How to update your Gear S3

We all know that Samsung Gear S3, is one of the best smartwatch in market. A rotating bezel that allows you to get access to the whole apps, call and get notification directly from you watch, a nice design, and Samsung Pay to make payment via your wrist watch.

380mAh battery and so many other features that I thing that you already know them, because, your issue now is how to Update this Gear. I hope I’m right, and if I’m not please check this: full review of Samsung Gear s3

In this article I’ll show you step by step how to update the software to Tizen

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4.0.0 on your Gear s3 watch or S3 frontier. Samsung is slowly releasing this update all across the world.

And if you have the Galaxy S3 connected to your phone, you’ll normally get a notification on your phone saying that there is an update available for smartwatch.

And this is how to check if there is an updates as well as the step by step guide to update your Gear S3:

first of all, to open your Samsung’s gear application, scroll down to about watch and then click update watch software.

It will show you the number of updates available, in this case most it’ll be one update. And if there is none, just wait a few days then check again.

Now, as there is one update there, click on it and it should start downloading the package now. Wait 300MBS file to finish, the downloading time is between 5-20mins depending on your connection.

And while it downloading, some information will pop up on the screen showing the most important things in the update and I’ll summarize them here:

  • Samsung Health will Support various indoor workouts and back-to-back workout.
  • Samsung Health Widget: Samsung Health Widget now also supports and provides sleep stages information.
  • Advanced – Two advanced modes(Theater, Sleep) are during specific time and place, Mode can be toggled from quick panel.
  • Quick Panel – Newly added quick settings, Easier and faster interaction.
  • Messages – Draft messages can now be saved.
  • Additionally, showing MMS image an notification cover view and animated images are automatically played.
  • Replying is now quicker and easier, Over 1,000 emojis supported.
  • Music – User can change to different music play source on watch instead of using a phone.
  • Setting menu – Improved categorizing of features and items.
  • Call – User can now navigate to other screen and/or use other features and apps ehile on a call.
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So, that looks like there’s a lot of new features, they’re going to be available. The Tizen 4.0 is a lot better than the Tizen 3, the experience is a lot smoother and this new update brings the galaxy s3 frontier very close to the new galaxy watch.

Basically there is not too much differences between the two watches, accept for the bettery life, which is apparently better in the new Galaxy watch.

When the download has finished, the App will start transferring the software to the watch. and once it’s finished transferring the file it’ll ask you to click install.

1- Before starting this process, make sure that the battery power in Gear watch S3 is 80% or above.

2- This update should not effect your personal data in your watch, but it’s a good idea to do a backup in case.

Click install and it’ll pop up a message on the watch saying that the watch will restart, and then you should see the progress going on screen showing you the percentage.

It may take about 5 minutes to finish, so be patient…
Once it’s done, it will restart again and continue finalizing the update and showing you the percentage on the screen.

Wait until 100% and it may restart again, but this time it should show the logo and then go straight to the watch face.

And if you want to check if the update was successfully installed, go setting – General – About watch – software, and you should see Tizen version.

These are the correct steps of how to update your software on your new Galaxy gear s3 or Gears 3 frontier. ”I hope this was helpful to you”

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