Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Review


Now, the new Mi Band 8 has been released with a similar size and screen to its predecessor but with many of the features from the Mi Band 7 Pro. In this Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Review, we will explore whether it is worth your investment.

Last year, Xiaomi launched the Mi Band 7 Pro which featured a larger screen, built-in GPS, and a new design that made it easier to swap out straps. However, in my review, I advised against traditional Mi Band fans purchasing it due to its size and weight.

When compared to its predecessor, the packaging of the Mi Band 8 is almost identical, with only slight variations in patterns and textures. Inside the package, you will find the Mi Band 8 body, a manual, and a magnetic charging cable.

The cable is almost identical to the charging cable found in the Mi Band 7 Pro series as the Mi Band 8 has a similar strap connection structure and charging port. However, upon closer inspection, I discovered that the cables are not exactly the same, and the connection with the Mi Band 7 Pro design is not entirely reliable.


The new Mi Band 8 may have a similar size to its predecessor, but upon closer inspection, there are many differences. The most notable change is the new strap structure that allows for quick and easy removal, similar to a traditional watch. By pressing the snap and pulling outwards, you can remove one side of the strap from the band, making it more practical and offering a variety of looks for the Mi Band 8.

Xiaomi has also launched three straps made from different materials, all of which are beautifully designed and available at an affordable price. Additionally, it’s highly likely that we will see more third-party manufacturers offering straps with different styles, further expanding the customization options for the Mi Band 8.

Design And Screen:

The Mi Band 8 has a metal frame, similar to the Mi Band 7 Pro, which is electroplated to give it a sleek and durable look. Compared to its predecessor, the Mi Band 7, it is half a millimeter thinner, with a less prominent sensor area at the bottom, providing a more comfortable wearing experience. The Mi Band 8 has the same 1.62-inch AMOLED display as its predecessor, and the bezel remains the same width.

However, the Mi Band 8 has a more powerful processor, which allows for a refresh rate of 60Hz, double the rate of the Mi Band 7 Pro, which only had a refresh rate of 30Hz. Despite the friendly pricing of the series, the higher refresh rate is a welcomed improvement.

The 60Hz refresh rate is a significant improvement, providing smoother performance for daily use. As predicted, Xiaomi has included the Always-on Display (AOD) feature in the regular Mi Band series.

While the AOD brightness may not be satisfactory in direct sunlight, it can be set to turn on after sunset, and the band also supports automatic brightness adjustments. This feature prevents the AOD from interfering with sleep by automatically turning off when the wearer falls asleep. Overall, the addition of the AOD feature is a useful and practical enhancement to the Mi Band 8. Check out the latest price of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro here

Features And Dials:

The Mi Band 8 has a plethora of UI features and sports modes, with support for over 150 different modes, including the unique aerobic boxing mode. With the built-in acceleration sensor, the Mi Band 8 can function as a light-sensory gaming device, allowing users to follow the lessons in the Mi Fitness app and burn calories by swinging their fists.

The Mi Band 8 also includes a useful accessory called the Bean Pod, which attaches to your laces to track your stride frequency, stride length, and the impact of your foot on the ground while running.

This feature is particularly helpful for runners who want to improve their performance by following the professional data provided by their personal coach. Overall, the Mi Band 8 offers a range of useful features for fitness enthusiasts, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to track their workouts and improve their health.

Xiaomi has added more dials to the Mi Band 8, including support for additional sports modes, and has even introduced four mini-games through the dial store. These mini-games may be familiar to Mi Band 7 or Mi Band 6 users, as some third-party enthusiasts have already developed similar games and even calculators for previous versions of the band.

It’s great to see that Xiaomi is embracing these innovative ideas and incorporating them into their latest product, rather than cracking down on third-party developers. This shows that Xiaomi values its community of enthusiasts and is committed to providing its users with a fun and engaging experience with their products.


Despite some complaints, Xiaomi has shown that they are still attentive to their users’ needs when it comes to battery life. According to Xiaomi, the new Mi Band 8 can last up to 16 days with typical use and up to 6 days with the AOD function on.

As a long-time Mi Band user, I am not worried about its battery life as Xiaomi has been transparent about their official figures.


The Xiaomi Band 8 is priced at CNY 249 (equivalent to $36) and the NFC version is priced at CNY 299 (equivalent to $43). However, details regarding its international pricing and availability have not been disclosed yet.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Review Final Thoughts:

Overall, while the packaging design is similar to its predecessor, Xiaomi has made practical improvements in the Mi Band 8. As a Mi Band 7 user, I would recommend upgrading to the new Mi Band 8.

As a Mi Band 7 Pro user, I must admit that I’m envious of the new Mi Band 8’s advanced features such as support for boxing classes and professional running monitoring. These features rely on the new sensors, which unfortunately cannot be added via OTA to previous Mi Band models.

However, I am comforted by the fact that the Mi Band 8 still does not have a built-in GPS. As a running enthusiast who prefers not to carry a phone, I will stick with my Mi Band 7 Pro for now and patiently wait for the upcoming Mi Band 8 Pro. Nonetheless, I must say that the new Mi Band 8’s practical investments, such as the metal frame and AOD feature, make it a worthy upgrade for Mi Band 7 users. Check out the latest price of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro here


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