strange phenomenal Weather this days!


Much of the world’s attention this week has been on two powerful storms: hurricane Florence in the United States, and super typhoon Bankard in the Philippines. what were once we’re forces of nature are becoming almost regular events.

I see a biblical proportion flood event that’s going to occur.

I see the beach communities being inundated with water, and destruction has got to be pretty pretty epic, and in nature. 2018 has seen extreme weather patterns across the globe, scientists are trying to find explanations for these new phenomena. yes we are seeing a slower storm, it seems like it’s much more like hurricane Harvey, which a year ago dumped so much rain for so many days.



since 1980 we’ve had a doubling of the frequency of flooding events, and now we’re actually seeing that here in North Carolina on first hand.

you literally have an entire tidal wave extending for miles with thousands of pounds of torque coming at you

more intense fires more devastating droughts deadly heat waves with tens of thousands of premature deaths a rising ocean, and disastrous floods that’s the future California faces over the next century.


firefighters in California, battles more than six thousand wildfires that burned 1 million acres of land. experts say: the u.s. wildfire season, is now 87 days longer than it was 30 years ago.

these fires never seem to stop, and this one is out of control. it’s been a relentless fire season in California, to say the least more than 45 miles of an inner state. they’re now closed through the weekend as firefighters battle another one exploding across the hills near the California Oregon border. the so-called ”Delta fire” tripling in size 300 foot flames burning along i-5, before leaping the inners. as the fire burned through dense forest flames, shot up to 300 feet into the air drivers abandon their cars and big rigs catch fire some 45 miles of freeway shut down as the inferno closed in.

And with the rest of September and October left, this will end up being the worst wildfire season ever in California history. California is already dealing with the biggest most deadly outbreak of wildfires in state history, but the assessment says the area burned by such conflagrations will increase 77% by the turn of the century. and two-thirds of California’s famous beaches, could completely disappear by then devoured by the Pacific rising nearly three metres above its current level.

Triggering evacuations the blazes engulfing mountain ridges, and could create its own weather overnight racing out of control and unchecked. never seen anything like it and ready in 40 years they say”: it was the strongest quake they have felt so close to home 4.4 earthquake hit Laverne last night in Anaheim, the quake was felt during a game at Angel Stadium.



  • just a little a rolling earthquake here initially I thought somebody maybe hit the car but I just felt a roll under the car, I never felt that before.


  • kind of a rolling you know it was it wasn’t jerky it was rolling and it just lasted about for a few seconds longer than you were comfortable with like a huge shaking, I mean I could almost hear the earth like moving forty-five miles away at LAX, I know yeah I felt that earthquake. this woman posted on Instagram she was worried about going to work in the air traffic control tower. do you think I feel like working tonight hey no check out this cat in burbank bristling when the shaking started then jumping and bolting when the rain stopped falling earlier






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