TicWatch Pro 5 Review

TicWatch Pro 5 Review

The TicWatch Pro 5 is the latest addition to the TicWatch series, and it claims to be the most powerful Wear OS smartwatch ever released. Packed with impressive features and upgraded hardware, the TicWatch Pro 5 aims to meet the high-quality standards demanded by wearable enthusiasts in 2023.

In this review, we will delve into TicWatch Pro 5 design, performance, software, health tracking capabilities, battery life, and overall value proposition.


At first glance, the TicWatch Pro 5’s design doesn’t stand out significantly from its predecessor. While it features some metal components and looks pleasing overall, it may not match the design standards set by competitors like Huawei.

However, it feels comfortable on the wrist, and the addition of a rotating crown proves to be a valuable and intuitive feature, particularly for tasks like zooming in on photos or navigating Google Maps.

Performance and Hardware:

One of the standout features of the TicWatch Pro 5 is its brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 system-on-a-chip. This new chipset, paired with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, delivers impressive performance and snappy app loading times.

The use of DDR4 RAM represents an improvement over the previous generation, contributing to better overall efficiency. Additionally, the TicWatch Pro 5 boasts Bluetooth 5.3, which offers power-efficient functionality.

Software and User Experience:

The TicWatch Pro 5 comes with Wear OS 3.5, which provides a smooth and enjoyable user experience. The top button now allows quick access to recently launched apps, while the rotating crown serves multiple functions, including opening the app list and acting as a home button.

The watch’s software navigation is similar to that of other brands, making it easy for users to adapt. Furthermore, the TicWatch Pro 5 has minimal bloatware and relies on the Mobvoi Health ecosystem for health tracking, offering a comprehensive suite of apps to measure various health parameters.

Health Tracking Capabilities:

The Mobvoi Health ecosystem is one of the highlights of the Wear OS market, and the TicWatch Pro 5 fully embraces it. With the ability to measure heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, stress levels, sleep cycles, and more, the TicWatch Pro 5 provides a comprehensive health tracking experience.

However, it’s important to note that blood pressure monitoring is not included, likely due to compliance issues in various countries. The watch’s GPS signal locks quickly and remains stable during workouts, and it supports external heart rate chest-mounted devices via Bluetooth.

Battery Life:

Battery life has long been a pain point for Wear OS devices, but the TicWatch Pro 5 shows significant improvement in this area. With an impressive 80 hours of battery life in Smart Mode, users can expect nearly three days of usage on a regular basis.

Additionally, the watch features quick charging technology, allowing users to recharge around half of the battery capacity in just 30 minutes. The TicWatch Pro 5 also offers an Essential Mode, which can extend battery life to over a month by disabling non-essential features.


While the TicWatch Pro 5 boasts several impressive features, there are some drawbacks to consider. Firstly, there has been a price increase, but it remains reasonable given the economic situation.

The lack of in-app file transfers and wireless charging may disappoint some users. The design, while not bad, doesn’t push boundaries and may not be as premium as some competitors. Additionally, minor bugs were present in the initial Wear OS edition, and Google Assistant integration was not available at launch.


The TicWatch Pro 5 is undoubtedly a significant step forward in the world of Wear OS smartwatches. With its powerful hardware, smooth user experience, comprehensive health tracking capabilities, and remarkable battery life, it stands out as one of the best options available in 2023.

Despite some minor drawbacks and pending software improvements, the TicWatch Pro 5 offers excellent value for the price. However, Mobvoi should prioritize software updates to ensure its customers remain loyal as Wear OS continues to evolve.

In the rapidly evolving world of smartwatches, frequent and reliable software updates are crucial to winning the loyalty of customers. As Google announces the arrival of Wear OS 4.0, it is essential for Mobvoi to provide clear visibility on when the TicWatch Pro 5 will be updated, especially considering that many TicWatch 3 Series users are still waiting for the Wear OS 3.0 update. Nonetheless, the TicWatch Pro 5 is a remarkable smartwatch that showcases Mobvoi’s commitment to delivering an outstanding user experience.

In summary, if you are in the market for a Wear OS smartwatch with impressive performance, reliable health tracking, and exceptional battery life, the TicWatch Pro 5 is an excellent choice that is likely to exceed your expectations.


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