Wifi Calling Not Working

Here Is What To Do If Wifi Calling Not Working On Your iPhone

Wi-Fi calling lets you make phone calls using your Wi-Fi connection in areas where there isn’t much cell coverage. So it’s great, especially if you’re on vacation. But what to do if Wifi Calling Not Working on your iPhone?

The first thing you need to do is just make sure that Wi-Fi is actually on. Otherwise, you can’t use Wi-Fi calling. And to make sure that your iPhone Wi-Fi is on, just go to Settings and make sure that the Wi-Fi switch there is green, and just tap on a network to connect.

The next step is to go to Settings -> Cellular, and make sure that Wi-Fi calling has been turned on. Tap on it, and turn on the switch next to Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone. Enable Wi-Fi calling, and now this is going to bring up a little screen that says, “Where do you want us to send Emergency Services if we can’t use GPS on your phone to find your location?”

So when you call 911…

It’s very important that you update your address whenever you change your location; because, this is the location that will be given to Emergency Services when you dial 911 using Wi-Fi calling.” Only if your cell phone is so far out of range that it can’t get GPS. So either one will try to use GPS.

Well, the first thing we want to say too is that if your Wireless plan doesn’t include Wi-Fi calling, you might not even see this option on your iPhone. And if you don’t see it here and you think you should have it, contact your carrier.

But otherwise, if you do have it, you turned it on, and it’s not working, the next step is to eject your SIM card then reinsert it. And that’s what fixed it for most cases when you have set everything above correctly.

So you have to find the SIM card tray slot, which is on the side of your iPhone. There’s just a little hole. You can use a paper clip — undo the paper clip, or a fancy SIM card ejector tool. And just stick it in the little hole and apply pressure. Don’t be afraid to press down.

You’ll see the no SIM card installed warning on your iPhone and say okay to that. And after that, just pop it back in, and just doing this forces your iPhone to disconnect and then reconnect to the cellular network, and for Most cases that will be enough to get Wi-Fi calling unstuck and let you set it up.

And if that doesn’t work, the next step is to Reset Network Settings on your iPhone. That will erase the Cellular Settings, Wi-Fi Settings, Bluetooth Settings, and VPN Settings, reset them to factory defaults.

So make sure you write down your Wi-Fi passwords before you Reset Network Settings, but that should definitely get it unstuck. You may sometimes see a warning on your iPhone that said you got to go to carrier and talk to them. But really I hope that you’re not doing that. That’s probably the last step you should take.

How do you do the Reset Network Settings?

Head back to the main Settings menu, tap General – Scroll all the way down – Tap Reset – Reset Network Settings and enter your passcode. But if you Reset Network Settings and it didn’t work, it’s probably time to contact your wireless carrier.

And if you don’t know your Carrier service number, Just Google your carrier name + customer service. Usually the first thing that comes up will be the phone number. The give them a call, or if you really want Wi-Fi calling, maybe you want to switch to a plan with Wi-Fi calling.

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