Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review: A Rugged and Feature-Packed Smartwatch

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the biggest and toughest new Samsung smartwatch strapped to my wrist—the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. With its larger battery and super rugged design, this smartwatch is ideal for outdoor adventurers.

However, it comes at a hefty price compared to other models in the Galaxy Watch 5 series. In this Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review in-depth, I’ll discuss its design, display, software, fitness tracking capabilities, battery life, and overall performance. So, let’s dive into the details and find out if the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is worth the investment.

Design: A Rugged and Impressive Build

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro comes in a single 45-millimeter size, which may seem large at first, but it surprisingly looks decent even on smaller wrists. The titanium body offers superior durability compared to the stainless steel build of the regular version.

Despite subjecting it to accidental bumps and drops, I found no signs of damage, thanks to its rugged design. The sapphire screen, slightly sunken beneath the bezels, provides an extra layer of protection against scratches. Moreover, the watch is fully water-resistant, allowing you to wear it while swimming or in wet conditions.

Display: Brilliant and Responsive

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro features a gorgeous Super AMOLED display that is bright, sharp, and vibrant. The touch controls are highly responsive, allowing for seamless navigation through the user interface.

With wide viewing angles and automatic brightness adjustment, the display delivers an excellent visual experience, comparable to other premium smartwatches in the market.

Wear OS and Watch Faces: Familiar Interface with Customizability

The software experience on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro remains similar to its predecessor, with a collaboration between Samsung and Google’s Wear OS. The customizable widgets provide a convenient way to organize and access information on the watch face.

The pre-installed watch faces offer a decent selection, with some animated options available. You can further personalize the watch faces by adjusting fonts and complications, displaying relevant information at a glance. Additionally, the Google Play Store provides access to a vast collection of downloadable watch faces.

Bixby, Mic & Speaker: Voice Control and Call Functionality

The built-in microphone and speaker on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro enable voice control through Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant. While I found the Google Assistant to be more helpful, Bixby functions adequately.

The microphone effectively captures voice input, even in noisy environments. The speaker produces clear audio output, allowing for phone calls and media playback. Taking calls on the watch is especially useful when your phone isn’t readily accessible.

Apps & Notifications: Essential Functionality

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro comes pre-installed with essential apps like timers, schedules, and voice memos. Additional apps can be downloaded from the Play Store via the watch’s built-in Wi-Fi. Notifications work seamlessly, delivering timely alerts to your wrist. You can read, respond, or delete messages directly from the watch, offering convenience on the go.

Fitness Tracking: Extensive Features for Health Enthusiasts

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro excels in fitness tracking capabilities. The bioactive sensor accurately monitors heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and even blood pressure (with dedicated calibration).

The watch automatically detects and tracks various exercise types, making it hassle-free to monitor workouts. The wide range of activities includes walking, running, cycling, swimming, and more. The Samsung Health app provides comprehensive data analysis, including calorie burn, heart rate zones, and even body composition estimation.

Sleep Tracking: Reliable and Informative

The sleep tracking feature on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro offers detailed insights into your sleep patterns, including sleep stages and SpO2 levels. The watch can detect if you’re snoring, although it requires the smartphone’s microphone to be pointed at you during sleep.

The sleep tracking proved to be more reliable compared to other premium smartwatches I’ve tested. The watch also offers a sleep improvement program personalized based on your sleep type, providing helpful guidance to enhance sleep quality.

Battery Life: Improved but Not Exceptional

Samsung has addressed the battery life issues of previous models by equipping the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with a larger 590mAh battery. With moderate usage, including notifications and occasional exercise tracking, the watch can last around three days on a full charge.

However, heavy usage involving features like Bixby and frequent exercise tracking reduces the battery life to approximately two to two and a half days. While an improvement, the battery life still falls short of some competitors.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review Verdict:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro impresses with its rugged build, vibrant display, and extensive fitness tracking capabilities. The customizable interface, availability of downloadable watch faces, and useful apps enhance the overall user experience.

The watch excels in accurately monitoring health metrics and provides valuable insights into sleep patterns. Although the battery life has improved, it is still not on par with some competitors in the market. Nevertheless, for those seeking a durable and feature-rich smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a solid choice.

In conclusion, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro offers a compelling package with its robust design, vibrant display, customizable interface, and extensive fitness tracking capabilities. While the battery life could be better, the watch’s overall performance and feature set make it a worthwhile investment for those who value durability and functionality in a smartwatch.


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