Hohem MT2 Gimbal

Hohem MT2 Gimbal Review: Elevating User Experience and Tracking Innovation

The realm of camera stabilization technology has witnessed impressive advancements over the years, enhancing the creative potential of content creators and filmmakers alike. Hohem, a key player in this field, has introduced the MT2 Gimbal – a multifunctional device designed to stabilize mirrorless cameras and deliver seamless tracking without the need for complicated setups or smartphone apps.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features, capabilities, and performance of the Hohem MT2 Gimbal, exploring its strengths, limitations, and the game-changing innovation it brings to the table.

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

The unboxing experience of the Hohem MT2 Gimbal is notably exciting. The compact size and lightweight design of the packaging may deceive, but the contents hold great potential. Inside the box, users are greeted with a variety of accessories, including cables, mounting plates, a basic tripod, and an L bracket for larger cameras.

A standout feature is the included AI module, a small component with significant impact, enabling gesture recognition and automated tracking. The quality of the gimbal is commendable, featuring a control joystick, an LCD screen, motor lock mechanisms, and buttons for seamless operation.

Technical Specifications and Expectations

Before diving into the performance aspects, it’s essential to familiarize oneself with the technical specifications. The MT2 Gimbal boasts a capable motor for solid 3-axis stabilization, accommodating a maximum payload of up to 1.2 kilograms.

A 2600 milliamp-hour battery provides an impressive 17 hours of operation time. The stabilizing modes, including pan follow, pan tilt follow, all lock mode, and POV, offer versatility in capturing dynamic shots. Additionally, the integration of the iSteady 7.0 anti-shake algorithm enhances stability.

Performance and Real-world Testing

Balancing the camera on a gimbal is a critical aspect, impacting stabilization quality and ease of use. The Hohem MT2 excels in this regard, with its user-friendly setup process and quick balance adjustments. Testing the gimbal with various mirrorless cameras, including full-frame and APS-C models, reveals its adaptability and stability. The gimbal seamlessly handles different camera sizes and lens combinations, with minimal effort required from the user.

One of the most noteworthy features of the MT2 Gimbal is the AI module’s gesture-based tracking. This innovation eliminates the need for complex smartphone app connections, offering a true plug-and-play experience. Users can effortlessly activate tracking by performing a simple gesture, resulting in automated and accurate subject tracking. This technology brings a new level of convenience to content creation, empowering users to focus on their creative vision without technical distractions.

Modes and Functionality

The MT2 Gimbal offers a range of modes that cater to various shooting scenarios. The default pan follow mode effectively follows panning movements, while pan tilt follow extends this tracking to tilting as well.

The all lock mode and POV mode offer additional creative options. Sport mode, activated by pressing and holding the trigger button, enables faster tracking for dynamic shots. Additionally, the gimbal’s compatibility with smartphones enhances its usability, and the AI module seamlessly integrates with the native camera apps for optimal video quality.

Limitations and Drawbacks

While the Hohem MT2 Gimbal offers a plethora of innovative features, there are a few limitations to consider. The included tripod, while useful, may be too small for larger camera setups with substantial lenses.

Additionally, the absence of Bluetooth control for mirrorless cameras and the lack of an auto-lock option may be noted by experienced users accustomed to these features from other high-end gimbals.


In conclusion, the Hohem MT2 Gimbal may not revolutionize the world of camera stabilization, but it certainly elevates the user experience and introduces a game-changing innovation with its gesture-based tracking technology. The integration of an AI module that seamlessly automates subject tracking through simple gestures is a significant step forward in simplifying and enhancing content creation.

The MT2 Gimbal’s user-friendly setup, versatile stabilizing modes, and compatibility with various devices make it an appealing choice for solo content creators and filmmakers seeking ease of use and exceptional stabilization. While it may not be the most capable gimbal in the market, the Hohem MT2’s innovative approach to tracking sets it apart and paves the way for a more user-centric era in the world of mirrorless camera gimbals.


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