Note 9 VS Note 10 Plus | Should You Upgrade?


Moving on to the internals, we do have some big improvements on the Note 10. And as you may already know, the notes line has the QUALCOMM snapdragon 845 chipset or Samsung’s 9810, but on the Note 10 plus we have an 855 chipset or Exynos 9825. So there are newer generation Chipsets, and 7 nanometer which promises a better performance compared to the last year’s chipset of course.

and you also get more RAM on the note 10 plus you have 12 gigabytes as a base on the note 9 you have 6 or 8 gigabytes of RAM it depending on the version you go for so speed and performance you’re going to be getting a better overall experience on the note 10 plus it’s also got the world’s slimmest vapor chamber to cool the phone down if you are gaming for longer sessions as well now

There is also an upgrade when it comes to RAM’s. On the Note 10 Plus we have 12GB as a base, and this is a step forward comparing it to the last year’s 6 or 8GB RAM on the note 9. These numbers promise a better overall experience on speed and performance.


The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is powered by Android Pie with Samsung’s new One UI, which is a big improvement compared to the previous version that we’ve got on the Note 9. Anyway, it’s the Samsung experience skin, and one UI is just so much cleaner, and it makes it so much easier to use the device with one hand.

The Galaxy Note 10 plus comes with a lot of additional features, like screen recording which allows you to use the front-facing camera to record your reactions while you’re gaming or anything like that. And you’ve got an improved Tech support as well.

Now, we’re able to just connect the note 10 plus using a standard USB type-c cable, and we also have a link to Windows, so we’re able to connect it wirelessly to Windows machine, and then we’re able to see, text messages, and images and things like that straight-up pop up on the desktop. Also, we’re able to stream games directly from the PC on to our Galaxy note 10 plus. So, there are lots of these new features that we have on this phone.

the note 10 plus is also going to be coming with a 5G variant, so this is something that of course isn’t available on the note line. If you are somebody who wants to adopt 5g, you’ll be able to have that option in this year’s note.

Now, let’s talk about a big speech. The note 9 has a dedicated Bixby button, and the note 10 plus doesn’t have a dedicated big screw button, but you can still activate Bixby by pressing and holding the power button, and it’s not a separate button altogether. As a whole, you’ve got an AI game booster, which is going to help with gaming performance. And generally speaking, because the note 10 plus is a new device, you are going to be getting software updates longer compared to the note 9.

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