Best Apps For Apple Watch Series 4

When the Apple Watch was first released, there was a big emphasis placed on apps. now over the years Apple has toned this down a little bit, and they put more of an emphasis on overall fitness and overall health features on the Apple watch, but there are still some really amazing apps available on the Apple watch.

In this article, we’ll cover 4 Best Apps For Apple Watch Series 4, that every apple watch owner should install. while all of these apps have iPhone counterparts, this article will be mainly focused on the Apple watch versions of all of these apps.

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Starting with Bear Notes, which has an awesome iPhone app and iPad app and even a Mac app. Bear Note App came with an Apple watch app, and I’ve never seen an Apple watch app that has a user interface like this before. you can easily pin notes, and they appear at the top of the Apple watch, which is really useful if you want to reference a quick note. and even if you don’t pin notes, you can see the most recent notes in the bear Notes app.

really easy to scroll through apps if you have a series 4 Apple Watch, the text is nice and big on those bigger screens. if you want to add a note, you can also do that too by using the microphone on the Apple watch.

and you can dictate notes to it, or if you want to make a completely new note. if inspiration strikes you, and you don’t have your phone by you. if you don’t have your iPad or Mac by you and all you can use is your voice.

you can quickly make new notes and as you use your voice it’ll dictate notes into the bear Notes app again.

I recommend bear for anyone on an iPhone or a Mac, or an iPad it’s a really awesome note-taking app. and it syncs with iCloud and it’s really cool, that they have an Apple watch notes taking out. I just love being able to access my notes anywhere even on my wrist.


Fantastical 2 for iPhone:

now, while the Apple Watch does come in with a built-in calendar app, Fantastical is an alternative for people who like to have a new different experience.

fantastical is a calendar application, that works very similar to the way the calendar app on the Apple watch works. but what I like about fantastical, is I find that it gives you a little bit more information about your upcoming dates.

for example: on the stock calendar app, you can only see that the current week’s events are in play. and if you scroll down on fantastical, you can see even more of your calendar appointments for the upcoming week.

I also like the interface of it, being a little more scrollable instead of a card flipping view, like in the stock calendar app. and where fantastical really shines for me, is that it will act combine your reminders with the calendar app. and that’s just a really awesome feature, to have to just go to one spot to check all of your reminders and all of your calendar appointments.


Things 3:

now if you’re a list person, and that reminders feature in fantastical isn’t enough for you. if you want to make a big list of upcoming projects or just things you have to do in your day to day, this next app is particularly good for that and that app is called Things.

Things is a really good iPhone app, and it shines on the Apple watch as well. on the iPhone, it’s great for managing your day today, as well as complex projects. so you might want to put into a giant list for the Apple Watch app, it focuses more on your today view and you can quickly see what you have to do for today and as you’re doing them you can quickly check them off in the Apple Watch app.

I really like the user interface for this, and I like how when you’re checking off the things you have to do you get a nice circle and as you start checking more things off, it starts to fill in that circle very similar to the design language in the activity ring. so very familiar to people who are ready using an Apple watch.
and aside from just checking off things to do, you can also add things into things. you can also add things to do in your to-do list by using the built-in microphone.

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Chirp for Twitter:

when the Apple Watch was first released, Twitter actually had a native client on the Apple watch. but unfortunately they let it die, this is where chirp comes in to be one of Best Apps For Apple Watch Series 4. it’s a third-party Twitter client for your Apple watch, really excellent design for chirp it looks exactly like you would imagine a Twitter feed on your Apple watch. very easy to scroll through your Twitter feed and besides just checking your Twitter feed you can like and retweet or you can even make your own tweets or reply to tweets.

you can use the built-in microphone, for a lot of the previous apps to dictate text to it. but what’s cool about chirp, is you can actually use the scribble feature on the Apple watch to compose or reply to tweets as well. if you’re used to messaging on the Apple watch, you know that scribble is the form of inputting text where you draw up the letters. and that’s a little better to do when you’re in a public situation, where you don’t want to be talking to your watch and you can still use this as a fully functioning Twitter client.

chirp also uses some really cool haptic feedback. so, when you’re loading into things you’ll get a nice little haptic feedback to let you know you’re done. what you really don’t need on the Apple watch series 4, considering everything load so quickly. but if you’re coming from an older Apple watch, that is useful and chirp is completely free to use. there is also a pro version that unlocks things like the message is in the chirp app, but to start off with it’s completely free.

So, if you want your Twitter client on your Apple watch series 4, I would definitely recommend giving chirp a shot.


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