How To Fix Earbuds Keep Falling Out SOLVED

 First of all, let’s point out certain things to make sure you’re in the right place. You’re here because, you’re looking for a convenient way to fix earbuds keep falling out. Is that right?

Well, good news, is you’re in the right place and there are too many ways to solve this problem. But, before getting into it, I want you to know that you’re not the only one. There are a lot of people, who have the same problem as yours. But at the meantime, there are people who don’t suffer from this issue.

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So, there are different causes and reasons why this problem take place in our everyday life, and maybe one of the most defined reasons, is from the product itself. Some earbuds aren’t just perfect, they may have some design issues from the manufacture.

Another thing, maybe that the product doesn’t fit to your ear. I know that all companies make their products based on studies and experiments. But there are other factors that control how fit these earbuds will be to our ears. As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes, the reason could be the manufacturing issues. And most of the time, it’s about the differences between us.

We as human being, we’re so much different to each other. But companies don’t make too much variations of earbuds, they just make a standard design and size for all of them to speed up the manufacturing process.

But, fortunately with all that being said, you still have some tips and tricks, to get a rid of earbuds keep falling out problem.

There are some simple ways in which you can possibly keep your earbuds from falling out. But there are also several tricks you can do in case you didn’t find those simple ways helpful to you.

1 ) And one of the simplest ways to that, is to pick up the right size. And here when I’m talking about the size, I mean that little silicon cover or foam that covers the earbuds.

2 ) Make sure to correctly wear your earbuds. You can do that, by wearing the right piece to its correct side. For example: you can’t wear the left shoe to the right foot, and the same thing for earbuds. Each earbud has made to a specific ear, so, you can’t wear the right earbud to left ear and verse versa. And you have to options to better specifying that.

  • Usually earbuds are marked by two matters from the manufacturers to specify which one of them belong to each ear. The L is for the left side ear, and R is for the right side ear.
  • If they aren’t marked from the company, give them some time and test to know which earbud fit each ear, and then mark them yourself, It’s quite easy.

1 ) Another simple trick to prevent your earbuds from falling out, is by wrapping them over your ears.

2 ) You can also use a tight cape or hat, when the two Bluetooth buds are matched by a small wire. Pull up the wire on the back of head and tighten it with the cape. Even a headband can be super effective in this case.

3 ) You can put them upside down. And this will make the wire go above the tragus and not below. Then, wrap the wires at the back of your ear. This is perfect if you’re jumping very fast or jogging, which often causes the earbuds to slip out because of the sweat.

4 ) Another option that you can try out, is by simply flipping the earpiece, facing outwards. Then you can end the process by wrapping its flat part, using a thin tape and flip the earbud back in your ear to observe if it fits better or not yet. And if you want to adjust further, you can simply adjust the number of tape layers to see which one fits best for you.

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Tips for before buying:

If you’re about to make your purchase from local retailer stores, most manufacturers come with different sizes of silicon tips and foams that can help you choose the right fit. But make sure to check the package of the earbuds before making your choice, most manufacturers provide some extra cover sizes along with your purchase. And if you want to make an online purchase, make sure to ask the seller about it, and hopefully you’ll get a prompt answer.

There is one thing to keep in mind, is that by nature you may have one ear a little bigger than the other and it still quite normal, so may have to use two different size.

Some companies have designed earbuds that stuck in the ears better than others. So, make sure to purchase from one of them to avoid too much issues like these. For example: The one that Apple has come up with, which has been designed specifically for fitness people.

Finally, if you already have one, definitely these tips will help you prevent the earbuds keep falling out issue. But if not, I recommend you to pick up carefully the right design to avoid the need to do too much adjustments later on.

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