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Motorola Moto G34 5G Review: A Budget Contender with a Few Surprises

As we approached the end of January, the anticipation for new Motorola releases was met with a surprise – the Moto G34 5G. In a market flooded with numerous offerings, this budget-friendly smartphone boasts a starting price of just £150. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into the Moto G34, exploring its design, features, performance, and more. So, let’s unbox this affordable Motorola blower, set it up, and take a closer look at what it brings to the table.

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The Moto G34 doesn’t aim to shock or awe with its design, but it does present a neat and practical aesthetic. Priced at £150, it does come with some compromises, notably noticeable bezels up front, especially at the bottom. Despite this, the 6.53-inch display doesn’t make the phone feel cumbersome. The plastic frame and back contribute to a comfortable grip, although the lack of a pre-installed screen protector might require users to invest in additional protection. Fortunately, Motorola offers a vegan leather finish for those looking for a more premium feel.

The Moto G34 is available in a vibrant blue hue, with options for green or black for those less inclined towards bold colors. The camera bump is subtly designed, and while there’s a slight rattle, it’s not too concerning. As expected from Motorola, the phone is water repellent, adding a layer of durability for everyday use.

Features & Moto Apps:

Unlocking the Moto G34 is a straightforward process, thanks to the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. The addition of Face Unlock provides an alternative, with reasonable responsiveness, depending on lighting conditions. Running on the latest Android 14 in a near-stock format, Motorola adds its own touch with Moto Hub, offering personalization options for grid size, fonts, wallpapers, and theme colors.

The Moto G34 introduces useful features like gestures, including a fast torch feature and a double wrist twist to quickly launch the camera. The software experience is generally smooth, with the addition of security tools such as a secure folder and pin pad scramble for added protection. Family Share and Moto Unplugged offer solutions for managing device access for kids and achieving moments of peace, respectively.

While the software experience is slick, some users may encounter minor bugs, and the presence of bloatware, including LinkedIn and TikTok, could be a downside. Motorola’s software support tends to be limited, with expectations of an OS update to Android 15 and around three years of security patching.

Display & Audio:

The Moto G34 features a 6.53-inch LCD panel with an HD Plus resolution of 1600×720. While it may not be the sharpest display, it serves its purpose for casual activities like streaming videos on YouTube and Netflix. The lack of an AMOLED screen doesn’t hinder the overall experience, as colors are reasonably vibrant, and viewing angles are respectable.

The selfie camera orifice is noticeable but not intrusive, and the dynamic refresh rate of up to 120Hz ensures smooth performance. Surprisingly, the Moto G34 caters to audio lovers with a headphone jack and a pair of decent stereo speakers. The audio output is commendable, even at higher volumes, making it an excellent choice for media consumption.

Performance & Gaming:

Equipped with a Snapdragon 695 chipset and either 4 or 8 gigs of RAM, the Moto G34 delivers respectable budget smartphone performance. While the chipset may not be the latest, it handles everyday tasks and gaming scenarios with ease. Games like PUBG, Call of Duty, and Free Fire run smoothly, though more demanding titles may struggle to achieve fluid frame rates.

The inclusion of 5G support ensures the Moto G34 stays connected with the latest connectivity standards. While not a powerhouse, the phone offers a balanced performance for its price point.

Battery Life:

The Moto G34 impresses with its 5,000mAh battery, delivering all-day play with ease. The energy-efficient chipset, combined with the stock Android experience, contributes to prolonged usage without concerns. However, the 18W charging support falls short of the expected charging speeds, despite the inclusion of a 20W charger in the box. Overnight charging is recommended to ensure a full battery for the day ahead.


The Moto G34 features a dual-lens camera setup, with a 50-megapixel main shooter and a less impressive 2-megapixel macro lens. The camera system provides a range of modes, including portrait mode and a Pro mode that supports shooting in RAW format. Night vision mode improves low-light photography, and additional features like spot color add creative options.

The 16-megapixel selfie camera performs well in good lighting conditions but struggles in lower light. The camera capabilities are reasonable for the budget price, offering versatility for basic photography needs.


In conclusion, the Motorola Moto G34 5G stands out as a compelling budget smartphone with a price tag starting at £150. While it may not offer groundbreaking features, it provides a balanced experience across design, features, performance, and battery life.

The inclusion of 5G support, a headphone jack, and stereo speakers enhances its value proposition. The Moto G34 caters to users seeking an affordable device for everyday tasks, making it a noteworthy contender in the budget smartphone market.


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