Apple’s Vision Pro Mixed-Reality Headset Set for March Release, Priced at $3,499

Apple's Vision Pro

In a recent update from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is now expected to launch its highly anticipated Vision Pro mixed-reality headset in March, adjusting its initial plan for a January release. The delay is attributed to the company’s ongoing efforts in finalizing distribution strategies and conducting meticulous testing on the device.

Originally introduced in June with a slated early 2024 release, Apple’s Vision Pro remains on schedule, with the United States being the first market to experience its launch. Additional countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom, are expected to see the headset hit the shelves later in the year. The company is likely to leverage its traditional spring event in March to showcase and promote the Vision Pro.

At the heart of this mixed-reality experience is Apple’s proprietary visionOS, billed as “the first OS designed from the ground up for spatial computing.” This three-dimensional interface breaks free from the confines of conventional displays, providing an immersive computing environment.

The Vision Pro’s App Store will boast compatibility with all iPhone and iPad apps by default. Moreover, users can access over 100 Apple Arcade titles on VisionOS at the time of launch.

One distinctive feature of the Vision Pro is its external battery pack. Unlike some competitors, Apple has opted for a separate pack connected to the device, offering up to two hours of usage. Alternatively, users can plug directly into the wall for extended, all-day use.

Under the hood, the Vision Pro is powered by the standard M2 chip, complemented by a new R1 chip dedicated to video streaming. The device incorporates micro-OLED technology, efficiently packing 23 million pixels into two displays. Notably, the headset introduces “EyeSight,” a feature utilizing a front-facing display to reveal the user’s eyes to others in the room.

The hefty price tag of $3,499 positions the Vision Pro as a targeted solution for enterprise buyers rather than the average consumer. Speculations arise about the possibility of a more affordable version in the future, given the “Pro” designation, as noted by TechCrunch’s Brian Heater. As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for Apple’s entrance into the mixed-reality landscape with the Vision Pro headset.


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