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15 Amazing Updates of Galaxy Note 10 And 5 downgrades

The Galaxy Note 10 versions have landed, and they’re actually a weird mix of definitely better than the s10 line and at the same time in some ways not actually keeping up. Welcome to 15 great things about the Galaxy Note 10 you should keep an eye out for.

1) THEE MODELS: There are three models here the note 10, the note 10 plus, as well as a 5g version of that which in itself is a pretty interesting move considering that the note used to be Samsung’s single final flagship. But now even that is split into a lower mid and higher tier. In the end, though, it’s more choice. So we can’t really complain about that. Get it HERE… AT AMAZON.COM

2) GOOD BATTERY: There’s a 4300mAh battery on the Galaxy Note 10 plus model, which is a really healthy amount. But, whilst that is larger than the cell on the s10 plus because something has also had to fit an S-Pen inside. Means, it is smaller than the one on the s10 of 5g.

The normal Note 10 has a 3800mAh cell, which is good considering the smaller size. But, battery size is one of those areas that competitors are really doubling down.

3) MORE POWER: You might remember that with the Galaxy S10 there was a bit of a delta between the performance of the Exynos version, and a performance of the snapdragon version. Well with the note that’s been at least compensated for, because they’re powered by the brand-new Exynos 9825 which about 15% faster. Get it HERE… AT AMAZON.COM

4) ERGONOMICS: there’s no longer a dedicated Bixby button as on the S10, and the power key is now combined with it and shifted to the left of the phone which completely fine at least for me. There’s no reaching or hand shuffling required to use it. This is in all senses an upgrade from the s10 a single tap turns the screen off and a hole will activate Bixby.

So, if you want to shut it down, you have to either hold down the power and volume keys or hit the power button that’s been added to the status bar.

5) NEW S-PEN: On the subject of the s-pen, this phone has yet again a newly designed stylus with the focus this time on-air gestures. They’re likening this to a magic wand for your phone. it can do all the tricks that the note 9s coat like, remotely take photos, but can now also do things like switch lenses and switch camera modes from a distance.

6) FEEL GREAT: The phone feels good, and it’s got the same boxy style of past notes, but with the lower density feel of the Galaxy S10 and good weight distribution. So you’ll not feel like it’s going to topple out your hands, unlike some phones that are this large.

7) NOTE S10+ DISPLAY: The display on the plus model is every bit as good as you’d expect it to be. It a really similar quality 3040 by 1440 panel to the S10, but scaled up to 6.8-inch size. You probably remember the day when a 7inches screen was considered tablet-sized, we’re pretty much there.

8) CHARGING SPEED: The note 10 comes with the ability to charge with 25W of power, and the note 10 plus 45W. In my opinion, this is some of the best news that’s come out of this launch. Samsung has been trailing with charging speeds for some time; but now, not anymore.

9) CAMERA QUALITY: The camera setup on the note 10 is pretty much identical to the S10’s, whilst the plus is pretty much identical to the S10 5g. and you could see this. Either way, to be honest, it’s great to see that Samsung’s best phone has their best camera setup, but at the same time, it’s hardly breaking new ground the main sensor here hasn’t changed much in years. Although, image processing has come leaps and bounds.

10 ALL DISPLAY: Also the last thing I’d say in terms of real positives here, is the screen to body ratio. This thing is almost all display and the time punch hole in the center doesn’t really take too much away from it. Get it HERE… AT AMAZON.COM

11) CAMERA TRICKS: there are a couple of new bells and whistles. Here we’ve got AR-doodle which uses the new time-of-flight camera to let you draw in augmented reality, and I could actually see this being quite a lot of fun it does work better on the rear camera though, because, that’s where the time of flight is.

The Note 10 front-facing camera produces lighter videos than the rear camera, which better for this and there other live focus effects as well as just background blur.

You can add a glitch effect, which comes into effect when you’re close enough to a subject.

12) AUDIO ZOOM: You’ve got audio zoom which uses three directional microphones to focus on only picking up audio from the source. That’s in a frame, so if I were using my ultra-wide lens and capturing everything, I pick up a lot of noise. But then if I started zooming in on let’s say a car in the distance the audio would shift to highlighting the cars sound.

13) PERCKS FROM THE S10: I’m relieved that the phone inherits a lot of the perks of the s10 line, you’ve got Dolby Atmos 3D surround speakers, IP68 water resistance, wireless charging, and Wireless reverse charging as well as micro SD card supports on the larger phone.

When it comes to storage: they both have enough space even for a super active user, with 256GB options on both, and a 512GB on the plus.

14) MEMORY: The Note 10 Plus also comes with twice the RAM of the note 10 up to 12GB, versus 6 making quite a significant Delta in peak multitasking performance. You know you usually get a Pro model of a phone, you might get two gigs of extra RAM or four gigs this might just be the largest difference I’ve seen.

15) WALLPAPER: It’s also complemented by a really slick new dynamic lock screen wallpaper that looks somewhat inspired by a bubble. Get it HERE… AT AMAZON.COM

Five downgrades:

FAMILIARITY: This is not a perfect phone, and I’d say one of the things that really hampers my excitement, is just that there’s not all that much new. this is shaping up to be a really great phone, but more because of just how close it is to the great phones that came before. This is one of the most similar feeling note phones in terms of new features over the s-line. And that in itself doesn’t make it a worse phone, but it just feels like some of its competitors are moving on faster.

SINGLE FRONT CAMERA: What’s kind of weird is that all variants of this phone, only have a single front camera. Compared to the dual we saw on the s10 plus..! Also, front-facing portrait mode is not going to be as good, and there is still no Iris scanning or secure face unlocking.

NO HEADPHONE JACK: Also, there’s no headphone jack here. And while Samsung didn’t directly address why there isn’t, I guess they’re kind of implying that the audio will sound better through the USB-C port, but still, no doubt this is going to annoy a lot of long-term Samsung fans.

NOTE 10 FULL HD+: And another really weird thing is that whilst the Plus model can rest easy with a 6.8inches quad HD plus display, the smaller phone is 6.3 inches and a little more controversial because of a 1080p resolution. Now you might already know that’s not a massive issue to me, even on phones that have quad HD panels, I sometimes set entertain to be anyway just to save battery.

But it’s just a little unusual considering that this phone is priced as a flagship and that the smaller screened Galaxy S10 has a quad HD panel.

THE NEW FINISH: Samsung is trying out a new type of finish. The Aurora glow color versions and they scatter light in an unusual way, and it’s good to see experimentation. But this is far from the cleanest implementation of prism-like reflective glass.

Glass is a reflective material. And glass picks up fingerprints, but this phone, in particular, shows them a lot more than the S10 or even the S10 5G versions.

So, galaxy note 10 is it the most exciting phone? Not really. Is it one of the most refined solid and reliable experiences out there? Definitely. Get it HERE… AT AMAZON.COM


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