Techno Spark 20 Pro

Techno Spark 20 Pro Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Upgrades and Downgrades

For this review, I delved into the Techno Spark 20 Pro, revisiting my assessment of its predecessor, the Spark 10 Pro. The objective was not only to refresh my memory but also to scrutinize the improvements made and to identify any areas where the device may have taken a step back.

Design & Build Quality:

The design of the Techno Spark 20 Pro boasts a familiar triple-camera setup, reminiscent of the iPhone aesthetic. While the overall design retains the boxy look and feel from the Spark 10 Pro, notable differences emerge. The camera array now houses three lenses, elevating the device’s visual appeal and adding depth to its appearance. The glossy camera module and matte rear continue to exude a premium feel.

However, the downgrade in materials raises eyebrows. Techno opted for a plastic finish on the Pro, forsaking the glass-like elegance found in the Spark 10 Pro. Although a step down in terms of perceived premium quality, the durability of plastic may outweigh this concern for many users. Additionally, the inclusion of dual stereo speakers and an IP53 rating adds value, enhancing the audio-visual experience and offering a degree of water resistance.


The Techno Spark 20 Pro’s display sees a significant upgrade in the refresh rate, soaring from 90Hz to a smooth 120Hz. Notably, users have the flexibility to choose between various refresh rate options, including 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz, or opt for an auto-switch feature.

The 1080p resolution maintains a detailed and sharp display, albeit lacking the vibrant punch of an AMOLED screen. The device’s tall stature, nearly 7 inches, may pose challenges for one-handed use, but the widened screen during landscape content consumption compensates for this drawback.


Under the hood, the Spark 20 Pro packs the Helio G99 chipset, a commendable upgrade from the G88 in the Spark 10 Pro. The improved CPU and GPU performance, along with enhanced battery efficiency, positions the device as a reliable performer for daily tasks.

While not a flagship phone, the Spark 20 Pro handles multitasking seamlessly and delivers a gaming experience at medium graphics settings without noticeable frame drops or overheating. The single variant, featuring 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, can be expanded further with a 1TB SD card.


Techno took a bold step in the camera department, upgrading the main sensor from 50MP to a whopping 108MP. While the default AI camera mode produces impressive shots of plants, cars, buildings, and occasionally people, the device truly shines when utilizing the 108MP mode. This feature, although not for everyday use, appeals to photographers and camera enthusiasts seeking detailed, high-resolution images.

The selfie camera, maintaining its 32MP capability, delivers satisfactory results, handling HDR scenarios adeptly. Video recording options include 1440p at 30fps or 1080p at 30/60fps, with a dual-video mode utilizing both cameras simultaneously. Additional features like Sky Shot, replacing the sky through AI, and various shooting modes provide users with creative options.


Running on HiOS version 13.5 atop Android 13, the Spark 20 Pro’s software experience remains familiar. Stability and standard HiOS features, including a smart panel, themed icons, and Ella, contribute to a smooth user interface. A notable addition is the AI-powered wallpaper creation feature, allowing users to generate up to six wallpapers daily by describing their preferences and selecting a style.


Despite maintaining the same battery capacity as the Spark 10 Pro, the Spark 20 Pro benefits from the efficiency of the Helio G99 chipset, resulting in a remarkable three-hour increase in battery life. The device now comfortably lasts a full day, even under prolonged gaming sessions. The upgrade to a 33W charger accelerates the charging process, reducing it to approximately an hour and 15 minutes.


As of the review, the Techno Spark 20 Pro is priced at $200, acknowledging the potential fluctuation due to the dollar situation. While external factors influence the pricing, the device’s overall package seems justified.

The improvements in design, display, performance, and camera capabilities contribute to a commendable mid-range smartphone. The balance between affordability and enhanced features makes the Techno Spark 20 Pro a worthy contender in its category.

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In conclusion, Techno has managed to build upon the strengths of the Spark 10 Pro and address several areas of improvement in the Spark 20 Pro. While the downgrade in material may raise some eyebrows, the inclusion of valuable features like dual stereo speakers, IP53 rating, and the powerful Helio G99 chipset positions the device as a competitive option in the mid-range smartphone market. Users seeking an affordable device with notable upgrades in various aspects would find the Techno Spark 20 Pro a compelling choice.


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