apple watch tricks iwatch S4 20 Things You Didn’t Know!


the Apple watch series 4 has actually been announced a few days ago, and it’s actually the biggest change for an Apple watch. the original Apple watch was introduced back in 2014 so here are 20 things you probably know some of them, but not all about the Apple series 4, and that should definitely need to know before buying one.

so grab some snacks because this is going to too long, but very interesting and exciting sit back relax and enjoy…

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  • The number 1: some design enhancements

the Apple watch series 4 is actually the first redesign since the original Apple watch, it’s not a full redesign the quarters are a bit more rounded and a whole design matches the corners, edges and also the iPhone 10 design way-way-way more than before. so it’s a much cleaner and more refined design of the previous generation and what is new redesign the cases of the Apple watch are now larger as well, so the 30ml winner became the 40 millimeters, and the 42, became the 44 millimeters.

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they are probably wondering are the previous bands still going to work. yes all the previous bands have been confirmed to work by Apple on a series 4, and all new series 4 bands will also work on the previous generation models as well.

  • The number 2: ECG meter

One of the biggest features in the Apple watch series 4 is actually the ECG meter, so you can actually put your finger on the crown on the digital crown and it can now take an electrocardiogram, which is huge for an Apple watch or for any SmartWatch on the market right now.

I think this is the first one that can do that now the only problem is that ECG is restricted to the US market, so if you go to UK website you can’t even find a single mention of this feature and this is probably because of a DEA approval.

So, it was approved in the US but probably not in view and European Union or even in Asia yet, by Dec so we don’t really know if the US models are actually manufacturer really ECG and then the rest of the models don’t even have that feature included in hardware, or if this is just a software disable feature that’s currently disabled for Europe and Asia and at some point in the future we don’t know when this gets approved.

It will be enabled in software, I really hope that this is the case. and even for the US market, this is not going to be available at launch. so Apple said it’s coming by the end of the year, which means that the software update, will enable this in the US. but again no word in our countries, so that kind of sucks. especially considering that this is literally that it could even be the number one key selling feature of the Apple watch series4. and Apple is promoting this model more and more than before.

  • The number 3 : cellular roaming

the ability to basically use your Apple watch as a smartphone take calls, and read messages when you’re away from your phone, but not a lot of people know that cellular roaming is actually not supported on the cellular model. so if you want to use this outside of your own country, it’s not gonna work keep that in mind.

That’s probably because there’s not enough room inside the Apple watch for multiple servers and network antennas.

  • The number 4: ”ceramic version and Nike model”

if you plan on getting a silver model and if you travel a lot and Apple has now killed the Apple watch edition so yeah the ceramic version has now been removed entirely. the original edition was the Golden Apple watch, which came with a zero-zero on the original one. and that one came with a very very interesting price tag of $17,000 for the most expensive model, but that was replaced by the ceramic with Series 2, and with the Series 3, we got the space great ceramic.

And now, Apple ended up removing that series entirely, and we only get it in aluminum and then the stainless steel as the premium version, which I actually think is a really really good choice.

I’m sure they’ve removed that model, based on some data and analytics that maybe showed them that this model doesn’t sell very well, but I’m sure also that the ceramic model still has some loyal fans around. speaking of models you can also get the Nike Plus model of the Apple watch, but here’s the very weird thing: the Nike Plus and the regular Apple watch the aluminum, literally cost the same exact price, but a Nike Plus model comes with a few more exclusive watch faces. so I don’t really see, why anyone would not give the Nike Plus over the regular Lumina model. same price but you actually get more features, with an oculus model.

Nike Plus model also comes with a new reflective sport loop, that basically shimmers when life strikes it. so this is very useful for bikers or late night runners. really cool feature to have I’m not sure if this is only on the Nike Plus sport loop, or if you get us with basically any sport loop that you bought so this hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s definitely there with the Nike Plus models.

  • The number 5: digital crown

The series 4 also comes with a completely new re-engineered digital crown. so it doesn’t physically press anymore, instead, it gives you a haptic feedback similar to the iPhone 7, or the iPhone 8’s home button when you do press it. And this also applies to scrolling, by the way, so you don’t get feedback when you’re pressing through the menus which is pretty cool. we get this extra vibration that you didn’t have on the previous generation.

That’s quite nice to have and also it’s not a full ride crowning or on the GPS facility model, so we only get a red ring and if you get the GPS only models. the one without the cell network those ones actually have a black ring.

  • The number 6: water resistance and warranty

another fun fact, is when it comes to water resistance, so same as before we get 50-meter water resistance but previously it was not covered under warranty, by the way, so you know it was one resistant.

but if it broke, they tell us: it’s your fault, which is stupid. because apple encourages you to use this underwater, even have workouts underwater, which is crazy.

but now it doesn’t really say anywhere on Apple’s website that it’s not covered under warranty, so I’m guessing that it is at least to some extent. this could be thanks to the haptic feedback engine that we get for the crown, which doesn’t click anymore, and this actually helps improve water resistance. so I’m really hoping that this time it’s covered under warranty because again it’s not mentioned that this time on Apple’s website.

  • The number 7: gyroscope and an accelerometer

The series 4 also comes with a new gyroscope, and an accelerometer, which can now detect multiple types of faults. now I know this sounds a bit funny.

Obviously, the Apple watch won’t be able to prevent you from falling over that would be cool, but not yet.

However, what it can provide you with, is if you’ve been immobile for one minute, it will automatically call the emergency services. so this is very very useful to have.

  • The number 8: louder speaker

The speaker has been improved so we get a 50% louder speaker, which was actually a big issue with previous watches when we’re talking to someone by a phone call.

  • The number 9: microphone

The microphone was quite bad as on the previous versions, and in the Series 4, It’s been improved. It’s now being relocated to the right-hand side, and this would improve the quality with the speaker for Siri, and phone calls as well.

  • The number 10:

and something also new about the Apple a series 4, is that we got a ceramic and sapphire crystal back on all the models, and yes this also applies to the entire back now. previously we had the circle on which the sensors were located, and then the metal which you know was on the actual case of the Apple watch.

but now we have the entire back made out of ceramic, and sapphire crystal, pretty much just like the iPhone 10. so we got glass on both the front and the back, and then we get the stainless steel frame that links the two.

  • The number 11: second gen hart rate sensor

and you also get the second generation of heart rate sensor, which is not an ECG but this is also available on the Apple watch especially if you don’t have a CD enable in your country, please give every single conference out of the US you can still use an improved version of the first generation heart rate sensor, which would be faster and more accurate than before.

Thanks to being proved to microphone the loudspeaker, and the ceramic and sapphire crystal back the cell reception has also been improved.

  • The number 12: siri

Apple says that this is an improvement over the series 3, also no more saying: hey Siri”! you can only just raise your wrist this also applies to the series 3 by the way. but you can just raise your wrist and you can already talk to Siri which is really cool, and useful to have.

  • now the problem with this was that Siri was quite slow, and the whole performance of the Apple watch even the series 3.
  • The number 13: processor

The series 3 was significantly faster than the s2, but it wasn’t that great either. This is actually the first 64-bit Apple watch a series four with the Apple s4 processor, which Apple says that is two times faster than a series 3, which was already 10 times faster than the series 2.

  • The number 14: larger display

The displays of the Apple watch series 4 are actually quite a bit larger than a previous generation, so 38 has a 35% larger display and then the 42 which is not a 44 has a 32% larger display than the previous generation. The series three which means that it can see more content on the screen.

  • The number 15: thinner bezels

and also some watch faces and complications have been redesigned almost entirely, and the series 4 also comes with thinner bezels and that’s why we’re getting that significantly larger display, and what’s almost the same form factor as before. now in terms of the bezels they’re thinner but not as thin, as I would have wished Apple would be introducing with a series 4. I mean take a look at Apple is finally showing the bezels of the series 3 on their website, before they weren’t really doing that. they were only showing the the series 3 with a black watch face in order to hide the bezels.

but now they’re actually comparing the two, and they’re actually showing the bezels on a series 4 as well, which yes they’re not that thin but comparing the two, there’s a huge difference between a series 3 and the new series 4.

also notice how the series 4 has rounded corners on the outside display, and also deep inside compared to the squared ones, which do match the exterior curves and this looks really really nice but what will look even nicer, would be for the Apple watch to have an always-on display. so this is weird this is something that you can find on phones such as the Google pixel 2 or the latest phones from Samsung or even the latest phones from LG.

with an LCD display you can see the time and the notifications on the display all the time. now for some reason we don’t really have this on the iPhone 10 or the iPhone 10s, which is strange. because, they do come with an all the display and more efficient compared to other Android smartphones.

  • the number 16: infograph watch face

The new exclusive infograph watch face, and this one comes with a few different styles there’s a standard one, which shows you up to eight different complications I love this one there’s the modular one, and the chronograph and you can customize these in many ways based on what complications you decide to add. but these take full use of the excess screen.

  • The number17:

real estate that we have on a series 4 obviously the whole UI has been redesigned to take advantage of the ISO screen as well, and then we also get a new breathe watch face which should work on the service 3, but if you’re the kind of person that uses the breathing app you know when the Apple watch reminds you to breathe well feel free to use that watch face I think that’s really cool it looks really nice.

  • The number 18: face customization

there’s also a new fire, new water, and a new dust face, which I think these are actually exclusive to the series 4, we got quite a few new exclusive watch faces, which is pretty cool because this is the main customizability tool that you have on a smaller watch on and up. what especially changing the watch face and up until now. well, revin had some major watch face redesigns and changes since I think it was watch West 3.

  • The number 19: chip

the series 4 also comes to w3 chip from w2, and also Bluetooth 5.0 so basically, every single new Apple device now, comes with Bluetooth 5.0. the new MacBooks the iPhone X, the iPhone XS. and now with the w3 chip, I think this is definitely the first Apple device to come with w3 chip, which means that earpods 2 which should be launching pretty soon hopefully about a year they would be coming with a w3 chip as well.

  • The number 20: storage

The series 4 also comes with 16 gigabytes of internal storage, which is actually the same amount as the Series 3 with seller now many people believe that you actually need to have a server model if you want to use the Apple music when you don’t have your iPhone near you, but fun fact you can actually download songs on the internal storage even on the Wi-Fi only models then you can listen to those songs offline or even full playlist when for example you’re at the gym.

and finally, we have an Apple watch that’s actually thinner than the previous generation, because the first Apple watch was obviously a thinnest one, and then the second and a third and all the other generation series 1 2 series 3 were thicker than the previous model that they kept getting thicker, and thicker. you know a series 4 comes in at 10.7 Millimeters, versus 11.4 on a series 3. so yes it’s thinner than a Series 3 and a series 2 but it’s actually still thicker than the original Apple. lots of the original one is still at 10.5 millimeters thick, so that’s the thinnest Apple watch. hopefully your series 5 will be thinner than that.



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