How To Optimize The Battery Life

How to optimize the battery life of your suunto smart watch. Suunto announces a new multi-sport GPS watch, designed for athletes who demand the best from their sports watch. introducing you the Suunto 9, and how to optimize the battery life to get most of this device.

design underneath something I really like about this watch, is the way it fits seamlessly into everyday life. but is also a rugged, and practical outdoors watch when I need it to be. a couple of features I find particularly helpful outdoors, are the weather functions, water resistance, and the sunrise and sunset times.

If your view is obscured by trees and mountains, it can be really difficult to judge weather changes. the Corps ultimate has a storm alarm, that is triggered by the barometer allowing you to turn back, or find cover before it hits. it’s also water resistant up to 100m, so you can cool off in water holes on your hikes, go snorkeling on the coast, or enjoy the surf.

how to optimize the battery life
having sunrise and sunset times, means you can set your watch alarm and get up early to make the most of your day, or set up camp. rictus military standards, giving you the confidence you need for long days in the field, the suunto 9 introduces automatic shot detection for an entirely new way to record your hunt utilizing the built-in accelerometer.

the watch records a point of interest, when you fire a shot. using Sioux toes online mapping platform move scout, you accurately track shot distance, and elevation, and create altitude profiles and waypoints for your next outing. the watch is fitted with sunrise, and sunset alerts, a moon phase calendar, and point of interest markers specific to hunting, and fishing. integrated gps and glonass, route navigation.

the watches breadcrumb trail, will track your path throughout the day navigate an unknown terrain with the built-in altimeter, and digital compass. a barometric pressure graph and storm alarm helps you follow weather changes on the move. The robust Suunto 9 is made for long, arduous training and racing, and it is tested to the extreme with thousands of hours testing in the toughest conditions.


Suunto 9 is compatible with the new Suunto app that keeps a log of your training, daily activity and sleep, and enables sharing your training logs and engaging with others in the Suunto app community.



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how to optimize the battery life
Suunto 9 has an intelligent battery life management system for battery modes, with smart notifications that will make sure that your watch will last until you have finished.

how to get the most out of your watch:
scroll up to exercise=> and choose a sport mode. battery modes are sport mode specific, which means that you can set them individually for each sport. let’s head out for a run, at the Start screen, you will see an estimate of the battery life with the selected battery mode. by default performance is activated, press the upper right button to switch between the modes endurance, ultra and custom.

in case you’ve defined one for this sport to see more details about predefined battery modes or to define your custom mode; scroll down to the options menu=> then select battery mode=> there you will find all modes including battery life estimates, according to your watch’s current charging state.


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press the middle button to learn about the specific saving options, and choose the right one for your run. once you’ve found the one that looks good => press the upper right button to select, and you will be ready to go. when your watch has found your heart rate, and a GPS signal => hit the start button to save additional battery life. use a heart rate belt for your next exercise.


your watch will notify you when your battery is running low during your activity, switch battery modes when battery life is critical; simply press the upper right button to confirm and continue your run at 2% battery life, remaining your watch will turn off all tracking accept the exercise duration, this ensures that all your training data is recorded and saved.

That was a quick functional feature from suunto, to help you get the most of your smart watch.

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