Best Smartphones Under 300

Best Smartphones Under 300 Best Options

Best Smartphones Under 300

There are a couple of different reasons that make these devices more interesting than what you may have seen or heard about. And will show you all of these reasons one, by one through this super detailed article.


Best Smartphones Under 300

Powered with Android One, and featuring 128 gigabytes ROM and 6 gigs of RAM, a dual camera set up on the back, dual SIM and a 20-megapixel front-facing camera, it has a Snapdragon 660 Octa-core Processor it’s not the best of the world. But again, we’re at a different price point here, and there are some advantages to that processor…

The 660 processor is not a battery killer, so 3000mAh battery can power your Mi A2 for the same period of time that 4000mAh battery does on other processors. So, as you can see there is always a positive side for any weak point in this phone.’’

Unfortunately, and like many other brand-new smartphones, the Mi A2 moves to the dongle universe. So, if the headphone jack is something important for you, then this phone may not be your perfect choice.

12 megapixel of the front camera and 20-megapixel dual camera large pixels. The pixels on Mi A2 are combined to get better low-light performance, and there are various other advantages.

Fingerprint scanner, you get a little bounce type-c connector down on the bottom, an IR blaster which allows you to use it as a remote control. The Xiaomi Mi A2 has a standard power adapter, though it’s a phone that is capable of quick charge.

It’s not the best of, but I think we have to adjust our expectations, to match the price of 200 bucks. The speaker is pretty loud. It might not have the best sound quality that you’ve heard, but it’s louder than expected.

For me, it has a lot of value, and if I was in the $200 or $300 price range for a smart phone decision, I would seriously consider this one. <<<CHECK THE LATEST PRICES ON AMAZON”>>>

<<<OR HERE>>>


The Most Expensive And luxury smartphone In The World


Best Smartphones Under 300

The first thing to know is that the P20 light is a notched and edge to edge screen phone. With a dual camera and quickly responsive fingerprint reader, but you can also use facial recognition to unlock it as well.

The P20 light screen is a 5.8-inch IPS LCD, with minimal bezels in at all 19 by 9 aspect ratio. It has really deep blacks for an LCD, and the notch doesn’t get in the way of content, which is nice if you want you can choose to hide the notch by turning the upper strip of the screen black.

Unfortunately, although this display is pretty bright around 418 its sunlight legibility, is not a strong point. The UI of the P 20 light is low is emui 8.0 / Android 8.0 Oreo, it runs pretty smoothly it isn’t nearly stock Android, though Huawei provides its own proprietary apps instead of relying on those from Google.

The p20 light has a kirin 659 chipset, and 4 gigs of RAM it does a decent job but the 659 has been around for about 2 years already in benchmarks. It trails behind some of the newer mid-range competition, especially in graphics performance.

But you still can run your games on it without any issues, or being too hot while playing on. The 3000-milliamp-hour battery offers you up to 70-hour endurance in normal use. The fast charging speed got between 0 and 20% in the first half hour and charging the entire battery took between 2 and 3 hours.

The P20 light has a dual camera setup. There’s a 16-megapixel main camera, face detection, autofocus and it’ll make a pixel secondary cam, which is only there to support bokeh mode.

There is no like a branding or black and white sensor, unlike on the more expensive Huawei phones in good light. the main cam does a nice job shot, have great contrast accurate colors and above-average dynamic range.

It isn’t as accurate as on hallways flat ships, but its usable portrait mode combines the variable aperture with beautification to enhance faces.

Again, edge detection isn’t perfect. There are sometimes traces of the background left sharp, or more often some details end up missing from your subject. The 16-megapixel selfie cam is above average shots turned out fine detailed one with pleasing colors.


The P20 light can only record in 1080p at 30fps, there is no stabilization and it has average sharpness and dynamic range.

Though the colors, in contrast, are good and noise is kept low, so the Huawei p20 lights it looks quite similar to his flash of counterparts at first glance, and besides the nice build that’s a decent camera and etched edge screen that looks good when it’s not in the Sun.

It does have a few drawbacks though the Kirin 659 isn’t the newest chipset around, and bokeh mode and video recording we’ve more to be desired. If you love the design there’s no reason not to buy it, but for 300 USD there are some good phones out there that can give you a better value. <<<CHECK THE LATEST PRICES ON AMAZON”>>>

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Nokia X6:

Best Smartphones Under 300

The device came with a new elegant design like the most modern smartphones now. thinner bezels, modern dimensions, and a cut up of the screen like Samsung, Apple, and other modern phones.

what you probably going to notice in the Nokia X6 is the notch. It’s something that separates the users into three parts, the notch lovers and haters, and there are people who don’t care about it as long as it can easily be deactivated from the setting, which is the case from the Nokia X6.

The Nokia X6 features 5.8-inch, 19.9 display with a full HD+ resolution IPS LCD and that means a very respectable 435 pixels per inch pixel density, excellent viewing angles, and good colors. This is a great screen for media consumption, and it is also worth mentioning that it’s covered by Corning’s Gorilla Glass for protection.

The Nokia X6, it’s not just well designed, but the X6 packs some solid specs. underneath, we’ve got the Snapdragon 636 running the show, the 636 is an excellent mid-range chip we’ve seen it already on the likes of the redmi note 5 Pro, and the zenfone max pro.

the performance here was great – whether it was day-to-day usage or something more intense like gaming, the 636 had few issues. the Adreno 509 GPU inside also held up quite nicely. <<<CHECK THE LATEST PRICES ON AMAZON”>>>


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