Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

Not every two similar thing should be compared, and not every comparison should end up with a winner. But in the Galaxy Note 10 Plus VS iPhone 11 Pro Max case, there must be a comparison and a winner of the battle. Both of these smartphones are the current flagship offerings from two of the biggest rivals in the smartphone industry. So, the loser isn’t weak, but it’s just less powerful…

The Galaxy note 10 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max have a similar build quality front and back based on glass with a solid metal band around the edges. Those are the usual materiel that we’ve seen in most of the premium smartphones this year, these kind of materiel make these flagships like million dollars phones when you hold them in your hand. The 11 Pro Max does use stainless steel for metal, while the Note 10 uses Aluminum, so the iPhone gets extra points for using stronger material for the band.

These phones have similar build materiel, but things start to differ when it comes to the design. The Note 10 has a large and tall display that dominates the screen tiny bezels on all four sides with a center on the top that houses the front camera, while the iPhone 11 Pro also strives to fill the entire front with a screen, and comes with a large notch on the top that houses the front camera and the face ID system. And they both look gorgeous with their massive frontal displays.

You can easily recognize that the bezels on the Note 10 are slimmer creating a better overall effect. The design is a subjective choice, but in our opinion the Note 10 Plus is the better choice in at this point. It seems cleaner in overall presentation from the front, and the top cut on the Note 10 is a better option that notch is less intrusive while watching full screen movies.

Now both smartphones come with water resistance with the exact same water resistance rating of ip68, assuring that both phones can easily handle a rainy day or an accidental drop into a puddle of water. Both smartphones offer high quality stereo speakers that produce a loud deep and rich sound perfect for watching movies and videos.

In this category other than the actual design which is a subjective choice there isn’t much of a difference between the two smartphones so far we are on equal grounds.

CHIPSETS AND STORAGE: The iPhone Pro exports a powerful A13 Bionic processor with 4GB of RAM and can be acquired with 64GB of storage for the base model with available 256GB or 512GB storage model. Options starting price for the Max is $1100.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus features a powerful Snapdragon 855 CPU or an Exynos 9825 variant in non-us markets, with 12GB of Base RAM and can be acquired with 256GB gigabytes of storage for the base model with available 5 on a 12GB option. Starting price for the Note 10 plus is also $1100.

In the storage race, the Note 10 Plus is ahead. It comes with a higher 256 gigabyte based storage and a microSD expansion slot, so you can add an additional 1TB of extra storage on the Note 10 Plus if necessary.

It is quite extraordinary that the Note 10 Plus offers four times the amount of base storage on the iPhone, and three times the amount of RAM.

BENCHMARKS: It is clear that the iPhone has more raw horsepower than the Note 10 plus. The iPhone is rock-solid with Swift user experience the A13 Bionic processor is capable of some extreme feats such as being able to edit multiple streams of high-quality 4k video effortlessly right on your iPhone. So the iPhone certainly wins in terms of processing power, but the Note 10 plus has a lead in terms of off extra base storage and the ability to expand that storage if necessary.

Talking about the dimensions, both smartphones have similar dimensions overall, but in this day and age, dimensions and weight don’t seem to have much of an influence on buying decisions.


DISPLAY CATEGORY: The iPhone Max is a 6.5 inches Super AMOLED display, with a resolution of 1242 by 2688 with 458 pixels per inch. The Note 10 plus has a 6.8 inch dynamic AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440 by 3040 with 522 pixels per inch, and of course both smartphones support HDR 10, and have fantastic displays that looks stunning from every angle.

They’re very vibrant, and the Note 10 Plus sharp and clear and highly color accurate. The iPhone is sharp and clear, as well as offering exceptional color accuracy. Overall, I cannot recommend one over the other as they both look very clean and crispy, but it feels more immersive to watch movies or play games in full screen on the Note 10 as opposed to the iPhone; because, the large notch seems to bite into the video from the side while the smaller camera cut out on the note 10 seems to be much less intrusive. So unless you simply do not prefer the knotch, this category should not influence your buying decision.

SOFTWARE: when it comes to software, it really is going to be a matter of preference. With Samsung you get the latest version of Android that allows for a customizable experience, you can tweak your smartphone to your own sense of style by using things like widgets and themes.

Additionally, you’ll able to access special features like the edge screen, which is a side screen that allows you to add even more widgets off your choice available at a swipe, and every single area is fully customizable.

The iPhone’s iOS is a more limited system, and more polished and has a superior app ecosystem. Especially, when it comes to gaming apps, iPhone will deliver beyond Samsung simply; because, the Apple App Store has better games which runs smoother than their Android counterparts.

That’s not to say Android doesn’t seem to have good games, it does but the iPhone does perform better when it comes to games and does offer higher quality non-gaming app experience. That’s really what it’s all about in regards to software, and open-ended customizable experience versus a closed-ended app driven experience. Both systems deliver in their own world, which one to choose remains with the end user.

However, we cannot ignore the power of the S-pen, which adds a whole new dimension of functionality to the note 10 plus that cannot be matched by the iPhone. It is a fantastic tool designed to offer precision note-taking and sketching On the Note 10 Plus, and you can literally draw a masterpiece right on your phone if you have the skills and patience for it. Additionally, you get access to unique s-pen software functions, such as the air command menu that could boost productivity, and frankly is simply cool to have it with your phone.

The S-Pen also is a remote control that can be used to control your Note 10 Plus from a distance using Bluetooth, these software functions are powerful and give the note 10 Plus a boost in software usefulness. So, software is certainly an important category to consider.

CAMERAS SETUP AND FEATURES: the note 10 has four rear cameras plus one front facing cam, and that’s a total of five cameras, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a total of four cameras, three rear cams and one front facing cam. I don’t really care too much about the front facing cameras since either smartphone will deliver if your objective is to take selfies or do video conferencing

On the rear, both smartphones do have a nearly identical setup. the three main cameras on both smartphones are the standard white, a telephoto camera capable of two times optical zoom, and of course an ultra-wide camera for gorgeous sweeping photos. So, all three phones give you three angles to take photos from which allows for maximum versatility.

Coming to quality of these cams, both phones produce excellent photos that an average consumer will never be able to tell the difference. both cameras are master class, and the fourth camera on the note 10 plus only serves to produce better background blur on portray photos, as well as videos.

And when it comes to video quality, both smart phones offer 4k recording and 1080p recording at 30 or 60fps; however, the note 10 does offer 960 frames per second slow motion video for super slow motion shots over the maximum 240fps the iPhone offers. both phones also offer excellent video stabilization to take steady video with minimum shake or blur, so as a total package both smart phones offer an excellent job of providing the user with a solid multi-camera setup for an average consumer either camera will yield great quality photos delivering full satisfaction.

BATTERY DEPARTMENT: both phones yield similar the battery test results, but in overall you get a full day of battery life in medium to heavy use on both smartphones. In our initial test, the iPhone did yield almost one hour of extra battery life, so it does have a slightly dim battery life.

Both smartphones offer wireless charging using the same Qi standard, and the Note 10 Plus has a 25W superfast wire charging out of the box with the included charging adapter, and the iPhone Pro max finally has an 18W fast charger in the box which is a big upgrade from the 5W from the previous year. Overall, the Note 10 charges faster than the iPhone, so it gets a lead right here.

Additionally, unlike iPhone and thanks to the power share feature, you can charge other smartphones or accessories like, wireless earbuds, and smartwatches right on the back of your Note 10 Plus. So, the note 10 definitely has the lead in battery and battery features departments.

BIOMETRICS: The iPhone 11 Pro Max offers a powerful face ID system that uses your face to unlock the device. It’s fast, convenient and very secure. The note 10 on the other hand uses an in-display fingerprint sensor that also works flawlessly, and has a special futuristic appeal since it is built-into the display.

This is mostly a matter of choice since both systems work great, but Samsung does get extra points for having it in the display without actually sacrificing screen real estate.

Now, it is clear that both smartphones offer value, but one of them does pack more features. The note 10 Plus comes with a minimum of 256GB of storage with expandable storage options, and it has a cleaner design and offers the wireless power share feature as well as the added functionality of the notable S-Pen. On the flipside, despite being an amazing smartphone with a superb app ecosystem, the iPhone pro max only offers one clear advantage over the note 10, and that’s the powerful A13 Bionic processor. Otherwise, they both have wireless charging, exceptional camera systems, and same ip68 dust and water resistance.

They both offer massive and top-class displays, and looking at all the metrics and seeing how the Note 10 Plus has more technological advantages and features over the iPhone, it is easy to conclude that the Note 10 Plus is the better smartphone overall. So, if someone simply asked me which one is better or which one should I buy if I have $1,100, which is without a doubt a high price tag? Then I’m compelled to say: the note 10 plus.

However, the iPhone does have an ecosystem advantage over the note 10 allowing you to expect better gaming, a better app experience, and a better integration to Apple’s own ecosystem, so anyone who has those tendencies should actually get the iPhone over the note 10 Plus.


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