Huawei Watch 2 Hands-on Is This The Best new Android Wear watch



Notifications, and alarms:

If you have tons of Facebook notifications and WhatsApp notes, and you choose to have those come to your watch, your battery life will vary. But for the average consumer, this definitely will last you with no doubt in mind, at least a day and a half.  

Huawei watch 2 classic edition

Talking about battery life, another great feature of this watch is it has a watch only mode, which means I don’t have to worry about my charger worst case scenario.

I can just turn on watch only mode, and make it through the whole month if I need to.

So to get to watch only mode, which basically turns off all smart features and gives you the time and your pedometer to keep counting your steps in this mode, which I think is Great. 

50% at smartwatch mode will last you around 10 hours, but at watch only mode, it could be 15 days battery life.

I do want to mention, that Huawei watch 2 classic edition does not have wireless charging. At this price point, I think that’s a bad move from Huawei’s. I think that they really should have included wireless charging; because, that’s what the other competitors are doing, and that’s what we expect from a smartwatch at this price range.

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Huawei watch 2 classic edition

But instead they do offer this Pogostyle connection, and it’s basically the same, as what was in their other watches, but the magnet is definitely stronger, and it does have guides on the side, to ensure the watch will not slip out while it’s charging and the magnet is pretty strong.


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