How to update your Gear S3

How to update your Gear S3

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Now, taking a general look at the Samsung gear s3, as this is the most powerful, and functional smart watch in the market right now, thanks to its own well optimized system, that’s been created basically to work perfectly with it before anything else, and I think Samsung should do the same for its smart phones as well. that’s if they want to minimize the issues, that the users face by using their smartphones that are operated by android.

in this article I want to give you a quick update, regarding a major operating system update that Samsung just pushed through for the gear s3.
the operating system has now been updated to the Tizen 3.0. meaning your Gear s3 will now enjoy many of the same new features, and enhancements that the gear sport launched with when it was released few months ago. the new update called, the ”value pack” makes the s3 more versatile, and a very viable alternative to its newer, and smaller brother the gear sport.


what you’ll get from updating your Gear S3:

now, there are a number of enhancements, with this update and apples about for you to see, but some of them are techy and cool updates are being able to control your gear VR headset from your s3, and when you download the Samsung Connect app, meaning that when you pair it, and connect it to your TV, you will also be able to display your tracking information on the big screen, which is great for those working out at home.

in addition to the above, I also want to show you some useful new widgets, that are available one of them. revolves around Fitness, and enables you to quickly access multiple workouts, and I’m going to show you how you can add this one above now.
another useful widget allows you to access multiple apps at a time, and all from one screen to add this one, just click on your widgets again scroll through until you find it, and then once you do, you’ll be able to customize the apps you want to have quick tap access to another nice update that’s been added enables you to access your toggle screen wherever you are, in your watch as opposed to going back to the home screen, which is how you had to swipe it, and activate it before.

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and as well when you do swipe it the number of apps you can access has it been increased from four to eight now and another nice feature that’s been added the s3 which I absolutely love on my gear sport is the ability to see multiple watch faces on your display at a time giving.
the bezel quick turns, enable you to quickly change the view, and quantity of watch faces displayed, which is much better than the previous setting of having to scroll through them one at a time. other features include new quick replies for messages, the ability to sort apps an order, in which they were most recently used, and setting a music track saved on the watch as a ringtone, which is really cool.

even the SOS feature, has been improved with SOS requests. now including altitude information for easier tracking, in case of an emergency. and other notable updates include yes there’s now support for bixby reminder, which means Samsung Galaxy s8, and Galaxy Note 8 owners, can get reminders on their gear s3, and users can now create both contacts, and events from the watch itself.

and another thing to keep in mind about the update, it’s a 258 megabyte download, so make sure you’re using Wi-Fi you have a fixed monthly data plan and, also ensure your gear s3 has at least, 50 percent, or more battery life, or the install is not going to proceed from start to finish. the update took about 15 minutes to be fully completed, so prepare your watch for that to make process successful.



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