The Best Fitness Tracker You Can Buy


the gear fit 2 Pro, is one of the best fitness tracker you can buy. with a  better-looking hybrid it combines a lot of sports related, and smart watch features in one device. if you have an older gear fit 2, keep in mind that, the design hasn’t really changed much, except for the fact that there is a metal clasp, for a more secure. a home button on the right side, and a heart-rate monitor on the back.

one of my favorite features is, a 1.5 inch curved Super AMOLED screen, that is just gorgeous. to look at it’s sharp, its vibrant and it is clearly visible, even under direct sunlight. even though, it is mostly made of plastic, the build quality is excellent and it feels very comfortable on the wrist.


the best fitness tracker you can buy

the gear fit2 pro as the best fitness tracker you can buy, is a handful of updates to the existing fit 2 activity band, to make it a better tracker than before. especially for swimmers, and runners. one of the most important features, is the 50M water resistant. meaning that you can use this tracker in up to 50 meters of water, just like the gear sports SmartWatch. also you can use it in a salty sea water, which is a feature that a lot of fitness bands lack.


the best fitness tracker you can buy

just like the new gear sparked the v2 Pro, can track your exercise routines including swimming. it can even continuously, monitor your heart rate under water. all of this is done using Samsung’s S-health, or speedo app. If you’re a Samsung phone user, the S-health should be your convenient way, so the integration process will be seamless. however, I cannot confirm the accuracy of the heart rate monitor. as I didn’t compare it with any medical grade device. so for a quick, and general idea purpose, the results were pretty similar to the Xiaomi band 2.


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now, one of the key features that make it, one of the best fitness tracker you can buy, is 4 gbytes of internal storage. means, that you can upload music to your band, and take it on the move with you, without the need for a phone. you can also save your Spotify offline playlists. stream music to a pair of Bluetooth headphones. the sound quality is great, and don’t worry about any Bluetooth connectivity issues.

obviously there are plenty of Fitness related features, just name a few, and the tracker can automatically detect your workouts. there is a bunch of different workout options to choose from. however, I miss the push-ups or pull-ups tracking, but you can always choose other workout, and the watch counts.

the calories you have burned, the built-in GPS, makes it possible to map your runs, and bike rides without the need of the phone. I found that GPS to be very accurate, also I found that the to protract my steps very accurately, but I am not always sure how it measures the floor s climbed.



the best fitness tracker you can buy

you can also customize the fitPro, by choosing different watch faces, changing fonts assigning different features to the physical buttons, and soon you can also receive notifications from social media. send short replies retweet the tweets, and so on.. you can also reply to messages, or view missed calls, but there is no built-in mic, or loudspeaker for hands-free calling.

obviously you can adjust all the settings on the watch itself, or use the app on your phone, which not only has more settings to play with, but it also gives you a more comfortable access to your fitness history. I had no connectivity or compatibility issues, with a few Android phones I tested the fit2 Pro with. the band is compatible with the iOS, with some negative user reviews about, and hopefully Samsung fixes that issue soon.


finally, the screen feature works very well. I could get about five days of battery life, if I use the fit2 Pro just as the Smart Watch. if I use it for exercising with a GPS, and continuous heart rate monitor on, I could get about three days of battery life. that also a good range, but there is also a power saving mode, that turns the display into gray scale mode, which gives you three, or four hours of extra battery life. ”that’s pretty good”!

finally it takes less than one hour to fully charge the device, in my opinion, the gear fit 2 Pro from Samsung is one of the best options, for those who want to have tow in one on their wrists, fitness tracker, and Smart Watch.

for the cheap price, and you get a device that is comfortable to wear. the display is one of the best, and well designed. there is also a ton of fitness related features, and customization options. if I had a mic, and the allowed speaker for hands-free calling, it would be a near-perfect fitness band. and considering all the features I think it is actually one of the best fitness bands for the price in fact it is a great motivator to make a nerd and gadget.








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