The Most Expensive Smart Watch


It’s ten times more expensive, than the standard apple watch series 4. this unique wrist piece, is the priciest smartwatch in the market. So, how and why? I’ll let you check that out by yourself in this article…

while we are all aware that a good smartwatch will set you back a decent amount, some timepieces make even a $500 price tag seem like chump change.

whether they’re made for fitness and workout or exquisitely created for fashion, these dominating watches are the most functional wearable devices in our modern world.

easily reaching multiple tasks and goals with simple touches, these incredible creations can cost $700 US dollars as maximum price tag for ordinary smartwatches.


But this time we’re not talking about this ordinary smartwatches that you can find in any online store. This version of Apple watch series 4 cost $41,400. which means, that it’s up to ten times more expensive, than the standard apple watch series 4.

This Caviar Apple watch s4 is unique. It’s made for people who like more exclusive and special pieces. Of course, there is no technical differences between these two version. because, Caviar has built this one, from the core of the Original Apple watch s4.

But instead of having an ordinary and cheap band, that usually made from silicon or other cheap material, Caviar has made this Apple Watch on a gold bracelet decorated with black diamonds. The unusual precious stones adorn not only the watch body, but the massive bracelet blocks as well, by creating a memorable and bright look.


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The Most Expensive Smart Watch


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