The Most Expensive And luxury smartphone In The World

The Top Luxurious Smartphone In The World”

Smartphone market becomes more and more expensive for different factors and reasons. despite the fact that big brands like Samsung and Apple have some smartphones that cost the user $1000 and more to own one,  there still some people who want more expensive phone, they want something special and unique, something that is not available for everyone. this might be crazy for some people. But for some others, it’s a question of financial capacity and mindset. There are psychological and logical reasons for that.

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In this article we’re bringing you one of the most unique, and high priced smartphone in the world. it’s a combination between something classic something we have been in love with for years, and something that magically catch-out our senses and forced us to like it and to make it as closer as possible to us.


luxury smartphone


Introducing you Caviar iPhone the luxurious top-class smartphone, the first iPhone XS with a skeleton watch on the back. it’s engraved with premium and precious material. Combining the technical perfection of the progressive Apple iPhone and the jewelers’ work on the body design, Caviar became a unique accessory, the analogues to which have never been known to the world of premium goods! Every phone is assembled by hands of the most exclusive materials – gold, titanium, carbon, composite stone; are used for the decoration.

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luxury smartphone

Through the efforts of the experienced jewelers, the perfection of every detail is being reached: the finest engraving, embossment, encrustation with precious stones, volumetric bas-reliefs and precious coverings – every element of work is made with love and attention.  offering you more uniqueness and elegance. additionally it’s the latest iPhone smartphone. so, you have the same features and specifications, that any iPhone XS or SX Max user has.

luxury smartphone

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Technical specs:

A12 Bionic Neural Engine System of the next generation

Xs: 5,8″, 2436×1125 pixels. Xs Max: 6,5″, 2688×1242 pixels.
Super Retina HD Display, OLED Multi‑Touch, HDR, 458 pixel/inch, brightness up to 625 cd /м², 3D Touch, True Tone

Double camera of 12 MP with wide-angled telephoto lens, 4K video recording with a frequency of 24, 30 or 60 frames/sec;
True Depth camera of 7MP, 1080p video recording with the frequency of 30 or 60 frames/sec, Face ID support.

iOS 12 with newest functions and possibilities.






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