Best Budget Fitness Tracker

best budget fitness tracker

best budget fitness tracker

the iWOWNfit i6 Pro Fitness Tracker smart-band is the best budget fitness tracker, and this is from iWOWNfit. this is pretty cool, and this is one of those smart bands, that keep track of your daily activities, your heart rate, your color intakes, and all that kind of stuff.

this band can also track your steps, if you’re running, if you’re cycling, and when you’re doing different type of sports. and all that kind of good sports, and healthy activities. also does messages, wither these messages are coming from Facebook, or Instagram, or something like that. you can read all that stuff right on your iWOWNfit i6 Pro screen.

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this band has a smart touch, so you can touch the screen, and move it around and get to whatever you want to get to. and you can also connect it, with an app on your smartphone to track your daily activities, your heart rate, and different health, and activities.

the battery life on iWOWNfit i6 Pro Fitness Tracker, is over seven days, or more. depending what you run on it. usually when you put off all the things, like text messages, and all that kind of good stuff on there, it will last basically about two weeks. Considering the budget, and it’s amazing functionalities; we can say that this band, is one of the best budget fitness tracker right now on the market.

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best budget fitness tracker

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Is among the list of the best budget fitness tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Watch, IP67 Waterproof Smart Wristband with Calorie Counter Watch Pedometer Sleep Monitor for Kids Women Men.

the app is functioning fairly well so far. It’s pretty common for these types of apps to be difficult but this one seems to be reasonably well designed. This is a good affordable heart rate monitoring activity tracker. The good thing is the charging method is pretty cool, and convenient. Simply pull off the bottom arm of the wrist band and a USB port is exposed. Plug this in to initially start up the band and from then on to charge. No issues with battery life so far.

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The not so good: only a tiny portion of the bottom of the screen is touch sensitive. I expected the full face to be. Also, don’t expect to swim or shower with this. Although it’s rated IP67 and this looks pretty much sealed, I wouldn’t risk too much water abuse. Last thing, the pedometer can be a little stingy unless you really start walking a nice distance.

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best budget fitness tracker




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