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Kospet Tank M2 Review: This smartwatch not only boasts passing 12 military-grade tests, but it also has an impressive battery life and can track over 70 different sports. And the best part? It’s priced at less than $100 for the Kospet Tank M2.

It seems that these days, you can create a durable smartwatch and label it as “rugged,” then charge customers $800 for it if it comes from a well-known brand. An example of this is the Apple Watch Ultra Series.

However, the company Kospet is offering a similar product at almost one-tenth of the price. They promise to provide a lot of great features in their smartwatch. In this Kospet Tank M2 Review, we will dive deeper into the product and determine whether it truly delivers on its promises or is more akin to a fitness tracker.

This year, we have the Tank M2 from Kospet, which appears to be the second generation of their smartwatch line. We’ll examine how much Kospet has improved the product and whether it’s a viable option compared to other rugged smartwatches like the Apple Watch Ultra. Our aim is to determine if this is the right choice for you at this price point.

For those unfamiliar with Kospet, have been in the smartwatch market for a while now and have previously focused on Android-based wearables. However, it seems that they have now shifted their focus to a different niche.

It may be too late for Kospet to join this market segment since there are already many attractive models and designs available for around $100. We’ll also take a quick look at Kospet’s marketing strategy for the Tank M2.


It appears that Kospet is making two bold statements. Firstly, they are marketing the Tank M2 as a smartwatch specifically designed for men.

Secondly, they are positioning it as a competitor to other rugged smartwatches like the Tick Watch models, the T-Rex series, and even some Garmin Motors. However, it remains to be seen if the Tank M2’s capabilities are sufficient to compete with these established players in the market.

Design And Features:

Upon first glance, the design appears satisfactory, but given its name “Tank,” one might have expected a metal body rather than polycarbonate, which is commonly used to cover it.

However, the rays are made of metal and serve as an accent piece at the top, providing ample protection for the glass display. It may be beneficial to include the generously sized tempered glass as part of the package, as it adds an extra layer of protection.

The sides of the device are also pleasant to the touch, and the three buttons are easily accessible. On the back of the device, there are health-measuring sensors that require contact with the wrist, so it’s important to ensure that the strap is fitted snugly to prevent missing or inaccurate data.

If you are curious about the technical specifications, I have a list of the most interesting features. The device features a 1.85-inch display and is powered by a Real Techmate chipset with a 380-milliamp-hour battery.

The watch supports heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and even blood pressure measuring. It can also track up to 70 different types of workouts and it’s IP69K water-resistant. The device weighs around 60 grams and comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the Kospet Fit smartphone app.

The Tank M2 is a well-crafted smartwatch, but upon closer examination of its specifications, it appears to function more like a fitness tracker.

Despite this, it’s worth noting that Kospet has maintained the size of the previous generation while improving both the exterior and interior features.

One of the standout features of this smartwatch is its impressive battery endurance and the high-quality build of its case, which is IP69K certified and can withstand high-pressure water jets, even at depths of up to 50 meters, according to Kospet.

In terms of health tracking, it performs admirably, monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and blood pressure. However, it’s worth noting that Kospet acknowledges on its website that this is done using software algorithms, so it’s important to verify the accuracy of the measurements.

It’s worth noting that the Tank M2 offers the convenient feature of making phone calls through the smartwatch via Bluetooth relay, although your smartphone must be within range for this to work.

The smartwatch can also be used as an external speaker, although the success of this feature may vary. Before delving into testing, let’s examine the software and system navigation. The menu navigation on the Tank M2 is somewhat different from that of other smartwatches.

The Tank M2 features a dedicated screen on/off button, with the bottom button serving as a back button that can be long-pressed to access the power menu. The button on the left side of the device is a shortcut to the workout feature, while most of the controls and app access can be achieved through swiping.

Swiping down on the device reveals two pages of quick toggles, providing quick access to important functions such as the Do Not Disturb mode, the register enabling, and screen brightness control. Swiping up reveals the queue of notifications.

The Tank M2’s display resolution isn’t very high, which can make characters appear slightly old-fashioned. Users can respond to certain notifications, and swiping left enables scrolling through default tiles, although infinite scrolling isn’t an option.

Swiping right from the main screen leads to the app list, which mainly features fitness tracker apps. The workout list features all 70 available workouts, although scrolling can be a bit cumbersome.

It would be more convenient to have the option to select favorites that are pinned to the top of the menu. Additionally, having a widget for the alarm clock with sound would be helpful, along with a settings section to control certain parameters.

The lack of an always-on display mode is a weakness of the Tank M2, primarily due to the use of an IPS display instead of an AMOLED display. Additionally, there is no automatic brightness adjustment feature, as Kospet did not include an ambient light sensor. However, the watch faces are free of charge, which is a plus, and I’m starting to appreciate such offers more and more as I delve deeper into the watch’s capabilities.


The smartphone app for the Tank M2 looks visually appealing and offers a variety of options for configuring and viewing details about your health, collected by the watch’s sensors. However, the sleep tracking feature is not very accurate, as it failed to detect moments when I was awake during the night.

The detected timing for falling asleep and waking up seems to be accurate though. The HR tracking is good, but not exceptional. I faced some difficulty testing this due to a minor injury that prevented me from exercising properly.

The sports features, in general, are not as strong, as there is no inbuilt GPS, which means there are several limitations. If you’re looking for a Smartwatch that offers details about real Pace outdoors and the ability to track routes, you may want to consider a different model.

Based on your analysis, it seems that the Kospet Tank M2 has some strengths, such as its decent battery endurance, good build quality, and health-tracking capabilities. It also has some unique features, such as Bluetooth calling and the ability to reject or delay calls from the watch.

However, there are also several drawbacks to the watch, including the display’s lack of an always-on mode and automatic brightness, the absence of third-party apps, and the lack of inbuilt GPS. Overall, the Kospet Tank M2 seems to be a decent fitness tracker with some additional features, but it may not be the best choice for those looking for a full-featured smartwatch.

It sounds like you have thoroughly analyzed the Kospet Tank M2 Smartwatch and have found some strengths as well as some areas where corners may have been cut. While the device has some impressive features, such as Bluetooth calling and microphone quality, it also lacks an inbuilt GPS and an AMOLED display, which limits its functionality in certain areas such as workout tracking and always-on display.

However, considering the price point of under $100, it seems that Kospet has done a decent job in keeping the cost low while still offering some attractive features. The Amazfit T-Rex series is known for its durability and long battery life, but it’s also more expensive than the Kospet Tank M2. The Tank M2 could be a good alternative for those who want similar features but are on a tighter budget. Check out the latest price here>>


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