Smartband Talk SWR30 Review

in this Smartband Talk SWR30 Review will cover almost all the info.. you need to know about this small Sony machine from.

Sony takes a different approach, with their wearable technology. it’s not as focused on the health aspects so much, instead it’s focused on literally everything else. Sony smart bands Smart-band Talk SWR30, can see how long you’ve been watching movies, playing games, or how long you’ve been at social media. and it’s fascinating to see those who are really active with their smartphones, and how their day breaks down in detail.

I think this is a unique experience from Sony, and it’s trying to say us that there are more thing that affect our bodies health, things we should to take aware from. this is a different approach from Sony, that the users should consider. the Smart-band Talk SWR30, is the latest E-ink curved wearable from Sony. It’s a great supplement for your Sony smartphone, as well as for sport people and it’s a smart-band that functions like a smart watch.


it’s a very nice feeling that’s comfortable on the wrist, the smartband talk surprisingly, isn’t bigger than wearing a normal standard size watch, although the glass profile does seem wide. and after testing it’s, comfortable and doesn’t snag long sleeve shirts when worn at the office.
overall it’s still a very lightweight, still a quality band despite the glass being a little bit more sensitive compared to other competitors there. and looking at the physical buttons, the longest button is for adjusting the volume up, and down. and below is the action, or Menu button. in the underside, there’s a built-in microphone with two speakers on either side.

Smartband Talk SWR30 Review

the Smart-band Talk SWR30 features a 1.4 inch curved E-ink screen low-power display that lets you see what’s on your screen clearly. to look at it’s sharp, its vibrant and it is clearly visible, even under direct sunlight. even though, it is mostly made of plastic, the build quality is excellent and it feels very comfortable on the wrist.

the Smartband Talk SWR30 has intuitive controls and tap input to let you toggle between various functions and viewing modes. You can wear it 24/7 and change the wrist strap to suit your style. Don’t worry if it rains. Smart-band Talk is water resistance (IP68).

Smartband Talk SWR30 Review

one of the most important features, is the fact that it has a microphone and loudspeaker built in for a natural calling style. When a call comes in, a soft vibration allow You to not miss any call. and You can also use your Talk SWR30 to initiate calls.

just like any new powerful smart-band, the Talk SWR30 can track your exercise routines.The SmartBand Talk keeps track of how you live and move. It detects when you run, walk, and even when you sleep. View daily activities on the SmartBand Talk’s E Ink display or use the Lifelog app for in-depth analysis of your progress.

all of this is done using Life-log Android app Your movements, your communications, and your entertainment. Life-log gathers it all, and you can play back any day of your life as it happened. You can see how you moved, what pictures you took, and how you communicated with your world.If you’re a Sony phone user, the Life-log should be your convenient way, so the integration process will be seamless.


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