Apple Watch Tricks iWatch S4 20 Things You Didn’t Know!

Number 3: cellular roaming

the ability to basically use your Apple watch as a smartphone take calls, and read messages when you’re away from your phone, but not a lot of people know that cellular roaming is actually not supported on the cellular model. so if you want to use this outside of your own country, it’s not gonna work keep that in mind.

That’s probably because there’s not enough room inside the Apple watch for multiple servers and network antennas.

The number 4: ”ceramic version and Nike model”

if you plan on getting a silver model and if you travel a lot and Apple has now killed the

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) – Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band

Apple watch edition so yeah the ceramic version has now been removed entirely. the original edition was the Golden Apple watch, which came with a zero-zero on the original one.

And that one came with a very very interesting price tag of $17,000 for the most expensive model, but that was replaced by the ceramic with Series 2, and with the Series 3, we got the space great ceramic.

And now, Apple ended up removing that series entirely, and we only get it in aluminum and then the stainless steel as the premium version, which I actually think is a really really good choice.

I’m sure they’ve removed that model, based on some data and analytics that maybe showed them that this model doesn’t sell very well, but I’m sure also that the ceramic model still has some loyal fans around.

Speaking of models you can also get the Nike Plus model of the Apple watch, but here’s the very weird thing: the Nike Plus and the regular Apple watch the aluminum, literally cost the same exact price, but a Nike Plus model comes with a few more exclusive watch faces. So I don’t really see, why anyone would not give the Nike Plus over the regular Lumina model. same price but you actually get more features.

Nike Plus model also comes with a new reflective sport loop, that basically shimmers when life strikes it. so this is very useful for bikers or late night runners. a really cool feature to have I’m not sure if this is only on the Nike Plus sport loop, or if you get us with basically any sport loop that you bought so this hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s definitely there with the Nike Plus models. GO TO NEXT PAGE TO SEE #5




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