Top Ten Smart Watches 2018

Top ten smart watches 2018 how, and why? see the articles below


first of all, choosing the top ten smart watches 2018 is not an easy thing to do, and it can be really the top ten for some people, and for some others, it’s hard to figure out how it should  be the best smart watch for them. I mean it depends on a number of factors. there are some points to mention, before getting to the details. we will only choose five classic styles, and five sport styles, to make the article valuable for the large amount of people; and we will built our list based on spec. techniques that the watch has covered, and the design made material without taking care of the tag price.


 ► Samsung Gear S3 Frontire Smartwatch

Unlike some of the other smartwatches in the market, the Gear S3 does not run on Android Wear, instead, it runs on Samsung’s own Operating System called Tizen. it is a daring step from Samsung to jump into the market with it’s own OS. but I think after a couple months of use it’s OK, and it did well. This is maybe the best wearable hardware I’ve ever handled, comparing it to Huawei watch Android wear, the frontier feels a lot less like a gadget, it doesn’t broadcast its geekery nearly as much as past Samsung efforts, and this is the best AMOLED screen I’ve personally used on a watch. it doesn’t handle direct Sun, as well as ePaper, or digital ink solutions, but it’s well readable in bright conditions it almost passes the So-Cal driving test. we’re at an angle reflections can still be troublesome, though the battery saving option of disabling the screen means you’ll have to move your hand off the steering wheel, to see content. and with its 4GB of internal storage the Gear S3 no longer have to rely to the data connection to listen to music.

we can not go far describing the whole features of this watch, I’m sure I have so many reasons to make it one of the Top ten smart watches 2018 if you’re interested to see more: click here to see our full review.





Motorola Moto 360 Modern Timepiece Smart Watch

The Motorola Moto 360 Sport, dived to the market with all the necessary tools, to present itself as something that a High class, or middle, or even average consumer should consider if they want to buy a perfect smart watch. with its highly finished design, and premium made-in material, the Moto 360 Sport classified itself inside the top ten smart watches 2018 made specifically for men, or women, it’s easy to find the color, size, and style that fits you best. Because you deserve choice when it comes to what you wear on your wrist.

but as always, and like any product around there in the market, this time-piece has also a little weak point, which is the battery life. I know it’s something that bothers so many people, though it’s not a big issue because it still works very well. additionally the battery life is the what bothers all manufacturers, when it comes to smartwatch, and other smart devices that need these kind of stored energy.

it’s not easy as it looks for ordinary users, a powerful battery means, making the users’ security in danger. They can double, or treble the capacity of the battery life, and make it stay longer, but it’s highly risky for you as user.

additionally I should mention that despite being a watch that is built for active users, there is no way you can do multi-sport tracking on the watch. Something that is strange for a watch that is centered around sports. Last but not the least, the heart-rate sensor is somewhat unreliable.
thanks to its stable connectivity the Motorola Moto 360 sport allow you to stay connected and up to date with your phone by bringing you the notifications; messages, news, weather, and all what you need without constantly having to check your phone. the watch has a GPS built-in which allow you to Track your distance and pace right on your wrist.

Quick Info.:
  • Meet your new workout partner.
  • Get everything you need for your run—without the need for your phone.
  • Track your performance with built-in GPS and stay fit with an incredibly accurate heart rate monitor.
  • After your workout, read your Gmail, check the latest traffic, and receive Facebook updates, all thanks to the power of Android Wear.
  • Moto 360 Sport. Choose the watch that’s in step with you.

finally the Motorola Moto 360 sport considering its name it’s addressed to active people, but it has some big issues in that side, and the problem is, there is no way you can do multi-sport tracking on the watch. Something that is so strange and unpractical. an additional sad fact about Moto 360 is the heart-rate sensor is somewhat unreliable.

  • Comfort-ability wearing.
  • practical design, simple and have a good look.
  • Screen tech with a hybrid display for an easy reading in, out door.


  • Heartrate monitor is not reliable
  • Does not have multi-sport tracking

If you are still looking for something that is minimal, and does not cost much, and gets you the job done, then this Moto 360 is still one of the best in the market that you can buy. Sure, there are issues like I’ve mentioned above, but don’t expect a smartwatch without issues, you can’t found it on the market.




► Suunto Spartan Sport HR

The Suunto Spartan trainer is basically a GPS sport watch, with a few activity tracking, and Smart Watch features on it. in terms of design this is definitely looks like a sports watch, so some people might like that, and others might not. I think it’s really cute, it comes in this great robin egg blue color, that we have here, but it definitely is more of a sports watch look if that’s what you’re looking for, and I have a really small wrist, but this fits just fine.

The suunto Spartan has 80 sport modes per-installed in, which allow it to be ready for almost any kind of activity right out the box, without any installation requirement.
you can use it to navigate your route using its stable and accurate POI’s, breadcrumb view and digital compass, will make your trip very easy even to the newest areas that you haven’t visited before.

the Spartan trainer, does have a wrist heart-rate monitor on the underside, that heart rate monitor is actually from valence cell, and we’ve seen that it’s typically one of the best heart-rate monitors out there. we think it’s actually better than the rest for circuit training, and weight training, however we did get some funky swings while running with this watch, and it was estimating a little high. not sure what’s happening there, but that new software update coming out soon is supposed to help with the heart rate. sensor as well the heart rate monitor can actually run 24/7 if you want it to, or you can switch that setting off, to increase battery life. FULL REVIEW   

Quick Info:.
  •  heart rate measurement.
  • color touch screen,
  • 100m water resistance
  • and up to 12h of battery life in training mode.
  • comes with 80 pre-set sport modes.
  • and rich sport specific metrics.
  • community training insights
  • hand-made in Finland.





► CASIO Smart Watch WSD-F20 Protrek Smart

The CASIO Smart Watch WSD-F20 is one of Top ten smart watches 2018, for people who use Google products and apps. It integrates with these (for texts, emails, etc). It responds to “Okay, Google”, very well! It also can download many apps from the Play-Store. It synchronizes nicely and seamlessly with Android smartphone.
it has some great apps to help you track your progress. If you are into hiking/camping/bicycling/kayaking, etc. The View Ranger app (sold separately) will allow download of maps of most any hiking routes.
an other amazing thing about WSD-F20 is The GPS feature, you can tell where you are in the world at any time with one single push button, thanks to its Support positioning data from three satellites (American GPS, Russian GLONASS* and Japanese ‘Michibiki’ QZSS). Steadily receives positioning data and displays your current position on a full-color map. it definitely a great choice for mountaineering.

Quick Info.:
  • Android wear 2.0.
  • gps, mil-standard 810 g durability.
  • 50m water resistant. 
  • Digital compass, altimeter, barometer.
  • activity tracker.
  • dual layer lcd structure.
  • microphone, timepiece mod.
  • Case Diameter: 61.7mm.
  • Up to 25 hours of battery life with GPS on and one month when in Timepiece mode


finally this watch has surprisingly accurate fitness activities tracking, that seems to be better then most of smart watches in the market, but it’s more likely to be a watch for hiking/ bicycling/comping and fishing more than a fitness tracker.




 ► apple-watch S3

even this is called the apple-watch S3, it’s not apples third generation Apple watch, but apples fourth generation smart watch. so the first one was just called Apple watch, and was announced in 2014, and then released in 2015, then in 2016 Apple released two models the series one, and the series two, and in 2017 we have the series 3. the series 3 actually comes in two models so there’s a GPS only model, and a GPS plus cellular model.

this is the normal upgrade of the series 2, which mean that it will have more than sixty percent of the iwatch s2 features, and some additional tweaks there and there, from the design to the OS upgrade. and so on. we already have full review for this watch, and you can take a look at it here==> full review

Quick Info.:
  • built in GPS and electronic SIM.
  • Make calls, send texts..
  • stream music..
  • reminders and get notifications..
  • water resistant up to 50m.
  • shallow-water activities..
  • Heart Rate Sensor..
  • Altimeter, Accelerometer.
  • Gyroscope, Direct fire speaker and microphone






And now as we finished the first half of our list of Top ten smart watches 2018, in which we’re covered the top five sport and fitness smart watches based on the standard needs, and requirements, let’s now jump on the top five classic smart watches.

 ►Emporio Armani Hybrid Smartwatch ART3012

this amazing time piece have made by Emporio Armani one of the leaders in fashion, and what that’s mean is the watch design is more likely to be high quality finished, and stylish, you don’t need to worry about that. you know this is a very experienced manufacture, the watch is customizable face, bands and Water Resistance IP67 . With the dynamic styling of Emporio Armani design and the benefits of today’s wearable technology, the Emporio Armani Connected hybrid smartwatch is compatible with Android phones and iPhone. Wirelessly syncing to your mobile device, this  is an always accurate timepiece, with an auto convert time zone and date, to reset your time for you depending on geo position. also automatically tracks and monitors sleep and activity, allows you to set up subtle filtered notifications, and connects to your smartphone’s music to start, stop, skip, or go back with the simple press of a button. Its coin cell battery also means the watch never needs charging. This twatch features a black textured dial with rose gold-tone indexes and is complemented by a black IP case and three-link bracelet. The watch’s subdial displays the date and tracks your goal throughout the day.” a quick tip,or idea before buying any of these watch that come from classic brands: the high quality design and material it’s guaranteed, but always expect some technology issues. I mean they can full all your needs, but not comparatively to other brands like Samsung, Apple, and so on..

top ten smart watches 2018


Quick Info.:
  • Composition Stainless Steel, Pink gold plated
  • Case material: stainless steel Logo Deploy-ant clasp Strap
  • material: stainless steel Movement: digital Power supply type:
  • battery operated
  • Smartwatch with smartphone notifications as well as sleep and activity tracking.
  • Allows you to filter notifications, control your smartphone’s music, as well as take a photo with the push of a button.
  • Quartz Movement
  • Case Diameter: 43mm
  • Water resistant to 50m (165ft: in general, suitable for short periods of recreational swimming, but not diving or snorkeling




Emporio Armani Full Display Smartwatch:         

It’s a good looking watch. not as many features as other smartwatches, but the build quality is excellent. the watch has designed basically for men, but thanks to its different colors, and band styles this Armani Emporio can fit anyone. and we can consider it as men, and women’s smart watch. a couple of months later it received an update that has extremely enhanced its battery, and now  the watch average battery life is about 24-25 hours, with minimal usage always on display active, wifi on. which is pretty good for a watch that’s built for fashion, and  style.

a costumer review


if your are fashion but still want to benefit the advantage of technology. to track and monitor your sleep, and activity these both watches from ”Armani Emporio” could be your best choice. thanks to their well built classic design these watches can fit almost all your favorite colors.





Fossil Q Marshall G2:

The Fossil Q Marshall comes in a variety of configurations, but the smoke stainless steel supposed to be the most popular of the various configurations that are offered. that’s why we put it in our Top ten smart watches 2018 and obviously it deserve.

Under the hood, fossil Q Marshall watch features a Qualcomm processor, which is certainly an improvement over the Intel CPU, that was featured in last year’s Q founder. This new processor is not only faster, but also more power efficient.

So far the battery life has been really impressive!top ten smart watches 2018

Taking a look at the exterior Hardware of the device.

we have a 45 millimeter case, a built-in speaker

and microphone, and a conductive magnetic

charger on the bottom, which makes charging

really easy. The display of the device still features

the controversial flat tire design, but that

doesn’t really bother too much as the bezels

around the screen are pretty thin, and the watch itself isn’t too thick.

fossil Q marshal features Android wear as its operating system, which is compatible with both, Android, and IOS, smartphones. Now due to some limitations of iOS the device has more available features when paired with Android devices, once paired with your smartphone, you will see that your Android wear compatible apps will be automatically visible on your watch. Some of my favorites include Spotify, google, maps, and google calendar, the device allows you to easily change watch faces. And 22 individual watch faces are included with the ability to download many more from google.

Quick Info.:

  • notifications and touchscreen functionality for texts, calls, emails,
  • app updates.
  • Wear OS by Google connects your watch and smartphone using Bluetooth technology.
  • With built-in activity tracking, including steps, distance, and calories burned.
  • Automatically syncs to your phone so you can keep tabs on your activity and notifications without ever pushing a button.See full review





michael kors smartwatch Access Touchscreen Rose Gold Bradshaw:

michael kors smartwatch Access Touchscreen Rose Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5004

Smartwatches are growing in popularity today, and brands are in super competitive state, And each brand need to boost his technology, to keep himself up with the market level, and fill the needs of his costumers.

As you may know the watches market was already a super competitive market, and there are traditional brands which are so engaged in the competition since many years ago like, fossil, Mikeal kors, and Gucci, Rolex, And so on.

But I think the game has changed now, that’s why many traditional brands are working hard to stay up with the market Improvements. One of the hardest challenges of smart watches manufacturers is to make sure they are really up with the need of the users, and try hard as possible to fight with their competitors.Full review

top ten smart watches 2018

Quick Info.:

• Powered by Android Wear
• Compatible with iPhone and Android phones
• Oversized
• Gold-Tone Stainless Steel
• 44.5mm Case
• Digital Movement
• Social Media Updates
• Text/Email Alerts
• App Notifications
• Smart Help From Google
• Built-In Fitness Tracking
• Voice-Activated Google
• Clasp Fastening
• Extra Buckle Included To Use With Interchangeable Straps
• Water Resistant Up To 1 ATM
• 2-Year Warranty
• Imported











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