Best Smartwatch To Track Sleep

 Fitbit Vesa is the best smartwatch to track sleep.
Fitbit has a brand new wear smartwatch in the market called versa. the new Fitbit versa is one of the best smartwatches to track sleep, activities, monitor your heart rate, and do much more… Giving a quick presentation of the device as you can see, it’s very thin, it’s also very light with around 30 grams. And comparing it to an Apple watch, which is already lightweight. The Versa is about the third weight of an Apple watch, which means it is a super lite wrist piece. Shop now at

Design and screen resolution:

The watch has the main power button on the side, and you have two other buttons on the opposite side. This is a familiar design for Fitbit, and we’ve seen them using it on their last few devices before. The Versa has a really nice display specifically it’s 300 by 300, which is actually a square resolution. And it’s the first time they’re actually using this specific resolution.
Comparing it to the Fitbit ionic that came out last year, which was a 348 by 250 resolution so it’s more rectangle as opposed to square. It also means you get more pixel density on versa, and it totally shows when you’re using it.

Fitness functionality of the best smartwatch to track sleep:

best smartwatch to track sleep

Fitbit Versa is best smartwatch to track sleep, additionally it does all sorts of cool things. For instance, it has a good accurate heart rate monitor on it that seems more accurate than the Ionic, to give you all day measurement on your heart 24/7, including sleep data.
The watch has the charger on the back, and plenty of third-party bands available, so don’t have to worry about your style, and color. one of the big things I like about this Fitbit, is fact that they have a large ecosystem, and do a lot of work with different partners.

APP GPS and music streaming:

It has a stand alone GPS and not like these smartwatches who relay on the connected


phones, to keep you up with the tracking data. However, if you don’t want to use GPS, you can turn off in the settings. Other features include repeating alarms, music, weather, and you can install a lot of different apps, including Pandora, wallet Deezer, Starbucks, and Yelp, and others..

And what comes to music it’s really interesting, you can actually put up to around 300 songs stored on the device.
I should mention that installing music directly from the watch is little bit clunky, but you can do that through your PC. It’ll take around 25 to 30 minutes to install all your music, but it’s not a bad experience. Once it’s on there you can stream to your favorite Bluetooth headset, while in the gym for a totally hands-free experience and it’s a very liberating one as well.
If however, you don’t want to use your own local music, you can also do Pandora as long as you subscribe to their program. You can choose from their multi options available channels that you subscribe to, or pick specific ones that you want to add to your versa, and then just stream music using that. Get best Bluetooth Headset HERE…

charge and battery performance:

For some unknown reasons, Fitbit always changes charge connectors. that might be

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annoying for some users to collect all of them, but this is actually one of their best stands I’ve seen from them. If you’ve seen the ionic connector, it was just a plug basically connects to the back of its magnetic, it wasn’t a very good experience.

Instead in Versa you squeeze the bottom it opens up, and you drop in the device to start charging. As always Fitbit still a huge fan supporter of Windows 10, and it also runs on Windows 10 mobile including Xbox as well.
It allows you to sync up everything to the device through Bluetooth on your PC. It’s a very convenient experience. Of course you can do this on Android and iOS as well, but it’s nice to be able to sync across those devices to be able to check in on your stats whenever you want to.

The battery life it’s not as good as the ionic, which can last you around five days. The Fitbit Versa is more around three days. I should put that a little bit into perspective, but that also depends on your usage. So, if you’re goning be working out everyday, stream music from it they’ll be a little bit less. And the part of that is it does charge very quickly.

So, overall for what it does, it’s not only the best smartwatch to track sleep, but also a perfect affordable smartwatch for any one who want to change the classic option of apple watch, or Gear s3 or something like that. Get HERE…


  1. Great article. For those on a tight budget, is there any refurbished model of a high-end smartwatch you would recommend? I am asking because I know they offer much more in terms of features, but on the cheap.


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