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The Asus Rog Phone 7 Ultimate is a state-of-the-art gaming smartphone designed to deliver an unparalleled mobile gaming experience. With its cutting-edge hardware and advanced features, the phone is a powerhouse that can handle even the most demanding games with ease.

As the latest addition to the popular Asus Rog Phone lineup, the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate boasts an impressive set of specifications, including a lightning-fast processor, a high-refresh-rate display, and a massive battery, making it one of the most sought-after gaming phones in the market today.

Whether you’re a casual mobile gamer or a serious esports player, the Asus Rog Phone 7 Ultimate is sure to provide an immersive and exhilarating gaming experience like no other.  In this Asus ROG Phone 7 ultimate review we”ll check out more details about this monster.

Display And Build Quality:

The current ROG 7 lineup includes the standard Rog Phone 7 and the Ultimate version, which will be the main focus of our discussion today. Both models offer an exceptional gaming experience, but the Ultimate model boasts a second display on the rear and a dedicated cooling fan window, which is included in the bundle.

Compared to last year’s model, the upgrades are noticeable, although not significant. These upgrades include a new chipset, improved cooling, better speakers, and a brighter display. As for the design, the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate maintains a similar aesthetic to its predecessors. The back is constructed of Gorilla Glass 3, with a sleek frosted white finish. This model is only available in white, and the back curves into an aluminum frame.

The phone has a relatively substantial weight, but it is well-balanced, making it comfortable to hold. The overall aesthetic is undoubtedly bold, with its angled accents, but it’s not overly flashy or attention-grabbing.

ROG vision display & features

Apart from the Rog Vision display, which remains unchanged from last year, the device comes equipped with a full-color display that can illuminate with static images or animations depending on what’s happening on the phone. This feature is highly customizable, allowing users to download new designs and animations or create their own from scratch.

The air triggers make a return in this year’s model. These ultrasonic sensors located at the corners of the device can receive inputs from taps, long presses, and swipes, and can be mapped to your game controls to provide an extra advantage over the competition.

Pre-made mappings for specific games are also available for download. Additionally, the device comes with a second USB-C port and Pogo pins on the side, which supports USB 3.1 Gen 2 and display port 1.4, respectively. The Pogo pins allow for easy connection to ROG accessories.

Cooling System

One of the most notable accessories for the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate is the AeroActive Cooler 7, which comes bundled with the phone. It utilizes both a fan and a Peltier element to circulate cool air directly into the phone through the AeroActive portal. Similar to last year’s ROG 6D Ultimate, the portal stays closed until the fan is attached, but even when it’s open, the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate maintains an IP54-rated Ingress Protection.

With the fan attached, the phone reaches its full potential in terms of performance. This year, the fan also features a secondary air duct that blows onto the display for extra cooling. Additionally, the fan provides additional trigger keys, RGB lighting, and even a built-in subwoofer, making it a desirable accessory for those who are all about that bass. It’s also effortless to connect to the phone, aside from attaching the fan.

Accessories and Compatibility

While there are other accessories available, some of them have been phased out and are not compatible with the new ROG Phone 7 model. For instance, the Kunai Gamepad 3 bumper isn’t a perfect fit, but it can still connect to the phone and function as a separate controller.

However, the ROG Clip is fully compatible with the ROG Phone 7, enabling users to connect the phone to a console gaming controller. The Asus Professional Dock is also still usable with both the ROG Phone 7 and 7 Ultimate.

Display Quality Test

The display on the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate is a 6.78-inch AMOLED with a 1080p resolution, Gorilla Glass Victus protection, and an impressive 165Hz refresh rate. This extra fast refresh rate enhances on-screen movement, making it extra smooth. However, it won’t dial down to save energy in this mode. You’d have to be in auto mode, which maxes out at 120Hz and can go down to 60Hz.

The phone also supports high frame rate gaming, and the screen is highly responsive, with a touch sampling rate of 720Hz and extensive optimizations to achieve a total end-to-end touch latency of just 23 milliseconds. The display looks excellent, with no notch or cutout since the selfie cam is in the top vessel.

The picture is sharp and contrasty, and the phone supports HDR 10+ with extensive color options that can be dialed in for accuracy. The maximum brightness is also a notable improvement from last year’s model, measuring up to 520 nits with the manual slider and boosting to 1100 nits in auto mode when in bright conditions.

Fingerprint scanner And Storage options

As for the under-display fingerprint scanner, it’s speedy and accurate, as expected from a flagship device. And the onboard storage of 512GB is quite generous, though it’s worth noting that there’s no option for expanding it through a MicroSD card.

The Rog Phone 7 Ultimate’s UI is heavily customized with gaming-related features. The X performance mode is one of the quick toggles that can be accessed easily, and turning it on will provide a boost in performance. The Game Genie tool is another useful feature that allows you to call up an overlay in-game and select the performance mode, among other things. Overall, the UI is designed to provide gamers with the best possible experience on their device.

Yes, the Armory Crate is a very powerful tool for gamers. It provides you with detailed information about your device’s performance, as well as the ability to customize your settings for individual games.

You can also download and apply pre-set profiles for games created by other users, or you can create your own profiles and customize them to your liking. Additionally, the Armory Crate has advanced mode options that allow you to tweak the touch behavior and display settings for even more granular control over your gaming experience.

It sounds like the ROG 7 Ultimate has a lot of customization options for gaming, both at the individual game level and system-wide. The Armory Crate provides a dedicated space for more in-depth gaming settings, and there are options for tweaking touch behavior, display settings, and even system-level values for the phone’s internals.

The console tab allows for real-time performance data and system-wide changes, and there are also tabs for the rear screen, AeroActive cooler, Game Genie, air triggers, social media feed, recommended games, and ROG account. It seems like the ROG 7 Ultimate is designed to cater to serious gamers who want the ability to fine-tune their gaming experience.

That’s right! Asus is committed to providing two major OS updates and four years of security patches for the entire ROG 7 series, including the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate. This means that users can expect to receive the latest software features and security updates for at least four years after the phone’s release. This is a great assurance for users who want to keep their devices up-to-date and secure for a long time.

Audio Quality

The audio system on the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate is definitely a highlight. The partnership with d-rack has resulted in a headphone jack with virtual spatial audio enhancer that provides a surround sound effect when using headphones.

The two front-facing stereo speakers are also impressive, with their own amplifiers and delivering clean and crisp sound even at high volumes. And as you mentioned, the subwoofer inside the aeroactive cooler adds some extra bass to the overall audio experience.

Chip Sets And Benchmark Performance

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is one of the most powerful mobile processors available, and the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate takes full advantage of it. The lpddr5x RAM and ufs 4.0 also ensure fast and efficient data transfer and storage, which is important for gaming and other demanding applications.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with higher clock speeds, which gives them a slight edge over the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate in terms of benchmark performance. However, it’s important to note that benchmark performance is just one aspect of a phone’s overall performance, and the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate still offers top-of-the-line hardware and features for an unparalleled gaming experience.

The thermal management of the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate seems to be top-notch, thanks to the improvements in the passive cooling system. The rapid cycle vapor chamber and redesigned graphite sheets should ensure better thermal efficiency, which is crucial for long gaming sessions or any intensive tasks. It’s good to know that the phone performed well in your stress tests, even without the cooling fan.

It’s impressive to see that the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate offers different performance modes to choose from depending on the user’s preference. The dynamic performance mode without the gaming X mode enabled ensures that the phone doesn’t experience sudden drops in performance due to thermal throttling.

However, with X mode enabled, the phone performs even better with less performance loss over time. The X mode plus, which requires the cooling fan enabled on maximum setting, provides the most stable performance while keeping the phone comfortable to hold.

Battery Capacity And Endurance

In terms of battery life, the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate has a 6,000mAh battery split into two symmetrical cells using MMT tag. The phone offers excellent battery life, scoring an endurance rating of 131 hours in proprietary tests. Additionally, it comes with a 65-watt fast charging adapter, which charges the phone from 0 to 68 in just half an hour.

Cameras Photos And Video Quality

It’s worth noting that the camera specs of the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate are not on par with other flagship phones in its price range. The 50-megapixel main camera may sound impressive, but the image quality doesn’t quite match up to what you would expect from a top-tier smartphone.

The ultra-wide camera is decent, but the 5-megapixel macro camera is nothing to write home about. The phone lacks optical image stabilization, which makes it more challenging to capture steady shots, especially in low light. Overall, while the camera specs are serviceable, they are not a strong point of the device.

It sounds like the camera system on the Rog Phone 7 is capable of producing decent photos across all three lenses, but there are some limitations and inconsistencies. The main camera produces good photos with accurate colors and decent dynamic range, but the contrast is a bit high, and fine details can look artificial up close.

The two-times digital zoom is also acceptable but with additional sharpening. The ultrawide camera produces photos with good detail and wide dynamic range, but the colors don’t match the main camera and the sharpening can be too aggressive. Portraits and close-ups from the macro camera are also decent with good colors and details.

Low Light Shots: The Rog Phone 7 Ultimate has the ability to automatically activate net mode processing when using the rear cameras in low light conditions. Despite the challenging lighting, photos taken from the main camera are still of decent quality, with good detail, minimal noise, and well-handled light sources.

Even shadows contain some visible detail. Additionally, the main camera has a dedicated night mode, which further reduces noise, sharpens details, and enhances light sources. However, the ultrawide camera struggles significantly more in low light conditions, even with auto-net mode activated. Its shots tend to be darker, with limited dynamic range and a significant amount of noise and softness visible on many surfaces, even when toggling settings.

The dedicated night mode on the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate’s main camera is quite effective at reducing noise and brightening up low-light shots. The mode also boosts shadows and brings out more details in textures. However, it does take some time to process each shot.

In terms of selfie camera image quality, the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate boasts a new 32-megapixel front-facing camera. Despite pixel binning to produce 8-megapixel selfies, the resulting images still look impressive with plenty of detail, natural colors, and good-looking textures.

Day Light Video Quality: The Rog Phone 7 Ultimate’s rear cameras excel in video recording as well. The main camera can record video in up to 8K at 24fps, resulting in impressive footage with plenty of detail and vibrant, yet not overly saturated colors. 4K video is also great, with only slightly less detail than the 8K footage, but with similarly good-looking colors.

The dynamic range in the footage is also wide. The ultra-wide camera’s 4K video is also nice, with plenty of detail and good-looking, more saturated colors than those from the main camera. Electronic stabilization is available regardless of camera or resolution, and it does a good job of smoothing out the footage. However, it does come with a cropped frame.

Low Light Video Quality: The main camera of the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate captures clean low-light videos with plenty of detail, and it also handles light sources well. However, the colors in low-light videos may appear a bit bland, and the overall exposure could stand to be a bit brighter.

In Conclusion: The Rog Phone 7 Ultimate doesn’t bring a significant amount of changes compared to its predecessor. However, the improved thermals and brightness boosts on the display are notable improvements, and upgrading to the latest chipset is necessary to stay ahead in gaming performance. Check out the latest price of the Asus Rog Phone 7 Ultimate Here.

The level of gaming-related features and customization options available on the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate is unparalleled, making it a great option for hardcore mobile gamers. However, if selfie camera video quality is a priority, there are alternative options available, such as the Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.



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