Best Smart Watch To Make Calls

what is the Best Smart Watch To Make Calls?

Back in the day, smartwatches aren’t more than watches that can do some additional features like calculation, showing calendar, and have a switch on/off lite button in case you want to see how much time in the darkest areas.

that was the starting point, of these little pieces that has become our wrist companion nowadays. and then they keep growing, and developing by the time, till they become the biggest competitor of our smart mobile.

these little smart wrists, keep pushing us to put our mobile phones away. they do almost everything we want, and they still keep developing consistently. to show us that they can do the whole things that our smart phones do, and more.

combining between different features, and capabilities. such as, GPS navigation, sleep and heart rate monitoring, workout and fitness tracking. these wearable pieces, have become one of the biggest enemies of the smart phone technology. only few features, still need some tweaks, and enhancement to make us think seriously about taking out our big, and heavy devices, that have been living inside our pouches for years.

what still needs enhancement on these smart watches?:

making calls is what makes a lot of people much more attached to their phone. and even though, there are so many smart watches that can make calls, it seems so hard to find the best smart watch to make calls, and texting as well. and in this article i will show you three proven ways to find the best one for that.

first of all, a SIM card slot:

Best Smart Watch To Make Calls

if you are looking for a better standalone smartwatch experience, than this feature is one of the most important things that you’ll need for that. without it’s own SIM cards, it won’t be able to make calls outside the Bluetooth range of your phone. and you can confirm that, by asking the seller if it has built-in cellular connectivity, or not.

a good microphone, and speaker:

some smart watches have been launched, with the built-in cellular connectivity years ago. but still we can’t lean on them to make good calls, because of their other hardware equipment issues. like microphone, and speaker. so having a good quality of these pieces, is a very important for the best smart watch to make calls.

and the last important factor is a good battery life:

the battery life is one of the most important factors, that you must to take in consideration when buying a best smart watch to make calls. the watch uses the modem to receive, and transmit data, and that’s will drain your battery too fast. even if you choose to not answer the call, so have a powerful battery a respected factor, for anyone who want to buy a best smart watch to make calls.


Here we have a list of smart watches that respond to the above criteria:


huawei watch 2:

Best Smart Watch To Make Calls

It does have the Snapdragon 2100 processor in, it has fou gigabytes of internal storage, 768 megabytes of RAM, and it also has a 420 milliAmp. hour battery. not to mention your usual sensors, so you do have the heart rate monitor on the back. you also have NFC for payments, and then you have your Bluetooth Wi-Fi GPS also built into. full Review here…


 Samsung Gear S3:

Best Smart Watch To Make Calls

the Gear S3 doesn’t have a SIM card slot, but instead it has a non removable SIM card that do the same function. so don’t have to worry about anything, if you didn’t find the slot. it is an eSIM and is embedded in the phone and it’s non-removable. To find the eSIM number, open Settings, Gear info, About device, ICCID (the eSIM number). that’s if you just didn’t get it on the box.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Full review

Apple watch S3 + LTE:

Best Smart Watch To Make Calls

the Apple watch Series 3, is using a built-in eSIM, like Samsung Gear s3. the only thing i have to mention here, is the Apple watch Series 3 will only work through a limited number of carriers. at this time, and Due to the nature of how the it can connect to the phone network, it will only work with the list that has published on its website. apple-watch S3 – FULL detailed Review



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