Note 9 VS Note 10 Plus | Should You Upgrade?

note 9 vs note 10 plus

The note series used to be launched each year as the latest device from Samsung With so many different goals in mind. But whether we like it or hate it, there is only one main goal that keeps Samsung producing these phones, and that is creating a reason to upgrade for their users. Last year we’ve created a review about note 9 which was a real masterpiece in all measurements, and this time Samsung said that the Galaxy Note 10 is the upgrade of that masterpiece. So, is it worth to upgrade from your Note 9 to the new Galaxy note 10? That’s what we’ll try to answer in this review of note 9 vs note 10 plus. Braking down all of the key differences super-safe style. Get the Galaxy Note 10 Plus At

So initially looking at the design, we do have similar design language. Samsung’s usual metal and glass sandwich, a metal frame with curved glass panels on the front, and back so both devices do feel very premium, and both are also ip68 water and dust resistant which is great. Get the Galaxy Note 9 At

Now size-wise they’re actually very similar, so the note 10 plus is slightly larger in terms of the height and width, but it is slightly slimmer and it also weighs less. So, when you’ve got them side-by-side in hand, then they do feel very similar.

This is quite impressive, because, the note 10 plus has a larger 6.8-inch display, compared to the 6.4-inch display on the Note 9. And the main reason for this is that we’ve got much slimmer bezels on the note 10 plus, and a punch-out in the middle for the front-facing camera. With the note 9 we do have those top and bottom bezels, which some of you may actually prefer, but this way by having those minimal bezels on that punch out, you do get more screen in a very similar size.

Both displays are really good. The Galaxy Note 9 was one of the best displays last year, but the note 10 plus does improve on that. On the Note 9, you’ve got a super AMOLED display, and on the Note 10, there is a certified dynamic AMOLED which is a little bit brighter compared to the note 9, although the resolution is the same on both devices. And in terms of sharpness, both devices are quite similar. And you’re getting an overall better display on the note 10 plus.

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