how to make aioli

How To Make Cheater’s Aioli

Aioli is a sort of Provencal mayonnaise made of olive oil and garlic. In French ai means garlic and oli is the Provencal word for oil. To make it the traditional way you need to use a mortar and pestle. Grinding the garlic will bring out flavors that no mixer will be able to achieve.

The authentic aioli differs from regular garlic mayonnaise in three aspects: it’s consistency is thinner, it is paler and the taste is sharper. A pure delight to garlic lovers. To make the aioli sauce you will need an egg yolk, garlic peeled and germ removed, seasoning salt and freshly ground peppercorn, olive oil, Dijon mustard this is optional and finally you need a mortar and a pestle.

Place the garlic and salt in the mortar. And using the pestle crush the garlic. Crush and grind the garlic and salt together until you obtain a paste. Clean the pestle and continue. Break the egg. Separate the yolk from the white. Cut the membrane of the egg here. There we go. Place the yolk into the mortar. I like to add a little bit of Dijon in my sauce, this is optional, because it will help to combine all the ingredients together and to hold the sauce.

So add the Dijon. Combine the yolk, Dijon and garlic base together. Then add the oil slowly. It’s getting thicker thanks to the emulsion. Add the oil little by little with a thin stream. This is a workout. I forgot to list an ingredient in the recipe, elbow grease. Continue the emulsion until all of the oil has been incorporated.

We’re almost there, final effort. There we go. Then add the pepper. And mix well. After the effort, the reward, taste your sauce. Mm, very nice, the seasoning, the flavor of the garlic, the slight bitterness of the olive oil, the flavor of the olive oil, beautiful. If you’ve done a great job, this is the consistency you will get. It’s a little bit thick, you know, quite a bit. It’s very shiny. Very nice. So serve the sauce with steamed vegetables and poached fish to make the perfect aioli dish. Keep the sauce refrigerated up to three days. PLEASE CLICK ON THE NEXT BUTTON BELLOW TO SEE THE INGREDIENTS AND STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS!

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