Huawei watch 2 classic edition

Huawei Watch 2 Hands-on Is This The Best new Android Wear watch

The are reasons why Huawei watch2 classic edition is still one of the best smartwatches in the design side as well as in the specs. and in this article we’ll go deep into the things that specify this watch from other android wears in the market, so keep reading…

The first is Huawei watch2, is quite slimmer enough to fit under the sleeve without any problem. It’s not like some other thick smartwatches that stick out from the sleeve, and it has a nice slimmer tight profile.

Huawei watch 2 classic edition is not the slimmest in the world, but it’s definitely one of the top five. So, the classic edition will cost you about 300 bucks or something like that, depending on when you read this article. and there is a Sport Edition, which has a completely different design, which may cost you about $180.

Now, let’s go over. the specs quickly, and then we can get into the rest of the review.

Technical Specs. of Huawei watch 2 classic edition:

The Huawei watch 2 features the Snapdragon 2100 processor, 4GB of internal storage, 768GBs of RAM and 420mAp battery. I think that it’s a good idea to mention that this watch has also a heart rate monitor on the back, NFC payments, built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

Huawei watch 2 classic edition comes in with either a brown, or black band edition. and that’s only for the watchband, but the actual titanium watch design will be the same. It just will be ship with a different style band. 

Huawei watch 2 classic edition

It comes with a hybrid style band, which has silicon material on the back, but on the front, you do have genuine leather.

I think that’s a really nice design, this way all those sweat marks and those nasty stains that come from wearing a lot of band after a while will not appear on this.

It is pretty comfortable, really nice to wear it also has quick-release pins, so you can swap it out for any 22-millimeter style band that you like.

The actual buckle shows the brand name of Huawei, so that’s really nice. Definitely, those little things make you think premium when you’re looking at a SmartWatch such as this one. 

And looking at the overall design of the watch, I do think that it’s very reminiscent of the LG watch R, which also debuted with these markings on the outside. at first, I thought it was a little cheesy, but it really doesn’t bother me. you just have to decide which watch face you’d like to use, because some watch faces have that markings built-in, and surely you don’t want to use that kind of stupid look.


Huawei watch 2 classic editionBut on the left side you have this Huawei branding, which I also think is kind of dumb, it’s very cheesy looking and this is plastic whereas the rest of the watch is metal, so I don’t know why they decided to do that.

It would have been nicer maybe if they just etched Huawei on the side if they really have to put their branding on it. But this also could be for the sensors, I really don’t know’’.

Looking on the right side of the watch, you do have two programmable buttons. But overall, I think the watch is pretty stylish. The screen is a 1.2 inch. AMOLED panel, so it is a little on the smaller side, which is what turned me off from the watch in the beginning.

But I actually got used to it, and I don’t think you need something much bigger, because battery life is dependent upon the size of the screen.

So, the battery life on this has been really good. And for the Android wear statistics, So far the best SmartWatch that I’ve encountered is the Gear s3 running Tizen software that was definitely great, but this one definitely comes really close to that. Check the latest price here…>> OR CLICK ON THE GREEN BUTTON BELOW TO SEE THE REST OF THE REVIEW!



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