Similar Smartwatches For Men 2018

similar smartwatches for men 2018:

in this article we will talk about similar smartwatches that are actually in the market, some of them have similarity on the design side, and honestly the case for the majority of these watches, and others on technical specs, but others are similar on both design, and technical features.

let’s take a look at Apple series 3. first of all this Apple device has come with tow different versions the GPS, and the GPS + LTE version. but they are basically similar in both, features, and design except that LTE technology. this is a really big deal from apple, because it is the first smartwatch by this big brand, that can be used without iphone, and it’s also a super powerful piece in terms of technical specs.

generally this is the Apple fourth generation smartwatch, as the first has named only Apple watch, and the reason why we put it on the list of similar smartwatches is because of its design, which is exactly as the one of the series 2.

Unsurprisingly, Apple has stuck with a same design, and actually it’s the same on almost Apple’s different timepieces,  which is probably a relief to all of the watch OS developers out there. but fortunately the both watches are very different on the technical side, and you can check the the details below to see how much they are different to each other. See more about Apple watch series 3


Technical details, and specifications OF THESE TOW similar smartwatches :
Devices Series 3 GPS Series 3 GPS + LTE Series 2
Case material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Back material Composite Ceramic Composite
Storage 16GB 32GB 8GB
Waterproof Yes, to 50m Yes, to 50m Yes, to 50m
Standalone operation No Yes No
Processor S3 S3 S2
Display brightness 1000cd/m2 1000cd/m2 1000cd/m2
GPS Yes Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
Altimeter Yes Yes No
Operating system watchOS 4 watchOS 4 watchOS 4
Battery life 18 hours 18 hours 18 hours

similar smartwatches

  • there are some differences on the prices too”, so make sure to take a look at their prices here:

 <Apple watch series 3>     |     <Apple watch series 2>

  • if you are from UK, or just familiar  with the amazon uk version, you can use these links:

 <Apple watch series 3>     |     <Apple watch series 2>

The Ticwatch S VS E:

And now,” let’s jump into the second choice of our similar smartwatches list review. this time will be talking about, Ticwatch S, and E version. both of these watches look similar almost on everything except the bands, which are removable on the Express version, while in the Ticwatch S aren’t. and the reason why, is the S version has actually a GPS built-into the band, and this is also the exact reason why this one called Sport version. simply because it has a better GPS, but I don’t think you will recognize any differences on data they will give you. in terms of design this tow watches might look quite different, but technically that’s not the case.



Ticwatch S

Ticwatch E
Watch cover material

Top-graded Polycarbonate

Top-graded Polycarbonate
RAM/ROM 512M/4G 512M/4G
Waterproof Water and dust resistant (IP67) Water and dust resistant (IP67)
Touch Capacitive Multi-touch Capacitive Multi-touch
Display 1.4 inch OLED display, 400×400, 287dpi 1.4 inch OLED display, 400×400, 287dpi
GPS Yes Yes
 802.11 b/g/n
802.11 b/g/n
 Bluetooth v4.1/BLE
Bluetooth v4.1/BLE
Compatibility iOS 8.0+/Android 4.3+ iOS 8.0+/Android 4.3+
Operating system Wear OS by Google Wear OS by Google
Battery life 48hrs+ (depending on usage) 48hrs+ (depending on usage)

So, it seem pretty clear that there are big differences between this two time pieces, except the one we have mentioned before, which is the GPS built-in to the band of Ticwatch S, which causes its band been not replaceable. oh yeh” I should mention also that the  Watch bezel for superior display not featured in the E version.

  • there is very small difference in the prices on amazon, we’ll let you check them by yourself, and say what you think.

<Ticwatch S – amz US>   |   <Ticwatch E – amz US>

  • And again, if you are from UK, or just familiar  with the amazon uk version, you can use these links:

 <Ticwatch E – amz UK>    |    <Ticwatch S – amz UK>


that’s all for today, thanks for being here, and make sure to come back as we will keep updating this article consistently.


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