What Does A Samsung Gear Watch Do


Going a little deep with what does a Samsung gear watch do, forces us to give you this small intro. To let You know what is the Galaxy watch, and what are the main enhancement comparing its predecessors.

Samsung has launched several great smartwatches, and Fitness focus wearable over the last three years. providing better fitness tracking, longer battery life and arguably better styling than their Android wear, or wear OS counterparts and more features.


Samsung still continuing the same philosophy with their new Galaxy watch. And we still continuing our review article about: what does a Samsung gear watch do. So With a tidy efficient and well built albeit slightly masculine in terms of color, and finishes. in exchange for not having the diversity of design options, you get a fantastic experience elsewhere.

In the hardware Samsung circular OLED screens, are beautiful and bright enough to use outdoors and a continue to find the rotating bezel to be the best possible interaction method for a SmartWatch. the hardware really works because, Samsung’s own Tizen wearable OS is tailor-made for it. the watch faces notifications widgets and apps, all make great use of the circular space and it’s intuitive to act on everything by rotating the bezel.

what does a samsung gear watch do

tapping on the screen or pressing the back, or home buttons by configuring the dozen plus widgets available out of the box, you can make the Galaxy watch exactly the kind of device you need. you can focus on health tracking or communication or keeping up with everything throughout the day. and no matter what notifications are always available to the left of the watch face, they work about as well as you’d expect on a small screen.

but you can even reply to messages with canned responses voice dictation, or even a t9 style keyboard. the big software differentiator though, is health and fitness tracking, which is still well ahead of Google’s effort.

despite, the recent overhaul of google fit, the galaxy watch accurately tracks your daily activity, like steps and floors and can help you log your food, but can also provide tracking and guidance for dozens of different types of workouts. it also integrates with popular fitness apps like map my run, and Strava the combination of a galaxy watch and samsung health is good enough for most people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Galaxy watch, can track your step goals and it works fine for both, outside and inside on a treadmill. but according passionate and serious runners and bicyclists, the accuracy of the tracking particularly, the GPS and pace information, still isn’t up to speed with dedicated Fitness wearables.

none of the advanced features are available, if your SmartWatch battery dies before getting you the job done. That’s why Samsung keeps putting so much emphasis on multi-day battery life at the Galaxy watch with my 42 millimeter model, which has a 270 milliamp hour battery.

you could make it through 3 full days, without charging. And if left all of the watch’s settings on their defaults, meaning the screen turned off after 30 seconds, and the only actively working Fitness feature, is heart rate monitoring on a 10 minute interval. but once you turned on the always-on watch face, which is honestly the of the most attracting features that will take you to wear this SmartWatch, you could only make it about 30 hours before having to drop the Galaxy watch on its charger.

that’s simply is not as what we were expectation from it. especially, when considering that Samsung is positioning the galaxy watches, being able to be worn all day and all night with automatic sleep tracking functions built-in, and if you’re someone who exercises outside using GPS for tracking on a regular basis, I don’t think that the 30 hour figure is even achievable.

and because the Galaxy watch takes a half hours to recharge fully, which is quite slow as smartwatch, it isn’t really a viable option to simply bump charge at 10 or 15 minutes each morning, while you shower. if you want to keep that watch face on at all times and I really think you will, you’ll have to dedicate an hour plus to charge every couple days.

in addition to opportunistic charging here, and there. or you could always buy the larger 46 millimeter version, which comes with a 1.3 inch display in a 75% larger battery. that’s enough extra capacity to get an extra day out of the watch, though it’s also so big that I’d be surprised if you wanted to wear it to bed.

anyway Samsung didn’t do a ton to improve the Galaxy watch over its predecessors, but that’s mostly because those watches were already great. the Galaxy watch continues to offer excellent Hardware, a beautiful display and software that’s uniquely tailored to the form factor and rotating bezel. it can be a daily Fitness watch or just a general SmartWatch that provides notification and useful information throughout your day, or even both.

if you need it to be the 42 millimeter model is the one to get for most people purely based on its size, but it makes a trade-off of just average battery life, if you push it hard. but if you can manage it, it’s a fantastic SmartWatch to pair with any Android phone.


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