Best Fitness Apps For Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple watch, features a built in heart rate sensor on its back. And for some reasons, these kind of heart rate sensors, don’t do well for certain workouts. Like CrossFit, Bootcamp, Based strength and style exercises. Fortunately, we have some good news for you, as the Apple watch dose actually allow you to pair it with external sensors.

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However, if you do need to use the built-in optical heart rate sensor in your Apple watch, I would highly recommend to consider changing smartwatch band. And suggest you to use a band that secures the watch to your wrist to allow your Apple watch’s sensor to work properly.

Additionally, I’ll suggest you to install this top 3 of the best fitness apps for apple watch series 4 that I’ve tested personally.

Although, all these apps are fitness based, they are very different to each other. And each one of them has its own respective strengths and weaknesses. We’ll break down all these, and go through functionality basics of these apps and more.

Starting the best fitness apps for apple watch series 4 list with Activity App:

Basically, this is a built-in App in your Apple watch and iPhone, so this is the native application.

And it’s super easy to use all you have to do, is just open up the application on your watch, scroll down to the open goal, go ahead and select that, and that’s it for the duration of your workout.

You’ll be able to get your heart rate data, calorie information and you’ll get a good idea of what your heart rate is doing during your exercises, as well as a rough estimate of your calories. And if that’s the only thing that you’re caring about, definitely, this the perfect one-stop app. It’s built-in and it works every time syncs automatically with your phone. When you’re done working out, you just end the workout by swiping right and then ending your workout and that’s it.

CONS: it’s just very simple, and it doesn’t look great on the phone. Yes, it collects your calorie information, and your heart rate information and it’s accurate in all of that. But, that’s all what you’re getting, and the heart rate graphs don’t look very impressive compared to other applications that are on the market. Because, you’re getting some weird dots, instead of lines and it just doesn’t look very nice.

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Record by Under Armour:

This is as simple as the built-in Apple watch application, but it’s got a few extra tricks up its sleeve. Once you launch the app, you’ll be able to use the crown to scroll through the exercises you’re doing right now. And cool thing about is that if you’re doing a gym base or strength training exercise, you can differentiate between things.

Like, upper and lower body, or even your core and abs. so, that way you’ll go ahead, and keep a log. And if you forget what you did a couple of days ago, you can go back and review in the application and see what you did.

So, that way you don’t accidentally repeat a muscle group, that’s kind of a neat little automatic logging feature that it does.

And after you have begun your workout, you’ll be greeted with a main workout dashboard. Which will give you your current heart rate, your average heart rate and your peak heart rate. all of that being updated in real time, you’ll also be given to proprietary scores, which I really like the first one is an intensity score, and the other one is a willpower score that gives you a zero to ten score, and then the willpower is based on a percentage up to a hundred percent.

The intensity score is mostly looking at your heart rate. So, if you’re doing a high-intensity interval training and you’re having high spikes and low dips in your heart rate, that’s going to really ramp up the intensity and so it’s going to give you higher intensity score when you’re doing things like high-intensity interval training.

Under Armour is looking at a wide variety of metrics that include your age, weight, your sex also is going to look at your heart rate data. It’s also going to look at the duration of your workout and at every metric that it’s collecting and then giving you a willpower score based on your current exercise.

So, your score could be anywhere from 0, which means you basically just sat there and did nothing all the way up to 10, which really means you push yourself hard. Your heart rate was high, maybe you exercised for a really long time and so the willpower is going to be really high. and based on those metrics, you can begin to a kind of calibrate, and see if you’re pushing yourself well in the gym, or you’ll be able to swipe left in order to see your total workout duration and calories.

When you’re all done with your workout, you’ll be greeted with a workout summary, which will give you kind of just an overview of all of the different metrics that it collected during that workout. And then when you save the workout, it will go ahead and send all of that data automatically to the Under Armor application on your phone.

It’s a simple application to use, turn it on… do your workout… and then finish at the end, and it provides you with all of that data automatically. Now all of the applications up to this point are free to download and use.

CONS: The Under Armour app, but it’s missed one thing that the Apple watch activity app has. And this is the built-in control for your phone’s music, or your watch’s music streaming. So, if you like to listen to music or streaming it from your phone or Apple watch while you workouts, you can’t do that with Record App. But with Activity app, that’s actually available.

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Gymaholic App:

Technically, it is free to download and use, but there are some severe limitations on what it can track, unless you go ahead and pay with a subscription model that they have. you can do a monthly subscription, which I think is about $4 a month or you can do a yearly subscription, which I think comes out to $36 a year.

It is very different than the two previous applications that we’ve mentioned, and it will give your watch the ability to track basic metrics. Like your heart rate and calories, while you’re working out.

But, this App has a couple of features that make it stand out and unique, compared to any other application that we’ve seen. It’s like having a digital notebook on your wrist, so you can keep track and log each specific exercise. How many reps you did during a set, and the specific weight that you used. So, it’s basically doing away with a notebook and pencil.

It also allows you to upload specific workouts. Either ones that you built yourself, or ones that you can download. And that way, if you’re a beginner and you don’t really know what to do, you can just download those workouts to the watch and just follow the on-screen prompts, and do what it tells you to do.

and if you have any question about what a workout is you can even write on the watch go ahead and see a little computer-generated graphic that will show you what the form and what the workout should look like or what the routine should look like and then you can also access a little description and it will tell you a little bit about that exercise and what it’s doing.

The other thing that’s great about this application, is that it keeps track automatically of what muscle groups you’re working out based on the exercises that you’re doing. So, that’s great way to kind of keep track of what muscle groups you’re hitting and also what muscle groups you might be missing inadvertently.

CONS: It’s a paid App most people don’t like that. The other thing that I don’t like, is that it’s not completely user friendly. I mean once you get the hang of the application, you can work around all the interface. But, there is a learning curve, it’s a little bit advanced. So, I think it’s geared towards those who are new in the gym, and want some guidance with the built-in workouts and graphics that it offers.

The problem is that it’s a fairly advanced application, and it’s a little bit tedious doing the automatic digital note-taking that it does. And that’s really where still a note paper and pen in my opinion is still a little bit easier than using the gymaholic application.

But, for anyone who really want a digital log for workouts, this is really the best application on the market.

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