Garmin Edge 25 Battery Life


How long the garmin edge 25 battery life? this question has been asked too many times, by the users of Garmin edge 25. if you’re like these people, and you’ve already did small research about that, you’ll most probably see different results around.


what is Garmin edge 25?:

the Garmin edge 25 is the Garmin’s second bike computer under that low price range. if you’re about to hear about the bike computer for the first time, and you don’t know what it is. here is a quick description: the bike computer, is a small device that allow you to Track time, distance, speed and calories burned. and you also Sync with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for live tracking, incoming call and text alerts. Customize data screens to display important ride information. Ephemeris satellite predictions
Compare successive rides over the same route with on screen courses.


How to pair the Garmin edge 25 with your smart phone?:

the first thing you have to do if you want to pair your edge 25 with you phone, is to make sure that Bluetooth technology is enabled on your smart phone.

2- keep edge 25 within 3 meters of your smart phone, and then download garmin connect mobile app to your phone. 3- open the garmin connect mobile app once installed, and select accept the privacy policy and EULA for the app. 4- fill the fields to register, then select create account. you’ll be asked if you have a garmin device to connect, select yes. 5- then select running, and cycling and select edge 25. 6- now turn on edge 25, and select settings by pressing the down arrow. select bluetooth and then select pair smartphone on your phone. 7- select start wait for the device pair with your smart phone. when the device is found, select yes. 8- enter the passkey that appears on your edge 25. once the pairing is complete, select done. and congratulation”! your edge has been paired successfully.

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garmin edge 25 battery life:

if you’re you using a smart device, and whatever it is this device, you might found that The battery life is the most issues that bring your unsatisfactions. you’re not the only one, there are too many people suffering from short battery life of these Tech devices, and I’m sure manufacturers also know that. but when you’re asking the manufacturer to provide a long lasting battery life, you’re automatically asking them to choose between tow sensitive things. long period satisfactions, or short period satisfactions.!  so, how is that?

The battery is the most dangerous part in these devices, because it combines between chemical substances, and electric energy. and the biggest challenge for manufacturers, is to safely gather between these elements in order to guarantee a better, and safe user experience, and long lasting battery life. it’s like choosing between the bad, and the worst. and I’ve already mentioned these on different posts, so you can look around, and get more info about that.
but as our review is based on the Garmin edge 25 battery life, this device average battery life is between 8-10 Hours, depending on the usage, and if it’s paired to your smart phone, or it’s just working by it’s own apps. there might be some other factors as well. but generally  those are the most effective factors.

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