Best Apps For ipad


Start our list of best apps for ipad with is grammerly App.

Grammerly is basically an app that lets you add a keyboard to your ipad. And this keyboard has a sophisticated grammar checker, a contextual spelling checker, advanced punctuation Corrections, vocabulary enhancements and synonym finders.

It’s basically an autocorrect, but it actually works really well for writers and students. It’ll help you avoid making any grammar or spelling mistakes. There is no need to keep thinking about a sentence if it’s correct or not, just keep writing and Grammerly will take care of all of that.

  • And there is one thing I would like to mention here, is that Grammerly is more useful when you’re using professional words and not for our chat abbreviations.


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Another great app that should be in our list of best apps for ipad, is Scanner Mini. And what this App do, is basically scans your documents. If you’re student, you’ll no longer need to take photos of your homework handouts or essays to save them.

And if you’re wondering, why would I use this random scanner app, while I can just use just my iPad camera and take photos from my handouts and of my homework. This scanner is so good, it adjust the brightness and the contrast to the perfect point. To make it much easier to read and to add it, so if you’re a fan of highlighting annotating and all that good stuff, definitely, I recommend you install the scanner in your iPad. I’m sure it’ll be super useful for you.




Notability is a must-have if you have an iPad, and if you’re a student it literally changes note taking forever. It replaces all of your journals, and you simply have to bring in an Apple pencil and your iPad.


It allows you to mark-up stuff, record your teacher, when your teacher is speaking too fast. You can literally just press the record button, and it will bring you the best quality of your teacher’s voice.



Photo Math, is more useful for students. If you’re in high school and you’re taking math, it literally takes all of the work you have and the app does if for you.

All what you have to do is hold your iPad the camera, and you hold it in front of that problem, and the app will actually solve it for you.

Photo Math is a great problem solver. Don’t misunderstand me and think that I’m encouraging to cheat in your school. You can only do this for homework, and you only do use this app instead of actually working.

It’ll show you, what it did to actually get to the answer, which is awesome. So, if you don’t really understand math, just get the app take a photo of the problem, and it will actually solve it for you.

You can use it help you understand how math problem been solved. So, if you’re math and you have an iPad, definitely take the app out.



Countdown, is basically an app that lets you count down to a certain date. And it lets you count down with minutes, days, hours, and whatever you want.


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Memrise, literally teaches you a language in a really simple way. You use the app a couple minutes a day, and you get used to using that language. So, if you use it daily, you are going to learn so much. But do it daily, don’t like slack off and be like.. I’ll do it next week. Do it daily and the not-self that language that you’re going to have is going to be incredible.






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