Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Will Save The Future Of Foldable Hand-Sets

So Samsung had huge expectations with the Galaxy fold, rightfully so because they’ve
been working on the foldable display technology for over 6 years. We’ve heard Samsung officials multiple times saying how the foldable displays will bring the next big phase of innovation in the smartphone world which is nearing its peak as for as the innovation is concerned.
So they had huge expectations from the Galaxy Fold that it’s going to act like a catalyst
for the foldable display technology. But unfortunately, the launch of the handset didn’t go according to what Samsung had initially hoped.
The devices started malfunctioning due to some design flaws so Samsung had to delay
the launch of the handset to fix those flaws and the new improved Galaxy Fold will be released possibly in September.
That said, the foldable smartphone that we have right now are cool but there’s one thing
that I’m not really a fan of and it’s the display. I mean it’s basically a plastic display. Zack from JerryRigEverything did a durability test on the first-ever foldable smartphone, it was from a company named Royole, the flexible display they’re using is similar to the one the Galaxy Fold has or even Huawei’s Mate X has.
You see, since it’s basically plastic Zack was able to scratch the display with just
his fingernail. So you gotta be extremely careful with foldable phones whether it’s Fold, Mate X or this crappy one, otherwise, you’re going to end up having tons of scratches on the display in no time.
It’s even worse for devices like the Mate X because it has an outward folding display.
So after watching Zack’s video, I’m kinda skeptical about the future of this technology.
If this is going to scratch so easily then I don’t think it would ever replace our regular
But Samsung totally understands that and that’s the reason the successor to the Galaxy Fold, which could be named Galaxy Fold 2 will come with foldable glass. Yes, you heard that right, a foldable glass. South Korean media is now reporting that Samsung will switch to a domestic company named Doinsys, who have developed an ultrathin tempered glass that can be applied to bendy smartphones.
Right now, the Galaxy Fold has a protective layer above the display, which is plastic,
so Samsung will replace it with this ultra-thin glass. This glass is not as hard as the regular smartphone glass but is way more tough than the plastic polymer on the Fold which will make sure that the display does not get scratched just with the fingernails.
When are we going to see this in action?
Could be next year because Samsung hasn’t even released the first generation Galaxy
fold so the Galaxy Fold 2 will be launched sometime next year at the latest. I’m 100% sure it’s not going to be this year. Samsung is yet to bring the first generation of the foldable smartphone to market but they already are working on the next generation of foldable phones.
LetsGodigital has created renders based on the patents that Samsung has filed recently
which shows the future foldable phones might fold like a letter Z. You can fold it to use it as a normal smartphone or can open everything to watch a movie or play a video game on an ultra-widescreen. Really cool, but let’s not talk about it much because it’s just a patent at this point.
But the foldable glass isn’t, we’ll most likely get it next year and in my opinion, this potentially
saves the future of foldable display technology.


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