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when Google launched Android 2.0, they also announced two brand-new smartwatches coming from LG, the LG watch sport ,and the LG watch style, both watches have armed with the needs to be among the best high end pieces. and because, I believe that the Sport version is more powerful than style, that’s why in this review I’ll only focus on the style version , and I’m sure this review will give you a clear idea about the sport version too.

basic features of LG watch style:

unlike the watch sport which comes with LTE GPS, and more.. the style comes with only the bare minimum, this makes it so that the body of the style is incredibly thin, not as thin as others like the Zen watch, but thin enough that I constantly had to push my sweatshirt out of the way to see it. Well” there is one thing that differentiates the LG watch style, when comparing it to most Android wear smartwatches, is its size weighing in at, only 46 grams, which makes you forget the watch is even on your wrist.

LG watch style

the watch’s hardware and LG watch style of the body

The LG style’s body is made out of stainless steel, while the underside is made out of plastic so that the watch can wear off. the charge on the right side of the style, is where the digital crown can be found. this works as a home flash power button as well as a scroll wheel. so you can navigate through the interface well it does the job nicely, I do feel like the digital crown is almost too small, obviously it was made to match, the overall design of the style but with it being so small it is sometimes easier to just swipe on.

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LG watch style

The LG watch style, comes with one Google’s leather mode watch bands, these are great as they make the job of swapping out bands incredibly easy, simply slide the latch found on the other side of the watch band, and remove it.

unfortunately as this is genuine leather. the band itself is a little stiff when you first get the style, but over time it will break in. and become softer while wearing it. now back to the watch itself running Android 2.0 the style runs as smooth as butter. it’s sometimes faster to just pull out your phone that interact with your Smart Watch, but it is fast enough that these situations are much less common. you still access all of your notifications by swiping up on the screen, but all of your notifications can now be found by pressing on the home button, and that’s another big change with Android wear 2.0, you get a version of the Google Play Store built into the watch as well as standalone apps, having to have your phone around for data does pretty much everything else on its own.

these updated apps with standalone capabilities, also make using the style much better than those with previous versions of Android wear.

LG watch style

Google assistant assisting, can answer your questions, set reminders, and so much more.

and it’s launched by holding down the digital crown for just a second, and responses that it gives though will be in written form, as the LG watch style doesn’t have built-in speakers. the biggest downside of using Google assisting on wear, is that you are already waiting a second for it to launch, and then another second for it to load, then once you’ve asked your question the response can take up to 8 seconds to show up, this might not be the everytime case

But you should consider it to be taken place, if you are in android wear user.

Technical performance of the LG Style:

  1. It’s a Snapdragon wear with 2100 CPU.
  2. 512 megabytes of RAM.
  3. and a 240 MILAMP battery power.

finally I can say: The LG style basically is for notifications, and alerts. yes you can still launch all the apps that you’ve downloaded onto the watch, and do basic Google searches, but the smartwatch LG style, wasn’t meant for much more than that. thankfully it’s a lot like the Google pixel, in this way it’s a basic Smart-Watch but it does most things almost perfectly, and has consistent performance.

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