Huawei Watch GT Review | A Watch That Acts Like A Smartwatch

Huawei watch GT is one of the best available Smartwatches in the market this year, and will probably next year as well. This watch was released almost 10 months ago, and I’ve been using every single day for the past month. So this review is from the juice of months and months of daily use.

These days you can find this watch for about $200, and that’s basically means that it’s cheaper than any other high-end Smartwatch available on the market, referring to the Apple watch or Galaxy watch as an obvious example or those other flagship smartwatches. So, definitely cheaper than a lot of smartwatches. Get It Here At AMAZON.COM

This has become my favorite Smartwatch for a few reasons, but the main reason is the way it looks; because, this doesn’t look like a smart watch. This actually looks like a regular watch, but acts like a smartwatch. It features an always-on display, which allows you to see the time 24/7 and no matter where you are. So every time you look at the watch, you can actually see the time even under the shining sun.

I love the fact that the watch is made out of metal, and it’s super slim. You also get a leather band with it, and the band looks extremely good as well. And as I said, It looks more like a watch than a Smartwatch, but it’s capable enough to make you enjoy all the smartwatch features.

Another reason why I love this watch is the battery life. So, even if I have the screen always on, I can get between 7 to 9 days on one charge. Unlike most other smartwatches that you actually have to charge every single day. And if you turn off the always-on display, the watch can go for almost two weeks on one single charge. And if the always-on display is off; every time you turn the arm towards your face, the display comes on. And if you use it that way, then you do get more battery life.

This is a 1.4 inches all a display watch that supports auto brightness, so the skin will get brighter or dimmer depending on your environment. The screen looks absolutely gorgeous and yes it does get bright enough, so you can actually see it outside in direct sunlight. Now for watch faces rebound that many watch faces and there is a way of installing modern watch faces, but it’s not that simple at this time. So I’m hoping that will become easier in the future.

Another reason why I love this watch, is the fact that it has a GPS unit inside. So, it supports certain activities like running, cycling, walking, swimming etc. It has more activities in there and it can track all the information very accurately, because we have a GPS unit inside. So the speed, the location, and everything basically about that activity that you are doing. And it will even create a map, so you can see the map on your phone whenever you sync the phone on to the watch.

Now you can do all those activities without having the phone, and that’s also important because if you’re going for a run you definitely don’t want your phone with you. So you basically do the activities on the watch, and then the watch will sync all that in real time to your phone.

Of course this watch can also track your heart rate 24/7, and it will track the steps that you do throughout the days, the calories, and it will also track your sleep. So if you wear the watch while sleeping, it will tell you how many hours of deep sleep you got, and how many hours of light sleep. It can also track naps, but for naps it only works sometimes.

This watch will show you the notifications that you get on your phone, and you can choose which apps can send you notifications, but unfortunately you’re not going to be able to reply to any notifications. So, you can see them, but then you need to take out your phone if you want to reply to any of them. And this is probably the main difference between a watch like this, and for example the Apple watch.

There watch looks fairly similar to the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR, but as of now I’m quite happy with the Huawei watched GT. So if you’re looking for a watch that you don’t have to charge every day, and that you can charge every two weeks, definitely check out the Huawei watch GT.



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