How to Use Apple Watch Camera App

What’s The Apple Watch Camera App, And How To Use It.

If you already have the Apple watch, you probably know that there isn’t any camera on the it. But there is a camera icon inside the Apple watch, and when people search it online for some kind of Smart-Watch, they may found some cheap smartwatch that has the camera. so it’s kind of weird that the Apple watch doesn’t have one.

And this article, we’re going to to explain you the whole situation. This article is probably not dedicated for people that have the Apple watch or are familiar with this kind of stuff, but for those that are seeing the Apple watch for the first time or just have heard something about it, and don’t have it clear with the whole camera thing.

so let’s just get started..


First of all, is there a physical camera on your smartwatch, which the apple watch camera app resolve you to, when you click on it? The answer is: there is no camera on the Apple watch. I mean, if you turn around the Apple watch, you won’t find any kind of lens on the watch. and that means, that there is no camera.


I think that it wouldn’t be a good idea to have it there. if there would be a camera, then it would be really really small, which will affect the resolution and pixels of it. So what’s the purpose of having a poor quality camera on your watch, while you already have a high resolution one in your smartphone. does this make sense to you?

If you go to the eBay or Amazon, or any of other online store, you’re gonna find out that there are many Smartwatch selling for $20 and less, that features the camera like this one:

But the Apple watch for $300 or more doesn’t have one. That’s looks too much weird, but you know it doesn’t make sense to to have it right there.


I just cannot imagine a situation, where you would need to take a photo with your Apple watch or with your watch in general. that’s one of the reasons why Apple decided not to implement it there, but anyways, what is this icon right inside you apple watch Apps?

When you look closely, you’re going to find out that the camera or the icon is not really usual, Basically this Icon work together with your iPhone camera. So once you open it, you’ll see that there is an arrow pointing in the shutter of the camera. so if you take a look at the iPhone, you can see the camera icon is just a regular camera.


And on the Apple watch, you only have the shutter icon. so if you tap on it or if you open up that application, you’re going to be able to connect to your iPhone camera, and basically snap a photo right from your wrist.

The camera on the watch connects to the iPhone’s, which is a lot more better than any smartwatch camera out there.  you can also view the photo on your wrist, and zooming in and out as you need using the Digital Crown.

And of course, you need to connect your apple watch to the iPhone. and if you have an Apple watch and you haven’t done that, then this is not going to work for you. And that’s everything you need to know about the apple watch camera app. and why it is between the apple watch apps, while there is no physical camera that it should be resolved to.


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