 CPU, which is using the similar 7 animator plus process. Although, of course transistor count is everything, overall you’re about 20% boost on CPU performance, and up to 40% on GPU performance.

Battery life as a direct result with the changes on A13, has improved a lot more than I thought. 4 more hours on the iPhone 11 Pro, and 5 more on the pro max versus the 10S and 10S Max. And it appears that the camera, is the actual justification for the pro naming.

That’s the main upgrade of the iPhone 11 Pro with its new 12 megapixel ultra-wide camera, so all of the sensors remain at 12 megapixels those rumors were wrong, because, Apple did not expand upon it. And overall the camera upgrade seems huge, Apple has taken software and hardware, and blended them unlike any other manufacturer.

Actually before you even take a photo on the 11pro, your iPhone is taking four photos. 1 during the shutter press, and then 4 after, and it combines those 9 images into the final result, meaning you’ll get a perfect photo every time. They’ve also touted that you’ll have a 4 times optical zoom range, so not quite the 5 times we were expecting, but still very cool.

Also an interesting tidbit is that Apple pairs the cameras together at factory, meaning the moment you switch between one camera it already has all of the settings for the lights and just the scene settings ready to take the perfect photo no matter which lens it is and how fast you switch.

So without a doubt, this will be the best and biggest camera upgrade ever on an iPhone. You’ll be able to take photos in certain scenes that just weren’t possible before on that quality level, and I’m in particular very interested to see the dark mode and just how capable that is.

Now Apple didn’t go into all the details all of the changes of the iPhone that he briefly mentioned them, but I’m sure there’s a ton that they’re missing out on. Overall though the gist of it is new design, new cameras, well the new design being the matte and new colors.

Is it worthy of an upgrade from the 10s it’s a stopgap until the 2020 iPhones, but I’m sure it’ll still be the best iPhone. Yet it’s got even more power, more battery life, and upgrade in every sense of the word just not very revolutionary.

also intriguing to me is that they did indeed boost the water and drop resistance of this new iPhone, so it’ll be truly the most durable iPhone ever; because, the entire back is made of a single piece of glass. we’ll definitely have to test that one out, so the pricing on the new iPhone 11 Pro Series is exactly the same as the 10S Series $ and then $1099 for the iPhone 11 Pro.

Storage options did not change, so a very disappointing. entry-level 64 gigabytes, 256GB and then 512BG, so that’s probably the biggest bummer in terms of leaks that didn’t happen for me. And this will be available to pre-order at a different time of 5 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Friday the 13th and then a street date of September 20th.


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