How To Fix a Sticky Apple Watch Digital Crown Easy Fix Recommended by Apple


If you have an Apple watch, then the stuck of its digital crown is something that might happen to your. So how to fix it, and Is there a way to prevent that from happening again? Don’t worry”!! We have the correct answers for all these questions. In this article we’re going to show you how to fix a sticky digital crown on your Apple watch using the Apple’s recommended method.



Your Apple watch is IP68. meaning that it’s water and dust proof tested, but is this test 100% accurate? The answer, could be Yes, and could No. And what I mean by that, is there are different factors and there is no way to say it’s 100% dustproof or waterproof. Because, it depend on the nature of the area you live in and if the digital crown itself is water and dust proof. That’s why I’m expecting to see this problem happening to people whom live in cities where there is too much wetness, more than it is to others whom live in dry areas.

An other thing to keep in mind here, is that Apple has tested this on fresh water. not a very hot or salty water and if we want the test to be fully accurate, we should ask Apple to test their products on different countries and cities around the world with their natural differences.



Getting to the steps, your Apple watch must be completely unplugged from any source of electric, and tuned off. an other important thing, if you have a leather or stainless steel bands take it off. I know most people know that these steps are pretty obvious and there is no need to include them in the article, but this is just a quick remind to avoid any unsatisfied result.

The best part of this solution is that it doesn’t need any technical skills or tools. anyone could do it using only his hands and some ordinary material that you can find in any home. Now you turned off your watch, and you toke off the leather band, go to one of your home faucets turn on the water, and put your your hand to make sure it’s not too hot you must let the water warm and fresh. subsequently hold your Apple watch digital crown under the water and keep spinning or rotating, and pushing it gently for about 10 to 15 seconds to allow the water to get inside the little gap between the crown and the housing.


After you’ve finished these steps correctly, make sure to dry off your watch with a non scratching towel. and forget to rotate and press continuously the crown while your drying it. exactly the same way you did it when you were washing it in the faucet, and make sure to not leaning the water inside crown gap as this may result to a quick re-stuck and this one might be harder to fix.

Now after following the steps correctly, your Apple watch scroll wheel should be fixed.


There are no more than these few instructions to follow, if you want to avoid the stuck of your apple watch digital crown:

1- don’t make your watch in direct contact with dust.

2- keep it clean as possible as you can, by keeping it away from dirt especially oily things like food.

3- dry the digital crown of your watch each time you get it wet, doing exactly the same process we’ve shown you here.


so hopefully this doesn’t happen again, but if it does at least it’s a very simple fix. hopefully your Apple watch works again, and not being sticky on the wheel anymore. hope I helped you out with a problem you might have been had with your Apple watch. If we did help you you make sure to share this article with your friends help them know about it. Thank You”!


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