How To Know What Size Instant Pot To Buy

How To Know What Size Instant Pot To Buy

One of the most common questions that I get from people is how to know what size instant pot to buy, which will work best for my family, or which will work just for me and so on… I made this little article covering the important things to know, to hopefully help
you out to know which instant pot will work best for you.

So, starting with sizes: There are three different sizes, there’s a 3 quart, a 6 quart and 8 quarts.

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The 3 quarts: If you have a small family like one to two people in the family, a 3 quart instant pot would be perfect for you. if you plan on not making a lot of food in the instant pot, I would say; the max amount of people that you can feed in the 3 quarts is 4 people.

It’s small and you can have small servings if you’re going to make a dip or little things. Like, if you just want one chicken breast or two chicken breast, the 3 quart is perfect for that.

Another good thing is that it is the smallest out of the instant pots, so if you don’t have a lot of room in your kitchen the 3 quarts might be the best fit for you. Some of the bad things about the 3 quarts, is that you might have to calculate and cut recipes in half; Because most recipes are made for the 6 quart instant pot. So, if you’re OK cutting your recipe in half, then you’ll be fine with the 3 quarts.




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